See Electronic Deadbolt Lock Benefits For Your Home or Rental Property

Years ago, the best way to keep your home secure was through a deadbolt lock and key. Security’s changed a lot in the last few decades and smart home accessories combined with electronic deadbolt locks make it easy to take control.

While traditional mechanical deadbolts do an excellent job at discouraging theft, adding technology and keyless capabilities boosts what you can do. Here are some of the electronic deadbolt lock benefits to consider for your home or rental property.

Built Well

Though there are different electronic deadbolt locks available, the model is considered one of the best. With a zinc alloy body frame and a hardened steel mounting plate, no one’s getting in or out without either the key to your property or the code. Built well, it’s as tough as any deadbolt on the market.

No Keys to Carry Around

One of the more obvious advantages to an electronic deadbolt is no keys required. If you’re running, exercising, taking the dog out for a walk, or doing something active, you aren’t being weighed down by keys. There’s no fumbling at your front door after work or later at night. An electronic code is all you have to remember.

You Won’t Get Locked Out

As long as you have the keyless code, there’s always a way in. If you’ve ever had to run and forgotten your keys inside, with a mechanical deadbolt on the door, you’re not getting in. Normally, calling a locksmith or breaking a window is your best way in. When you have a smart deadbolt lock, however, all you need is the code. No breaking-and-entering required.

Easy Access to Authorized Users

If you have a service person coming in the afternoon, are sending a friend to pick up an item, and/or have a housekeeper, an electronic deadbolt is better than hiding or giving out spare home keys. Instead, give them the code. This limits their access as you can change the code when you get home and ensure that only authorized individuals are entering your property.

Easy Installation

Smart home accessories aren’t – for the most part – difficult to install. A keyless smart home deadbolt certainly fits that definition. You can do it in minutes. No wiring involved. The only tool required is a screwdriver.

Your home security starts with securing your door. An electronic deadbolt for keyless entry will exceed the performance of any traditional door lock while giving you peace of mind knowing your home’s secure. Get yours and other smart home products today at

Featured Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

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