How to Use A Bluetooth Wireless Receiver to Convert Any Device to Bluetooth-Capable

Bluetooth receivers are an adapter you can use on any device with a 3.5mm audio port. If Bluetooth devices are normally out of your price range or if you simply don’t want to change speakers, a receiver can be purchased for under $10 and give you the audio connection you need.

Why Use A Bluetooth Receiver?

A Bluetooth adapter can be plugged into any port – laptop, tablets, mobile devices, existing speaker systems and subwoofer sets, vehicle audio systems, and more. If you enjoy streaming Spotify, listening to podcasts, and playing your private collection of tunes, a Bluetooth connection’s the best way to do it. Listen and enjoy.

How Do I Install A Bluetooth Receiver?

Plug it in – that’s the installation process. Speakers with a 3.5mm port are designed to pick up signals that come through this connection, whether that’s a wire connecting to an audio device or a receiver. Once your Bluetooth receiver is connected, you sync it up with your device and then you can send any audio you like to the receiver and it plays just like it would if it was connected by a wire.

What is the Range on a Bluetooth Receiver?

Every Bluetooth audio receiver and wireless adapter with 3.5mm jack is a little different. Most models rely on a 10-metre range which is similar to other Bluetooth devices including earbuds.’s model uses Bluetooth V3.0, supporting the A2DP music player.

How Long Does a Bluetooth Receiver Charge Last?

The answer to this question also varies device by device but most Bluetooth 3.5mm receivers maintain six hours of playtime on one full charge.

Are There Devices A Bluetooth Receiver Doesn’t Work With?

No, a receiver works with any 3.5mm ported device. A lot of consumers use it on their laptops, computers, tablets, and in their vehicles. A lot of Bluetooth receivers are also used on home entertainment centers and home theater systems to make Bluetooth speakers out of non-Bluetooth speaker systems. There’s no device it won’t work on as long as you have the right port.

How is the Audio Quality On A Bluetooth Receiver?

A Bluetooth receiver gives you great sound quality though this depends on the exact model.’s receiver is high-quality and acts as an external Bluetooth device. Think of it as identical to an external hard drive – that is, the same powerful hard drive but outside your computer. A Bluetooth receiver is the same Bluetooth technology normally built internally but portable and positioned externally.

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