Can I Mount a Curved Gaming Monitor – read here!

Curved TV screens have been dismissed as a fad by many industry insiders. Curved gaming monitors, however, are something else.

When it comes to gaming, a curved monitor re-designs the gaming experience. You feel more immersed into the game, the colors look brighter, and the quality of the visual is somehow improved.

Curved HDTVs and monitors work off the same principle as IMAX theaters. The curve acts as a periphery, wrapping around the audience. As a gamer, you feel like you’re right in the action. When you’re positioned in the right spot, there’s nothing like it.

A major question many have when buying a curved gaming monitor though is how to mount them. To be honest, curved screens may face some difficulty when it comes to wall mounting. Fortunately, for gamers, they’re usually mounting a monitor to a desk rather than a wall and so the type of mount used is different.

Earlier models of curved HDTV screens and monitors could not be mounted with the standard mount. In the last five years, however, most curved monitors are easily mounted with VESA mounting hardware.

Even if you still want to mount a curved monitor to the wall, it can still be done. A flat screen’s easier, of course. It’s flush with an adjacent wall. Mounting a flat-screen is far easier as you don’t necessarily require anything above your average wall mount. When you are working with a curved monitor, you need to be far more careful in your positioning and with the mount you choose.

If you require a curved monitor desk mount, fortunately, there are a lot more options. You don’t require your monitor to be flat with a wall or anything. The result is that as long as you have the correct specifications, setting up a curved monitor desk mount is identical to doing it with a completely flat screen. That said, it doesn’t hurt to check with your manufacturer to verify the mount you’re buying is equipped with what you need to get the job done.

At the end of the day, mounting a gaming monitor shouldn’t cause you too much hassle. If a curved gaming monitor sounds too difficult to set up though, you can always go with a similar sized flat 4K gaming monitor.

Curved monitors are great. They’re truly something to behold, look very high-tech, and when it comes to gaming, a monitor mount for a curved monitor is more accessible and affordable than trying to find the same for a curved screen you want to be affixed to the wall. Choose yours today at PrimeCables.

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Can I Still Use Ethernet if My Laptop Or Device Doesn’t Have a Built-In Ethernet Port – read here!

Ethernet provides a more reliable Internet connection, faster speeds, and better security regardless of whether you’re at home or the office.

Unfortunately, some devices don’t have Ethernet ports to connect themselves via Ethernet networking cables. If there’s no place to connect a cable, can a laptop, tablet, or any other device use Ethernet – you will find the answer in this article.

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My Laptop Doesn’t Have An Ethernet Port. What Do I Do?

Most laptops do not have an Ethernet port. The world has shifted so much to portability in our devices and WiFi that an Ethernet connection is rarely used among laptop users. Even so, to connect to Ethernet on a laptop, it is possible.

Most laptops do have a USB port. What you will need is an Ethernet adapter that matches to a port on your laptop. The same will apply to any device with a USB port. Plug in your adapter. Connect your Cat6 Ethernet cable. You’re good to go.

Can I Connect My Smartphone or Tablet to Ethernet?

If you have a compatible Ethernet adapter for smartphones and tablets, you can connect devices like these to Ethernet no problem. For Android smartphones, in particular, it’s very easy.

What Is The Right Ethernet Adapter For My Device?

You will first have to evaluate the type of port you have. In most cases, this will be a general USB port. Once you know, you can go online to and browse the adapters there. Dozens of Ethernet adapters exist. Choose the one that’s right for you.

Don’t forget you will also need an Ethernet cable, a la a Cat5e cable, Cat6 cable, or above. In case you don’t already have an Ethernet cable, they are also available in abundance through

Using Ethernet and WiFi At the Same Time

You can use WiFi and Ethernet simultaneously. If you aren’t able to connect via Ethernet, accessing your network through WiFi is ultimately your only choice. You can use a WiFi modem to create a hot spot rather easily or simply use traditional WiFi with a password.

When Do You Want to Switch to Ethernet on a Laptop?

There are several situations where Ethernet is preferred or outright better than a wireless connection on a laptop.

  • You’re working from home and you want or require the best Internet speed possible.
  • You have security requirements that cannot be met with WiFi. Anyone can hack a password to gain access to WiFi. To get onto someone’s Ethernet connection, they physically have to cut into the wire. Security is majorly improved on Ethernet.
  • The WiFi signal you’re getting is weak. If this is the case, an Ethernet cable will maximize your speed.
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How Does a Foot Motion Controller Work for Oculus Rift And VR – see here!

