What is the Best Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar in Canada for Home Theater Systems – read here!

Searching for the best Bluetooth soundbar in 2020, chances are you’re going to run into high-expense products. Bluetooth soundbars can come with some pretty hefty price tags. Home theater lovers usually pay whatever the price is because TV audio quality isn’t always great.

You don’t have to pay over $100 for a high-quality soundbar and you don’t have to settle for traditional home theater speakers. A big improvement on price and sound, soundbars from PrimeCables.ca are listed at discount rates because, well, that’s what we do. Here are the differences, advantages, and comparisons between each. These are Canada’s top soundbar models.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer – $63.24

Imagine a soundbar with everything already built-in – a subwoofer, high-end and low-end frequencies, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple input options. You’re looking at the 2.1CH wireless Bluetooth soundbar with a built-in subwoofer. This is likely the most popular soundbar of all on this list. It’s easy to connect iPhones, smartphones, TV audio, DVD players, tablets, and more. For a soundbar you just have to take out of the box and install on the wall, this is your best bet.

Stereo Soundbar Bluetooth Wired and Wireless Speaker – $68.99

Another excellent Bluetooth stereo soundbar, this model comes with similar input options, a remote, and similar sound. The biggest drawback is that there is no built-in subwoofer. For home theater lovers who already have a subwoofer or speaker system set up, this might be a nice soundbar to integrate within the design. The biggest advantage of PrimeCables’ soundbar Bluetooth wired and wireless is that it has a little more power in wattage than other models.

Stereo Bluetooth Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer 2.1CH – $91.99

On the top end of the soundbar game is this stereo Bluetooth soundbar with a wired subwoofer. Built-in subwoofers can be convenient, however, many home theater builders prefer an entirely separate subwoofer they can position for maximum sound quality. This is where this model is advantageous. If quality is more important than price, this soundbar is where to start your search. After installation, it’ll be easy to see why this is believed to be the best Bluetooth soundbar in Canada on quality.

Portable Mini-Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar – $45.99

This portable mini-Bluetooth stereo soundbar is designed for use around the house. More for podcasts and music than home theater use, it’s small enough to carry over to friend’s place as well. You have built-in FM radio dial, an LED display, a built-in lithium battery, echo and noise cancellation, and hands-free calling capabilities with this one.

Don’t settle for bad audio. Dig into soundbars at PrimeCables.ca today. They’re affordable, compact, and easy to set up. Soar beyond the built-in TV speaker and give yourself a sound quality you can really get lost in.

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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Gaming Experience – Discounts, Sales, and Accessories

Upgrade your gaming workstation. Elevate your gaming experience. For new gamers and dedicated expert-level players, here are some simple ways to get the most from your games.

Gaming Keyboard Backlight

Gamers playing in dark or low-light conditions, you want to be able to see your keys. A gaming keyboard backlight is inexpensive and gives you visibility no matter where you are. Light comes from the inside of the keyboard, highlighting everything in gentle, unobtrusive color tones. Consider it if you’re seeking top-rated accessories to make your gameplay better.

Gaming Headset

A visual isn’t enough to fully immerse yourself into the game. Video games have an equally important focus on sound. A stereo gaming headset and microphone can be purchased for under $25. Even if you aren’t playing a multi-player game requiring voice communication, a headset gives you full over-the-ear surround sound which allows the gamer to forget their whereabouts and get into the game.

iCloth XL Cleaning Wipes

It might sound silly but over time, our monitors and screens get filthy with smudges, dust, and fingerprints. We can’t just clean these sensitive surfaces with anything. iCloth XL cleaning wipes provide an immediate and easy way to get your monitor looking like brand-new. If your gameplay’s being seen through smudges and dirt, apply one of these wipes and see the difference!

Foot Motion Controller

By far the most expensive on this ultimate gaming accessories list is a foot motion controller. Compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PC games and applications, this device takes your gaming experience to a whole new place. A foot motion controller makes you feel like you’re actually in the game. If you’re stuck gaming like you’ve always done and you want to switch things up a bit, something like this might be what you need to re-ignite your spark.

Logitech HD Webcam

Another way to capitalize on your passion for video games and to make gameplay more celebratory is to buy a Logitech HD webcam and start your own watch-along Twitch channel. Choose from 1080p webcams or the less expensive but still high-definition 720p gaming webcam. After you have your webcam, all you need is a green screen behind you. Experimenting with video editing software, if you’re skilled with computers, only takes an afternoon to get a decent grasp on how to shoot, edit, and release your own gameplay video.

