Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020 – Save Money And Shop Smart!

This Father’s Day, PrimeCables.ca wants to help. If you haven’t yet bought your Dad a Father’s Day gift, here’s your opportunity to check out some of what’s on offer at PrimeCables.ca. From out-of-the-box cheap gifts to more standard thoughtful Father’s Day gifts, skip the COVID-19 lineups and shop online this year. Here’s where to look.

Android TV Box

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have run out of things to watch. New series’ episodes are no longer being made and there’s been a lot of searching for new programming worldwide. Give your Dad some more options. An Android TV box and remote from PrimeCables.ca supports streaming services, YouTube, Bluetooth, and more.

TV Wall Mounts

A lot of fathers love their flat-screens. It’s as much a source of joy as it’s a sort of status symbol. Perhaps there’s a way to boost the aesthetic of a Dad’s home theater system and flat-screen entertainment center without spending a lot of money. A way to do that is through a PrimeCables.ca-approved TV wall mount.

Car Accessories

Some Dads like to go on long drives or have to go on extended commutes for work. Keep your Dad safe on his drives with a car phone holder air vent mount stand, USB charging cables, USB chargers for cars and vehicles, and more.

Bluetooth Home Theater Speakers

Upgrade your Dad’s home theater sound system with a Bluetooth stereo soundbar he can connect with his smartphone and other devices beyond his flat-screen to play music, watch movies, and more.

Ergonomic Home Office

If your Dad is working from home, is a creative type, or enjoys having a home office, choose ergonomic home office products to match. From height-adjustable sit-stand desks to footrests, mounts, and more, give your father a comfortable place to station himself while he works.

Wall Sockets

Dads who have a lot of gadgets that need charging may have enough USB cables but not enough outlets to get them in. They may also find they’re having to get up and down to plug something in or the opposite. There are many plug-in workarounds such as buying a multi-port USB hub, multi-port wall chargers, or a smart socket that can be turned on/off by one’s smartphone.

This is just the start. For the father figure in your life, get them something that speaks to them. Thoughtfulness says everything and you know him best. There are hundreds of Father’s Day discounts, deals, and sales going right now. Visit PrimeCables.ca this week and pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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