VR goggles get a lot of attention among gamers and video game markets. When they were released to market, VR glasses and VR goggles completely opened up new paradigms of gameplay and the possibilities of future games being more interactive.

Within the past year, a new VR accessory has come into play. We’re talking about foot motion controllers for VR. These are controllers that one puts their feet on, giving the gamer the opportunity to engage in a more precise and intuitive way.

A foot motion controller gives you motion control in your games, unlike what was previously available. Move forward, go backward, turn, move up and down, adjust your speed, stop movement with ease. A controller allows you to do all this with so much ease.

The most popular foot controller in Canada is the 3dRudder. Fully compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other standard PC games and applications, the 3dRudder is an adaptable controller.

Trying to juggle moving and action with your hand controller, you won’t have to anymore. The 3dRudder is the highest rated foot motion controller in Canada, bringing virtual reality to a new level.

First released last summer, the 3dRudder has proved invaluable to many users. It is fully compatible with a wide range of games. The number is still growing. A whole new era of virtual reality may have been ushered in with this accessory.

For those who haven’t seen it, the 3dRudder is a circular design. You rest your feet on it and as one leans or moves, your in-game character mimics what you’re doing on the foot motion controller. It’s the closest thing to lifelike foot motion that exists in the virtual reality arena.

In whichever direction you want to move in the game, just tilt your 3dRudder foot motion controller. If you want to move faster, just angle your tilt more. No sticks involved. No buttons.

All you have to do is plug it in through a USB connection. The 3dRudder will fit into almost any console, as long as there’s a USB port to connect to. The design also contains internal measurement units (IMUs) and pressure sensors which helps to translate everything you’re doing into your game.

Learning how to use a foot motion controller isn’t quite like learning how to walk but it’s close. Fortunately, after about 20 minutes of playing, most have become experts in using their foot controller. It doesn’t take long. This will free up your hands while you fully immerse yourself into a gaming experience. Get yours today.

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What’s the Best Music to Listen To While You Work From Home – see the list!

The best music to listen to while working from home is that which isn’t distracting and which contributes focus.

What the best music to listen to while working from home varies from person to person. Even music that’s been shown to aid in concentration has been demonstrated in others to have no such effect.

Music and sound, in general, have a large impact on our productivity. At home, you don’t have yourself a professional environment. You may have roommates or neighbours making noise, alongside plenty of temptations.

As more Canadians are learning how to work from home with COVID-19, listening to music is a great way to keep yourself focused. You can train your brain to listen to music and cue into concentration. Here’s the best music we think is worth giving a try for your brain.

Classical Music

A lot of us will go to classical music. No words. No beats. Just melody and rhythm. Choose composers from long ago or more modern classical music. Wordless music and classical time signatures have been shown to have a favorable impact on work productivity.

Acoustic Guitar or Classical Guitar

The guitar can be very soothing. You don’t want to be too soothed. That said, listening to acoustic guitar music or instrumental classical guitar can be a great way to boost work from home productivity. The lack of lyrics and variances in volume also minimizes distraction.

Jazz Music

Jazz is a very intellectual music. It is also very mathematical music. Especially with older style jazz, numerous playlists exist that can keep your mind zeroed in on work. Your toes will be tapping, rhythms are easy to follow, and it will keep your mood up.

Alpha Waves and Binaural Beats

For work from home productivity music like binaural beats and alpha waves, you will need headphones or earbuds. In some people, binaural beats have been shown to aid in focus, concentration, and helping them to study or work. These can once again be very relaxing and so, you want to ensure you experiment with this one and find the right mix of waves or beats for you.

Work-From-Home Spotify Playlists

If you’re uncertain about what you want to listen to, anyone can check out some work-from-home stream playlists from services like Spotify. There are many playlists in pop, hip hop, folk, country, and more. This can be distracting to some, however. If you are used to office music playlists, this might be a way to go.

Are you working from home due to coronavirus? Don’t let the noise around you hold you back. Tap into your favourite playlist or try some new music!

Work-From-Home Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19

It’s a big change having to work from home during COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians have unexpectedly had to adapt.

