Start A Podcast for Under $100 With A Condenser Microphone And Accessories!

Podcasting isn’t expensive. Start-up costs are very, very low. Starting a podcast doesn’t require much but it does take at least a few things to get going. One of those such things is a mic. Professional audio is key.

If you’re considering launching a podcast, have a look at our list for what you have to have to get started. Please note everything on this list can be found through Here are affordable podcast-friendly essentials to get set up with before you record your first official podcast.

Condenser Microphone – $25.99

The BM-700 podcast condenser microphone is made for broadcasting, voice recording, and podcasting. A shock mount and sponge cover are included. Audio quality isn’t a place to take shortcuts. Poor audio is unforgivable. If nothing else, ensure you have a professional-grade microphone. If you intend to record multiple people, each one should have their own microphone.

Over-the-Ear Headphones – $34.49

Here is another big-ticket item. Of course, we are talking hi-fi over-the-ear headphones. For podcasting, earbuds won’t work. Headphones are better. You hear yourself and others more clearly. Also, if you watch your favourite podcasters do their work, most – if not all – use headphones. Although some have a mic included, you want to use a proper condenser microphone for audio capture instead. Mics on headphones aren’t meant to be used professionally.

A Podcast Workstation

Though you can record a podcast anywhere, it doesn’t hurt to have your own podcast workstation. Think about getting an ergonomic desk. Ensure you have a high-quality monitor. Some may want a monitor mount. There are, of course, many accessories one can add with workstations like this, depending on the vibe you want.

Here are some other podcasting accessories to consider…

  • A tablet mount to put on display your iPad or tablet. When you’re recording, keyboard typing isn’t possible. A tablet can help you mix the podcast in real-time and look up information.
  • An isolation shield is expensive but it can help block out unwanted sounds from being heard by the microphone. If you are recording in different environments, they make portable microphone isolation shields as well.

With just a microphone, headphones, and recording software, so much can be done. If you’ve always wanted to start a podcast, here’s your chance. Pick up all your podcast essentials from today. They’re all you really need to get to get the show on the road.

Featured photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

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