See the Best USB Charging Stations in Canada for Smartphones and More

At times like these, a USB charging station is an excellent purchase. You ensure every device receives a charge when they need it. You won’t ever have to worry about a smartphone or another mobile device’s battery dying.

If you’re stuck indoors, like so many of us are, due to COVID-19, here are some of the best USB charging stations in Canada. Ease your boredom. Keep those devices charged! Be well. Stay connected.

4-Port USB 3.0 High-Speed Portable Hub – $11.99

This is a very basic but powerful and portable 4-port USB charging hub. It isn’t quite a USB station as it doesn’t connect to a wall outlet and won’t boast the same speeds as other models on this list.

7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Switch Power – $21.99

Like the previous USB hub, this is small, portable, and fits with any existing USB connection. Every port on this 7-port USB 3.0 hub has an on/off which allows you to better direct total power consumption. Total transfer rate is approximately 5 Gbps per second.

13-Port USB 2.0 Hub with DC Power Adapter – $16.99

Here is another great 13-port USB 2.0 hub that plugs into an adapter. Connect USB devices with ease. As you may see, the USB 2.0 rating is lower than the prior USB 3.0 hubs. While not a smart charging station, this hub is a quality product and works though you may have to wait a little longer to have your devices fully charged.

12-Port USB 2.0 Hub with AC Adapter – $34.99

Like other hubs, this one comes with limitations in speed. However, with so many ports, it’s a bargain. With a round design, some users may find that this 12-port circular USB 2.0 hub is everything they need to keep their devices connected. The biggest drawback is with a circular charging hub, you run the risk of a mess of wires coming up.

4-Port USB 2.0 Passive Hub – $6.99

If you don’t require as many as 12 ports, this is a much smaller and more affordable 4-port USB passive hub. It is a design in an ‘x’ formation, giving you a port on every end. Wires are separate and you instantly expand your number of USB ports.

10-Port USB Smart Charging Station – $57.99

With 72 watts of power, this is a massive USB smart charging station. For iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, and more, charge up to 10 devices at the same time. Enjoy fast charging on every device with a 13.2A total power output. Universal compatibility.

Featured photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

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