If this is an all-new experience for you, you’re not alone. The tough thing about it is not all of us thrive in a work-from-home environment. Some will get lonely, others’ productivity will fall behind.

Here are some work-from-home tips to help you during these difficult times. Even if you have to work remotely, make it easier on yourself. Don’t let the anxiety and frustration of the times negatively impact you. Here we go.

Follow Your Usual Work Routine

You may not be commuting but you should still stick to your everyday regular work routine. Schedule your alarm clock the night before, wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, and get ready.

Set A Time to Start and Finish

You need to set a time to get into ‘work mode’ and get out of it. It’s easy to lose structure throughout the day and feel like you’re always working. Know when to pack it in and leave your work to the next day. You need time for yourself and time to relax.

Communicate With Your Manager

If you have a concern or question, don’t hesitate to share your feedback with your superior. If you’re going to succeed as a remote worker, it’s your manager’s responsibility to ensure you’re supported with the right tools.

Create a Home Office

You need a dedicated workspace. Remove distractions. It might be tempting to sit on the couch in your pajamas. Don’t give into that. Set aside a work-from-home office desk with all the accessories needed to do your job.

Take Breaks to Eat And Drink

A lot of newcomers to working at home will forget to eat and drink throughout the day. Get yourself some water to bring with you to stay hydrated. Schedule a lunch hour at some point. Ensure you’re feeding yourself.

Check In With Others

You may want to do this on your break. Check in with other team members via text, video conferencing, a phone call, or an email. Check in with family later in the day. Keep yourself connected with others.

Get Dressed

Mindset is everything. Even if you aren’t seeing your work friends in-person or on video chat, getting dressed for work puts your brain in the right position to do the work. Make yourself presentable, like you normally would if you were walking into work today.

Get Some Headphones

Silence can be lonely. You may want to get some over-the-ear headphones or a small music speaker system to play some tunes on. You may even want to broadcast white noise or take a similar approach to staying focused.

Let Others Know When You’re Working

If you have family, friends, or roommates with you, let them know when you’re working and expectations around that. Be clear about any privacy or conditions you need.

Be Appreciate of Others

A recent study showed more than 82 percent of employees wished they received more recognition for their work. If you’re working at home and have people working with you or on your team, be appreciative of them. Share positivity. Encourage them.

Stuck At Home Due to Coronavirus? Get An Android TV Box to Binge And Pass The Time!

It sucks being bored. Due to coronavirus, work’s shut down across Canada. We’re all stuck at home, a lot of us looking for something to do and use up some time. If that’s you, try an Android smart TV box.

If you don’t have a smart TV, an Android 4K TV box turns your flat-screen into one. Instantly. See Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Browse the app store and add games. Check out social media. Connect with news apps like CBC, CTV, and others. Install them directly on your television.

Do you have an Android phone – this is like having the same thing. A smart TV Android box uses the same operating system your smartphone does. Imagine taking the tech on your phone and putting it on your flat-screen. You are immediately adding so much functionality. At a time like this, you also won’t ever run out of content.

Browse YouTube for your favourite influencers or talk to your friends on Facebook. Subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services. A lot of content providers are also offering free TV or content. Now’s the time to check it out.

The best Android box in Canada, a lot of people will tell you, is the X96 4K Android 7.0. Incorporating tech to play both H.264 and H.265, fully compatible with 4K, with 16 GB of RAM, a quad-core up to 1.7Ghz, and more.

Another option – a more affordable one – is the MXQ-4K Android 8.1 smart TV box as well. Equipped with both Android and KODI, you can watch videos and play games. Just like the X96, you have near-identical functionality in terms of games, video, Netflix, etc. The difference is between the specifications. The MXQ-4K has a little less in RAM and processing power, though most households won’t even notice it.

If you’re looking for something to do, you’ll be glad to have a smart TV box at your disposal. Upgrade your TV experience without having to buy a new flat-screen. Enjoy your home theater entertainment in a whole new way.

We still don’t know how long it’s going to be until our economy goes back to normal. Some Canadians could be at home for months, through the summer and into the fall. Truly, we don’t know where the COVID-19 numbers are going or when they will begin to slow.

Set yourself up for the long haul. Have all the content in the world at your fingertips. Netflix and more. Get an Android TV box today with

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Best Headphones to Work-From-Home With In Your Home Office

This spring has become the season of working from home. It’s no secret. A lot of us have been moved to work-from-home positions while we protect against growing numbers of coronavirus cases.

