Protect Your Home With A Custom Smart Home Security System And Accessories

Tightening up your home’s security means less likelihood of property crime, break-ins, damage, and theft.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to equip your property with the security features you need to feel protected. In large part, this is because of the advancement of smart home technology.

Smart home accessories are affordable, customizable, and allow you to monitor your home when you’re not there.

Through a marketplace like, you can mix and match different home security accessories to ultimately create your own. Here are a few places to look for how to increase security for your home.

Electronic Deadbolt Locks with Keypad

For both key and keyless entry, this electronic deadbolt lock is meant for your front door. Every entrance through your door either has to have your key or the code. There’s no other way. Prioritizing your front door is the first step towards better home security.

Wireless HD Video Surveillance

Next step is a wireless HD video surveillance camera. The Insteon brand is a strong recommendation for this product. That’s because you can control the camera remotely to pan or tilt it as needed. A user also can watch it in 720p quality anywhere anytime through the product’s app.

Door And Window Sensors

You may not have someone try to enter through your front or back door. Windows are also a potential entry or exit point. Building your wireless smart home security kit, include door and window sensors. Any time someone enters or exits the home – be it you, roommates, family, or otherwise – receive a notification. Monitor everything.

Motion Sensors

Window and door sensors are meant to identify any activity in those specific areas. A motion sensor’s specialized to track an entire room or area of the home. When you’re away and you aren’t expecting any guests, a motion sensor will notify you if it detects something.

Why is Home Security Important?

We live in an age where we are getting packages dropped off regularly. We live closer to neighbours and urban centers. Property crime rates are still relatively average to high. Homeowners want to know their homes and families are protected.

Roughly 27% of Canadian households have some form of smart home tech installed. Through smart security cams, deadbolt entry codes, video surveillance, app coordination, and smart home accessories, you gain more control and oversight over your home when no one’s there.

Start here. offers all these products at reasonable cost. Whether you want to protect your home because of assets inside or simply want better monitoring over who’s coming and going, smart home security is where to look.

Featured photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

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