What’s the Best Music to Listen To While You Work From Home – see the list!

The best music to listen to while working from home is that which isn’t distracting and which contributes focus.

What the best music to listen to while working from home varies from person to person. Even music that’s been shown to aid in concentration has been demonstrated in others to have no such effect.

Music and sound, in general, have a large impact on our productivity. At home, you don’t have yourself a professional environment. You may have roommates or neighbours making noise, alongside plenty of temptations.

As more Canadians are learning how to work from home with COVID-19, listening to music is a great way to keep yourself focused. You can train your brain to listen to music and cue into concentration. Here’s the best music we think is worth giving a try for your brain.

Classical Music

A lot of us will go to classical music. No words. No beats. Just melody and rhythm. Choose composers from long ago or more modern classical music. Wordless music and classical time signatures have been shown to have a favorable impact on work productivity.

Acoustic Guitar or Classical Guitar

The guitar can be very soothing. You don’t want to be too soothed. That said, listening to acoustic guitar music or instrumental classical guitar can be a great way to boost work from home productivity. The lack of lyrics and variances in volume also minimizes distraction.

Jazz Music

Jazz is a very intellectual music. It is also very mathematical music. Especially with older style jazz, numerous playlists exist that can keep your mind zeroed in on work. Your toes will be tapping, rhythms are easy to follow, and it will keep your mood up.

Alpha Waves and Binaural Beats

For work from home productivity music like binaural beats and alpha waves, you will need headphones or earbuds. In some people, binaural beats have been shown to aid in focus, concentration, and helping them to study or work. These can once again be very relaxing and so, you want to ensure you experiment with this one and find the right mix of waves or beats for you.

Work-From-Home Spotify Playlists

If you’re uncertain about what you want to listen to, anyone can check out some work-from-home stream playlists from services like Spotify. There are many playlists in pop, hip hop, folk, country, and more. This can be distracting to some, however. If you are used to office music playlists, this might be a way to go.

Are you working from home due to coronavirus? Don’t let the noise around you hold you back. Tap into your favourite playlist or try some new music!

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