Work-from-home headphones are a delightful fit. While you work, you can listen to music or eliminate outside noise and keep you focused. The right set of headphones are the ultimate accessory to lock you into ‘work mode’. Try these.

Hi-Fi Lightweight On-Ear Headphones – $25.99

Cheap, quality headphones at a tough-to-beat price. This pair of work-from-home on-ear headphones lack a lot of the functionality the other designs on this list include. Despite their limitations, these headphones are still very comfortable and the sound quality is superb.

Hi-Fi DJ-Style Over-the-Ear Headphones – $34.99

Your home office headphones don’t have to be $100 or more. You shouldn’t be looking for expensive headphones here. You want a pair that is going to keep up with high-quality sound clarity. This pair of over-the-ear headphones offer exactly that while having a portable and foldable design, a detachable cable, and padded ear cushions for maximum.

Foldable Hi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth Headphones – $34.99

Meet the ultimate wireless Bluetooth headphones you can use while working from home. These might be the best pair of headphones for work-from-home during COVID-19. They include a microphone built into the design, are foldable and adaptable, and provide up to 32 hours of continuous use. Charge them. Use them. Block out the world. Work to your heart’s content.

Premium Over-the-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic – $68.99

They call this ‘the best value in headphones’. They’re premium, comfy over-the-ear, and with Bluetooth compatibility. If you have to communicate with audio from home, a mic is obviously needed. It’s smart to invest in a pair of headphones that have a mic already included. For Canadians with the budget, spending a few extra bucks is probably worth it.

Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones – $80.99

A more premium set of headphones, these are designed for durability. You have more appropriate options for work-from-home jobs. That said, some people love this pair of all-metal construction headphones. The sound’s near-perfect, with clean highs and rich bass.

SonicSolace Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – $160.99

You won’t find better work-from-home headphones in Canada. This is the best. No messy wires, they’re completely wireless. The padded over-ear design provides a very comfortable fit. Bluetooth means you can connect virtually any modern device’s audio to it. The active noise cancelling also helps to block out the sounds around you.

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Benefits of a Mini Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia keyboards streamline all your tech needs. Years ago, it was all about getting one remote for your home theater system. You’d have one remote for your TV, satellite box, audio speakers, and more. Everything could be controlled through this one remote. A multimedia keyboard’s the same thing except for you not only get control over your flat-screen but every device around you.

It’s Inexpensive

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty, let’s just say the mini wireless multimedia keyboard is very affordable and it adds so much value. For under $20, you have the opportunity to add very impressive control over your home theater, music, streaming, and more.

What Can a Multimedia Keyboard Control?

A multimedia keyboard can control virtually everything. Any PC devices, such as laptops and desktops, can be operated remotely. Link it up with your Android TV box or smart TV for functionality you didn’t have before. Set it up with any IPTV/HTPC, XBOX360, HD player, and everything else.

Touchpad + Keyboard is a Winning Combination

A multimedia keyboard isn’t like sitting on the couch with a regular computer keyboard. You’ve got all the keys you would on a keyboard but you also have a touchpad, directional keys, shortcuts, and more.

USB Receiver

There is no driver installation required in using a mini wireless multimedia keyboard. It’s done via a USB receiver. This means you just put in the USB receiver and from there, your multimedia keyboard’s synced up to the device.

Type Out Your Commands

If you want to search something on YouTube or your computer synced up to a flat-screen, a multimedia keyboard allows you to type it out. You don’t have to be clicking around on a basic remote. Save yourself time and hassle. Type out commands quickly and get to where you’re going.


Although it is very much the ultimate home theater remote, a wireless multi-touch multimedia keyboard can also be positioned to be used in work presentations, for various professional purposes, for live music performance, and more. It all comes in through the USB receiver. Wherever you plug in the receiver, your keyboard’s connected. It operates wirelessly.


If there are programs you use frequently, you can put them in as keyboard functions. Set up special keys to access things like music, email, social media, or apps. Customize your overall experience according to what serves you best.

A mini multimedia keyboard brings a lot to the table. If your devices, screens, remote controls, or operating systems around your home theater are starting to add up, simplify it. A multimedia keyboard from PrimeCables is exactly what you need.