If you love the gaming community and taking to the controls yourself, visit PrimeCables.ca to browse gaming accessories like these and others. Supplement your gaming experience, upgrading yourself to a whole new level of immersion and excitement. Your gaming’s about to get even better.

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Canada’s Best Monitors You Can Use For Work, Leisure, and Gaming

Multi-use computer monitors contribute a lot to the overall experience of everything from researching and studying to working from home or gaming. If this is your first time buying a dedicated monitor, you may have some questions.

Shopping for a monitor isn’t hard. There are monitors available at various price points, with advantages to each worth weighing. Let’s take a look at some of Canada’s best computer monitors in 2020.

21.5” Asus HD Monitor – $172.49

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean it isn’t a very high-quality model. The 21.5” Asus HD monitor is a little smaller than average in design but it comes with 1080p definition, two built-in speakers, a higher-than-average refresh rate of 76Hz, and has DVI, VGA, and HDMI connections. On this monitor, you can do anything from watching a movie to editing documents, doing spreadsheets and emails, and more.

27” ViewSonic HD Monitor – $264.49

ViewSonic is a very reliable computer monitor brand. Their 27” Viewsonic HD monitor provides excellent picture quality, and has both VGA and HDMI connection. You don’t want a monitor that’s less than 720p high-definition, which equates to 1280×720 pixels. The ViewSonic monitor is one better with 1080p high-definition, equating to 1920×1080 pixels.

27” Flat Monitor 4K – $379.49

This is perhaps the best monitor in Canada for gaming. It can be used for everything though. Featuring 4K video, you have UHD, 60Hz refresh rate, FreeSync technology integrated inside, comes in an ultra-slim aluminum frame and is mountable. There’s no better 27” flat monitor 4K anywhere at this price.

27”Curved Monitor 1080p – $356.49

This is a top-of-the-line monitor, ideal for gaming and advanced visuals. A 27” curved monitor contributes a more immersive look and is mountable should you decide to do so. Some users prefer a flat model, however, a curved monitor in this resolution is a bargain for anyone who desires to get lost in gameplay.

31.5” ViewSonic 2K Monitor – $425.49

You don’t see very many 2K monitors out there but the 31.5” ViewSonic 2K monitor is a great selection. With this monitor, there are HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort connections, the colors and details come crisp and lovely, and the pixel count is a massive 2560×1440.

32” Monoprice 4K Monitor – $735.99

A 32” monitor is excessively large for most computer users. It’s comparable to the size of a television, to put it in perspective. Regardless, gamers and movie-lovers enjoy the extra size. Monoprice’s 32” 4K monitor comes with stunning color, detail, clarity, and FreeSync technology included. These types of monitors are really only needed for photographers, videographers, or dedicated gamers. You don’t get better quality than this.

Find all these monitors and other computer accessories at Canada’s own PrimeCables.ca. Choose the resolution, size, and features you want. Customize your computer station with affordability and ease.

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Where to Find Work-From-Home Jobs in the COVID-19 Era – A PrimeCables.ca Guide

Canada’s unemployment rate has soared to nearly a sixth of the population out of work. The impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian economy has meant more than 3 million jobs have, unfortunately, been lost.

The fortunate who have been able to hang onto their jobs through work-from-home are still getting paychecks.

There is more work-from-home work available than many think. Some companies are continuing to hire even with the COVID-19 pandemic raging. If you’re out of work right now and the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) isn’t cutting it, there is still work-from-home employment available. Here’s where to look.

English Teacher

The non-English speaking world has high demand right now for online English teachers and language tutors. If you’ve done this type of work in the past, consider applying. As long as you have your home office essentials as well as a video and audio connection, you’re ready.

Customer Service

The biggest sector of work-from-home jobs is customer service. Companies from all sectors still need customer service agents ready to accept calls. Everything from banks to cell phone companies is included here. Take a look in your local area for what call centers or customer service opportunities may be available to you.

Data Entry

There are some work-from-home data entry jobs available, including things such as French-to-English translation and transcriptionists. This is work an employee can perform remotely. An ergonomic office desk, chair, and some other key accessories make it easier than ever.

Insurance Agents

COVID-19 has meant more Canadians getting their affairs in order, in terms of writing wills and coordinating insurance plans. If you’re well-versed in financial concepts and business, an insurance agent work-from-home position just might be right for you.

Sales Representatives

COVID-19 hasn’t brought with it a lot of sales or economic activity Canada-wide but in select industries, business is strong. With provincial economies beginning to reopen, work-from-home sales representatives have their role to play. Some companies are hiring and even offering advantages like medical or dental benefits.

