Cut the Cord, Quit Your Cable Bill, and Get An HDTV Antenna For Your Home

COVID-19 has cut into virtually every Canadian’s finances. A lot of people have lost their employment while others have been laid off. Looking at areas to trim off a little expense-wise, many people come across their cable bills.

Ask yourself, how often do you use your cable TV – if the answer’s not very much, get rid of it. Internet we need. Smartphones we need. Cable TV is hardly the same ‘need’. Eliminating your cable subscription though doesn’t mean you can’t have live TV.

Did you know an HDTV antenna can give you free TV without a monthly subscription – it’s true. Whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors, an antenna picks up free over-the-air TV signals and delivers them to your flat-screen at no cost other than the initial purchase price.

1080p HDTV antennas have come a long way in the last few decades. Their designs are usually sleek, thin, and high-tech. The quality of the picture is high-definition, just like it would be on a satellite or cable subscription. You can also buy accessories like amplifiers to help boost your reach.

If you don’t want to go all-out, an indoor HDTV antenna is your best bet. An indoor antenna’s simple to set up. Like you would with an outdoor model, you want to play with its direction. Particularly with cities close to the US-Canada border, you have signals coming from both countries.

An outdoor HDTV antenna is a little more difficult to install and adjust to maximize reach. Fortunately, the biggest benefits with an outdoor antenna is the amplification is wider, performance is sometimes better, and there can be more features. Depending on cost, available space, and other factors, consider the merits of indoor v. outdoor antennas.

The amount of channels you get with an HDTV antenna in Canada varies city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood. Some can nab as many as 20-25 while others may only get six or seven.

Along with the free TV you get through an HDTV antenna, another investment you may want to make is an Android smart TV box. With an Android box, you get social media, YouTube, Netflix, and a variety of free programming from other apps. Supplementing your antenna, the options are endless for what to watch on your flat-screen. Especially on YouTube, there’s something for everybody.

For above-average HD antennas in Canada, visit today. They’re hot, trendy, completely free with no monthly commitment, and you trim down your expenses considerably. COVID-19 may have unknowingly sped up the cord-cutting revolution. Do away with the old, cut down on unnecessary costs, and still have live, local TV to watch. Check it out at

Featured photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels

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