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COVID-19 And Work-From-Home, How Do You Do It – read here!

On any given day, more than 2 million Canadians are working from home. In an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19, a lot more people have been sent home and advised to work from there.

Working remotely is very different from being in the office. You are relying on yourself for accountability. If you aren’t focused, committed, or performing up to standard, there is no one else to blame.

If you’ve never worked from home before, it can be challenging. One might say, be grateful there’s still a paycheck coming in when, for a lot of Canadians, they don’t have one at the moment. That doesn’t help you in any sort of substantial way, though.

When you start, be realistic. Transitioning to working remotely can take time. Next, be honest communicating to your employer. If they aren’t giving you something you feel like you need to perform to the best of your abilities, vocalize it. Even if they turn down your request, at least you have expressed it.

Next, set yourself up for success. Set up an ergonomic home office for yourself that’s private, isolated, and focused. Have your desk and chair. Ensure you are comfortable. Have the tools required to get your job done without you having to get up and go find them.

Thirdly, don’t cut out the social aspect. From a business perspective, work-from-home during COVID-19 will be challenging to manage if they are unprepared. It doesn’t hurt to keep in communication with supervisors or managers, if they request it. Update them on how work is progressing. Any work done remotely relies on trust between employer and employer.

Under ‘communication’, you also don’t want to shut yourself in permanently. Talk with work colleagues. Start a group chat. Take time during the day to have breaks to chat with others. Mental health can suffer when we aren’t being social. Even introverts may need some social activity during a time like this.

Fourthly, if you have other people in your household, set expectations for your work time. You shouldn’t be interrupted by kids, romantic partners, somebody at the door, or roommates. Let them know when you are in ‘work mode’ and ensure they are aware of the level of privacy or quiet you need to do your job.

Some will love working from home during coronavirus, others very much won’t. For a lot of us, working from home is not exactly a choice. Set up a home office for yourself. Zero in on work. Commit to it. After a few days of adaptation, you may find a lot of joy in being able to stay at home, continue working, and still earn an income.

How to Keep Your Mental Health Positive in a COVID-19 Work-From-Home Position

With COVID-19 in full swing, unfortunately, not all of us are loving this new ‘work-from-home’ period. Then again, it’s better to be earning a paycheck than to be without a way to pay your rent or bills this month.

It can be tough transitioning to working alone, in isolation, and without your work colleagues. Mental health is something you have to maintain. If you’re working from home because of coronavirus and struggling to remain positive, here’s how to keep your mental health on the up.

Set Time to Work

You can’t work 24/7. There’s time to work-from-home. Then there’s time to relax. When you’re working, eliminate distractions – no pets, kids, cleaning, eating, or anything. Sit at your desk working. When you’re done, close it up and don’t think about it until the next day. By segmenting your work into a very specific time of day, it will feel less overwhelming and you’ll be giving your mental health time to shut off.

Forgive Yourself

Even if you have a desk, chair, accessories, and an ergonomic home office set up, your productivity might not be what you expect it to be. COVID-19 caught us all off-guard. We all still have responsibilities to tend to. Give yourself some slack. Do what you can. Be focused. At the same time, forgive yourself if you aren’t necessarily hitting the targets you once hit.

Be Kind to Others

One of the top predictors of happiness is doing things for others. When you’re not in your work-from-home mode, check in with family and friends. Ask them how they’re doing. Consider donating some money or resources – only if you have it – to a charity or organization in need. Doing for others will do positive things for you.

Maintain A Work Routine

Set up a home office. Maintain a routine. Set your alarm clock, get up, get dressed, and go to work. You may not be commuting or going into the office but that doesn’t mean your work shouldn’t be approached seriously. Follow a daily schedule.

Connect With Others Online

Even if you’re an introvert, it’s not a bad idea to reach out to others. Continue to chat with colleagues over Facebook, WhatsApp, or text. Join an online community. Continue being social even if you can’t be social in-person.

Exercise Regularly

From a physical health perspective, you’ve got to keep up. Exercise doesn’t have to involve jogging or going outside. Set up a yoga mat and do twenty minutes of stretching. Watch a YouTube online exercise program or join an online exercise class. Get an ergonomic sit-stand desk to keep your body engaged while you work. Your mental health will benefit when you keep you physically active.