Admin or Virtual Assistants

Administrative assistants, virtual assistants, and similar work-from-home jobs are available. Organization, self-management, and commitment are required to fulfill this role. As terms vary according to the employer, this type of remote work is expected to increase as the economy ramps back up in the weeks ahead.

PrimeCables.ca has done its best to offer Canadians ways to stock up on COVID-19 work-from-home essentials, with everything from ergonomic desks to over-the-ear headphones. If you are not satisfied with your current career prospects or have lost your job due to COVID-19, there are opportunities out there. Set yourself up for success. Invest in creating your own home office.

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UV Glue Pen FAQ – What It Is and How to Use It

UV light glue pens look fun on the shelf but they’re the real deal. They’re great for use on glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, jewelry, and more. Based on the packaging alone though, you probably still have a few questions if you’ve never used one before. Here are all the pertinent details on premium UV glue pens.

How does a UV glue pen work?

A UV glue pen produces a bonding polymer often into small, tight areas. Exposure to UV light causes it to dry fast and clear. The UV waves cause a photochemical reaction causing the polymer to harden more or less instantly.

Can a UV glue pen polymer dry without UV light?

No, it cannot. UV glue pen polymers require the UV light to harden. This isn’t a bad thing. Comparatively, instant super glues can get stuck on fingers or you may have trouble drying it. Polymers through a UV glue pen dry fast and easy.

What kind of glue does a UV glue pen use?

A UV glue pen does not actually use glue. They use a type of polymer. It’s a German-made adhesive that fully cures and bonds in ten seconds with the assistance of LED UV light.

Is the UV glue pen polymer toxic?

Every UV glue pen is a little different. Different polymers or bonding materials can be used. The PrimeCables.ca UV glue pen, for example, uses a non-toxic, odorless, and water-resistant adhesive. Once dry, you get a heat-resistant, completely waterproof bond. Other brands may use toxic glues or have different characteristics.

Why are UV glue pens used?

UV glue pens offer a number of benefits, including the fact that they require far less time to produce a hardened polymer than other methods. Compared to drying or chemical exposure, there is no comparison. UV glue pens exceed in performance, efficiency, and accuracy in direction.

What are the most popular ways to use UV glue pens?

UV glue curing is used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from home use to commercial applications. A UV glue pen can help to decorate or repair plastic and glass, is used in graphic arts, printing, to fix electronics, on automotive parts, in boating, plumbing, and various manufacturing processes. Repair windshields, fix leaky pipes, and more.

UV glue pens in Canada are worth having in your drawer. For when you need it, it’s there. UV curing carries so many different uses, it makes life so much easier to have. Pick up yours at PrimeCables.ca today.

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Protect Your Home With A Custom Smart Home Security System And Accessories

Tightening up your home’s security means less likelihood of property crime, break-ins, damage, and theft.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to equip your property with the security features you need to feel protected. In large part, this is because of the advancement of smart home technology.

Smart home accessories are affordable, customizable, and allow you to monitor your home when you’re not there.

Through a marketplace like PrimeCables.ca, you can mix and match different home security accessories to ultimately create your own. Here are a few places to look for how to increase security for your home.

Electronic Deadbolt Locks with Keypad

For both key and keyless entry, this electronic deadbolt lock is meant for your front door. Every entrance through your door either has to have your key or the code. There’s no other way. Prioritizing your front door is the first step towards better home security.

Wireless HD Video Surveillance

Next step is a wireless HD video surveillance camera. The Insteon brand is a strong recommendation for this product. That’s because you can control the camera remotely to pan or tilt it as needed. A user also can watch it in 720p quality anywhere anytime through the product’s app.

Door And Window Sensors

You may not have someone try to enter through your front or back door. Windows are also a potential entry or exit point. Building your wireless smart home security kit, include door and window sensors. Any time someone enters or exits the home – be it you, roommates, family, or otherwise – receive a notification. Monitor everything.

Motion Sensors

Window and door sensors are meant to identify any activity in those specific areas. A motion sensor’s specialized to track an entire room or area of the home. When you’re away and you aren’t expecting any guests, a motion sensor will notify you if it detects something.

Why is Home Security Important?

We live in an age where we are getting packages dropped off regularly. We live closer to neighbours and urban centers. Property crime rates are still relatively average to high. Homeowners want to know their homes and families are protected.

Roughly 27% of Canadian households have some form of smart home tech installed. Through smart security cams, deadbolt entry codes, video surveillance, app coordination, and smart home accessories, you gain more control and oversight over your home when no one’s there.

Start here. PrimeCables.ca offers all these products at reasonable cost. Whether you want to protect your home because of assets inside or simply want better monitoring over who’s coming and going, smart home security is where to look.

