Best Computer Speakers in Canada for Home Offices

For trendy computer speaker deals in Canada, PrimeCables has is offering some pretty cool speakers at a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere. High-quality, affordable computer speakers.

What makes a great computer speaker – a lot. You want them to be an appropriate size so they fit onto your desk. A pair of computer speakers should match the look of your home office workstation. Also, excellence in sound quality is as important as anything else.

For the sake of making it easy, we’ve chosen to break down the best computer speakers in Canada. Here are the pros and cons of each, and what sort of home office setup they’re best suited for.

Desktop USB Powered Speaker Set – $14.99

This is your most basic set of computer speakers. They are USB-powered desktop computer speakers. They work for PCs, laptops, and anything with a 3.5mm port. While they certainly will provide adequate sound, they aren’t the most advanced audio setup. For their portability and quality though, factored into their price point, there’s nothing better.

2.1 Multimedia Desktop Speaker Set – $24.99

This is a great multimedia-focused desktop computer speaker and subwoofer, connecting via cable. The classic box design is easy to fit into any desk setup. The acoustic performance is absolute clarity, whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The subwoofer amplifies your bass sounds. When it comes to a combination speaker-and-subwoofer, this is one of the absolute best in Canada.

2.1 Bluetooth Stereo-Powered Speakers – $34.99

This is a Bluetooth-enabled stereo powered speaker and subwoofer. Connect your computer, smartphone, or anything with Bluetooth audio. Though small, this speaker system’s built very well. With 10 watts of power, you can stream music, listen to podcasts, connect almost any device, and receive that high-quality deep bass you only get from a subwoofer.

6.5-inch High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers – $65.99

2-way bookshelf speakers are preferred by a lot of buyers. They fit well into dorms, condos, apartments, and tight quarters. They’re often used for movies, music-mixing, and small audio projects. You get excellent clarity in sound with bookshelf speakers like these, hearing the details of dialogue and everything in the soundscape – just like you desire.

Computer speakers are worth shopping around for. Consider what’s best for your personal computer setup. Shop all these computer speakers and others – as well as earbuds, Bluetooth soundbars, over-the-ear headphones and more – from PrimeCables. There’s no reason to wait. Get high-quality professional-grade audio for music, movies, and more.

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