The Best Father’s Day 2020 Gifts for the Home Theater Enthusiast From

As subdued as Father’s Day in the COVID-19 pandemic’s going to be, this doesn’t mean your celebrations have to exclude thoughtful gifts.

Sure, there’s the classic Father’s Day gifts of nice watches, colognes, or robe and slippers. Searching the catalogue, you’ll find plenty of Father’s Day 2020 gifts for home theater enthusiasts. For a very memorable Father’s Day, here’s where to take your eyes for purchasing decisions.

Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

Bluetooth stereo soundbars have the look, feel, and sound of high-quality audio at a fraction of the cost of far larger multimedia speaker systems. For dads who don’t have their own speaker systems or if they’re using dated, old systems, give them a fresh upgrade with a Bluetooth soundbar.

Android 9.0 TX Box Amlogic

Speaking of upgrades, an Android smart TV box instantly takes a home theater system to new heights. Receive the operating system that sits in so many smart TVs except it’s encased in an external box. Give your father the chance to watch YouTube, surf the Internet, and watch his favourite streaming services with ease. If he doesn’t already have a smart TV, this is how you provide him with one without having to switch out his existing flat-screen.

Pull-Down TV Wall Mount

As one of the most sought-after and impressively built mounts in the home theater industry, completely change the way he watches TV with a pull-down TV wall mount. Install it over a fireplace, closer to the ceiling, or wherever you want. Pull it down to the right height and use its adjustability to position it at the right angle. If this sounds too advanced, there are other wall mounts available.

Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A portable wireless multimedia keyboard uses a multi-touch touchpad and a keyboard compatible with PCs, Androids, Mac, KODI, Windows, XBMC, and more. It’s one keyboard for every device in your father’s home theater system. This makes it easy to navigate across his entertainment inputs without having to use two or three different remotes.

USB LED Strip Lights for Background Lighting

Add some mood lighting, improve image clarity, and relieve eye fatigue. These three benefits come with USB LED strip lights. Increase the visual appeal of his home theater system for this Father’s Day. No batteries involved, these lights plug into a USB port. You also have a remote control to change colors depending on what atmosphere he wants for his room.

For the dads who love to pamper themselves with home theater accessories and new tech, affordable Father’s Day gifts can be found this year at Give your dad the opportunity to indulge in new home theater products he didn’t even know he’d love.

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