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Cut the Cord, Quit Your Cable Bill, and Get An HDTV Antenna For Your Home

COVID-19 has cut into virtually every Canadian’s finances. A lot of people have lost their employment while others have been laid off. Looking at areas to trim off a little expense-wise, many people come across their cable bills.

Ask yourself, how often do you use your cable TV – if the answer’s not very much, get rid of it. Internet we need. Smartphones we need. Cable TV is hardly the same ‘need’. Eliminating your cable subscription though doesn’t mean you can’t have live TV.

Did you know an HDTV antenna can give you free TV without a monthly subscription – it’s true. Whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors, an antenna picks up free over-the-air TV signals and delivers them to your flat-screen at no cost other than the initial purchase price.

1080p HDTV antennas have come a long way in the last few decades. Their designs are usually sleek, thin, and high-tech. The quality of the picture is high-definition, just like it would be on a satellite or cable subscription. You can also buy accessories like amplifiers to help boost your reach.

If you don’t want to go all-out, an indoor HDTV antenna is your best bet. An indoor antenna’s simple to set up. Like you would with an outdoor model, you want to play with its direction. Particularly with cities close to the US-Canada border, you have signals coming from both countries.

An outdoor HDTV antenna is a little more difficult to install and adjust to maximize reach. Fortunately, the biggest benefits with an outdoor antenna is the amplification is wider, performance is sometimes better, and there can be more features. Depending on cost, available space, and other factors, consider the merits of indoor v. outdoor antennas.

The amount of channels you get with an HDTV antenna in Canada varies city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood. Some can nab as many as 20-25 while others may only get six or seven.

Along with the free TV you get through an HDTV antenna, another investment you may want to make is an Android smart TV box. With an Android box, you get social media, YouTube, Netflix, and a variety of free programming from other apps. Supplementing your antenna, the options are endless for what to watch on your flat-screen. Especially on YouTube, there’s something for everybody.

For above-average HD antennas in Canada, visit PrimeCables.ca today. They’re hot, trendy, completely free with no monthly commitment, and you trim down your expenses considerably. COVID-19 may have unknowingly sped up the cord-cutting revolution. Do away with the old, cut down on unnecessary costs, and still have live, local TV to watch. Check it out at PrimeCables.ca.

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Benefits of a Portable Car Battery Jump Starter You Don’t Need Another Vehicle For

If you drive a car, you should have jumper cables with you at all times. It should be a rule. You never know when a battery’s going to give out and you’ll need a boost. We’ve all been there before – without jumper cables and stuck in the middle of nowhere without a way to start your car. Don’t be that person.

The bad thing about jumper cables is that to jumpstart a car, you have to connect to another vehicle. An alternative is a portable car battery charger. This is a pre-charged device that connects to your vehicle through jumper cables, allowing you to jumpstart it without another vehicle present.

A portable car battery jump starter is very advantageous to have. It’s small, looks trendy, and is easily stored in a vehicle. The screen has a built-in LED light which means it’s easy to read in nighttime conditions. It’s also small enough to use on everything from vans to trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, boats, and heavy-duty machinery.

If you find yourself occasionally driving hours away from home, are going on a road-trip, or commute a fair distance away, this is a must-have. A portable battery charger has everything, including built-in clamps. Charge up to 12V lead-acid batteries. This should accommodate motorcycles, cars, and more.

Even better, some might say, it gives you the chance to help others. If you see someone unfortunately stranded on the side of the road or in a parking lot unable to start their vehicle, pulling out your portable battery charger can be very helpful.

One of the better portable car battery jump starts is the PrimeCables.ca model. Featuring 10000mAh capacity and 700A peak, this is the ultimate jump starter. Ideal for any 3L Diesel or 5L gasoline car, other features include electromagnetic field protection, auto restart output functioning, reverse connection protection over-charge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, under-voltage protection, and over-temperature protection.

This isn’t the type of car accessory you want to cheap out on. If you permanently kill your car battery, you’re in trouble and that’s an expense you don’t need. This is why PrimeCables.ca’s manufacturers adhere to strict standards in safety, performance, and efficiency on this vehicle battery jump starter.

As an added bonus, there’s also a USB port on the device which allows you to charge smartphones, tablets, and any other USB-connected mobile device.

Visit PrimeCables.ca today and pick up an amazing portable car battery jump starter. Among Canada’s best, you won’t find a better deal. Power your engine, charge your devices, and have the peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared.

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What Is An MFI-Certified Lightning Cable – Your Questions Answered

On new iPhones and Apple products, a lot of them are moving to wireless charging. That is, through Qi-certified wireless chargers. Even so, when you buy a new iPhone, you still get a USB lightning cable in the box.

