Father’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas For Under $40

Father’s Day is days away. In the COVID-19 pandemic, buying Father’s Day gifts is a sort of a challenge to say the least. Make it easy on yourself by shopping at PrimeCables.ca where the perfect Father’s Day gifts for under $40 are easily found.

Flat-Screen TV Wall Mount

Hang a TV like a work of art with a basic, tilt, or full-motion TV wall mount for Father’s Day. Affordable and visually impressive when watching something, wall mounts work with virtually any flat-screen as long as the VESA specifications match. Create a whole new media watching experience for dad.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

A desk mount lifts a monitor up, freeing up space on a desk. If your father has a home office, workstation, or likes to work on a computer, this is an inexpensive way to add something new to his desk. Once again, you will want to ensure you buy the right single monitor desk mount considering size of the monitor.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If your father likes to go fishing, camping, or enjoys hitting up the beach in his free time come summer, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is low in price and a great option for wireless audio. Portable and very similar to beach radios from the latter half of the twentieth century, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows a user to play the music they want to hear.

Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna

An indoor digital HDTV antenna won’t pull in as many stations as an outdoor model but we’re trying to keep Father’s Day gifts under $40. Don’t get us wrong. An indoor HDTV antenna is powerful, easy to install, and will certainly give your dad even more of a reason to ‘cut the cord’. If they live near a city, it may be worth it to see what sort of channels your antenna can find.

360-Degree Magnetic Smartphone Mount

Simple and easy to use, incredibly cheap, and strong in design, a 360-degree car smartphone mount positions your device in an ideal location. Also usable with a GPS and other mobiles, they make hands-free vehicle travel easy. Send your dad on a cross-country drive or if he enjoys venturing out to places he hasn’t been, this is a sure way to ensure he’s not looking down at his phone while driving.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo-Powered Speaker

This one’s on the verge of the Father’s Day gifts for $40 and under mark. A 2.1 Bluetooth home theater speaker and subwoofer set can upgrade home audio in a very inexpensive way. Entertainment centers without proper audio aren’t pleasant to listen to. On top of that, if your father’s a fan of podcasts or music, a gift like this gives him something to enjoy day-in and day-out.

Find all sorts of Father’s Day gifts for under $40 at PrimeCables.ca today. June 21st is on its way. Celebrate the right way – with a thoughtful gift.

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