Pros And Cons of Work-From-Home Jobs in the Coronavirus Outbreak

Continuing to work in the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us are doing so from home. There are some pros and cons to working from home. As you’re embarking on what it’s like to try and maintain a career with the coronavirus spread, here are the advantages and disadvantages worth remembering.

Pro – You’re Less Likely to Catch COVID-19

The reason why we’re working from home is because of coronavirus. In self-quarantine or self-isolation as we are in a work-from-home situation, you’re protected against the possible transmission of the virus in an office setting. This arrangement prioritizes your health above all else.

Con – Cabin Fever

If you’ve been at home this entire time, you’re stuck around the same family, friends, or roommates nonstop. It can take its toll on one’s sanity. If you’re having issues or are in a dispute with someone else in the household, it can make getting things done at work almost impossible.

Pro – No Dress Code

If you’re stuck working from home due to COVID-19, remind yourself not coming in means no dressing up. You can work in your pajamas if you want. No filter. No makeup. No cares given. Wearing comfortable clothing will make it that much easier to get things done.

Pro – You Can Look After Others

If you have someone in your household who is sick, disabled, or if you have kids, all these shutdowns have sent them home as well in all likelihood. This puts you in a position to earn your income and also be able to take breaks when you need to. This means a flexible work-from-home arrangement, allowing you to look after family members.

Pro – No More Commute

You don’t have to spend an hour or more in traffic or on public transit getting to where you’re going. When you work from home, everything’s mere feet away. You can actually wake up and be at work in less than a minute if you were very determined.

Con – The Comforts Of Home

That’s right. This isn’t a ‘pro’. The comforts of home are distractions. They reduce productivity. Comfortable isn’t the objective in business. If you want to stay focused, ensure you aren’t too involved in the environment around you.

Con – Productivity Can Suffer

If you have never worked from home before – and even if you have – switching to such an arrangement is likely to affect your ability to perform.

Pro – You’re Still Earning

The biggest benefit of working from home during coronavirus is being able to still earn a paycheck. A lot of Canadians are at home right now with business shutdowns and they don’t have their paycheck to pay the bills with. The fact that you’re not in the same boat is an advantageous position to be in.

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