Lightning cables are among the fastest smartphone charging cables on the market. Like non-lightning cables, there are different types of lightning cables. The most sought-after and best lightning cable in Canada is that which is MFI-certified.

What is MFi Certification?

‘MFi’ stands for ‘Made for iPhone’. They can be used on iPods, iPads, and other select Apple products.

MFi is a program wherein producers and manufacturers submit their cables or hardware for approval from Apple. The process towards approval is in-depth but when a product like a USB lightning cable receives MFi certification, the consumer knows it’s safe to use with their device.

Can I Purchase a Non-MFi Certified USB Cable?

The whole justification for MFi certification is safety. When you go to your local corner store, purchase a knock-off USB cable made who-knows-where, and expect it to be safe, it isn’t necessarily.

Using a non-MFi certified lightning cable can damage your device. A cable like this could permanently scratch the charging ports or damage the battery. If you notice your device isn’t charging properly with a new lightning cable, it may be because it isn’t MFi-certified.

Is a Lightning Cable the Same As A USB Cable?

Lightning cables were first introduced in late 2012. The ends are an 8-pin connector and are Apple-exclusive. Lightning cables were used until late 2018 when Apple announced all new products were going to use USB-C cables instead of lightning cables.

Lightning cables are a type of USB cable, defined by the fact that they are exclusive to Apple products. The exact speed of a lightning cable varies depending on what kind of USB it is and what the device can support through its port. USB 2.0 has speeds between 25 to 35MB/s. Comparatively, USB 3.0 data transfer is much faster at 60MB/s minimum and up to 625MB/s.

Who Makes MFi-Certified Lightning Cables in Canada?

MFi certification isn’t exclusive to Apple. Manufacturers all over the world can make and sell lightning cables like this, once approved under Apple’s MFi program. In Canada, your best bet for lightning cables is PrimeCables.ca.

PrimeCables.ca has all sorts of USB cables and lightning cables that vary in length, type, and affordability. Sure, you can still go through Apple for an MFi-certified lightning cable but you’re probably going to be overpaying on that.

For a more durable USB cable, search out one with a protected design. A metal-braided MFi-certified lightning cable or Nylon-braided MFi-certified lightning cable both work. These will prevent pets from chewing through the cable and add some extra protection in case it encounters damage or is bent.

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Why the Right Smartphone Case For You Is Worth Paying For

“Does my smartphone really need a case?” This is such a common question among reluctant smartphone users uninterested in spending on a case that’s only going to make their phones bulkier.

Right now and right here, we’re going to say it. Even if you’re the most careful person, slips and drops definitely do happen. If your smartphone is important to you and you’re serious about keeping it in optimum shape, you should absolutely have a smartphone case.

A lot of people choose an iPhone smartphone case based on looks. Though that’s something anyone will want to pay attention to, it’s far from the only factor or the main one. Consider the places you’ll be taking your smartphone.

You don’t want to cheap out on your smartphone case. Consider something that’s built tough. Smartphone cases like the Civilian Rugged Featherlight and the Plyo Rugged Case are built prepared for tough terrain.

There are many knock-offs of these sorts of models and, unfortunately, they don’t measure up. Do your homework to ensure where you’re buying from is legit and well-known. Read the reviews of different cases and compare.

If you’re concerned about bulkiness, search for a slim case like the Altra Strap Case with a slim hardshell. Another option is the ultra-slim Vitros Clear Case which has military-grade protection in mind.

Can an ultra-slim case still give you the protection a more rugged case can – somewhat. A manufacturer might argue yes, however, in practice we recommend a case that’s rugged if you’re someone who does a lot of activity with their phone.

To the latter point, military-grade protection is another keyword to search for in your iPhone smartphone case journey. If it’s good enough for use in the military and can withstand those events, you know it’s good enough for your phone. The Monarch Series of smartphone cases are well-known for their ready-for-everything and military-grade build, and their ability to withstand shocks, drops, and falls.

Your case should also be made for your phone. With an iPhone smartphone case, you know exactly what you’re getting. Hopefully, the cuts have been made precisely and everything’s where you expect it to be. As long as you have access to the ports you need and camera, the important part is covered – at least, in the accessibility.

Choosing the right smartphone case is ultimately a battle between protection and weight. Assuming you want more protection, it’s going to be a heavier case. If you want a lighter case, protection’s going to be second-priority.

Shop your next case at PrimeCables.ca and browse a few dozen premium iPhone cases to determine what best suits your personality and security needs. There’s no reason not to have a case. Check us out today for more information.

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