UV Glue Pen FAQ – What It Is and How to Use It

UV light glue pens look fun on the shelf but they’re the real deal. They’re great for use on glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, jewelry, and more. Based on the packaging alone though, you probably still have a few questions if you’ve never used one before. Here are all the pertinent details on premium UV glue pens.

How does a UV glue pen work?

A UV glue pen produces a bonding polymer often into small, tight areas. Exposure to UV light causes it to dry fast and clear. The UV waves cause a photochemical reaction causing the polymer to harden more or less instantly.

Can a UV glue pen polymer dry without UV light?

No, it cannot. UV glue pen polymers require the UV light to harden. This isn’t a bad thing. Comparatively, instant super glues can get stuck on fingers or you may have trouble drying it. Polymers through a UV glue pen dry fast and easy.

What kind of glue does a UV glue pen use?

A UV glue pen does not actually use glue. They use a type of polymer. It’s a German-made adhesive that fully cures and bonds in ten seconds with the assistance of LED UV light.

Is the UV glue pen polymer toxic?

Every UV glue pen is a little different. Different polymers or bonding materials can be used. The PrimeCables.ca UV glue pen, for example, uses a non-toxic, odorless, and water-resistant adhesive. Once dry, you get a heat-resistant, completely waterproof bond. Other brands may use toxic glues or have different characteristics.

Why are UV glue pens used?

UV glue pens offer a number of benefits, including the fact that they require far less time to produce a hardened polymer than other methods. Compared to drying or chemical exposure, there is no comparison. UV glue pens exceed in performance, efficiency, and accuracy in direction.

What are the most popular ways to use UV glue pens?

UV glue curing is used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from home use to commercial applications. A UV glue pen can help to decorate or repair plastic and glass, is used in graphic arts, printing, to fix electronics, on automotive parts, in boating, plumbing, and various manufacturing processes. Repair windshields, fix leaky pipes, and more.

UV glue pens in Canada are worth having in your drawer. For when you need it, it’s there. UV curing carries so many different uses, it makes life so much easier to have. Pick up yours at PrimeCables.ca today.

Featured photo by Julie Molliver on Unsplash

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