What is the Difference between an Ethernet Cable and a Patch Cable – see here!

Ethernet is the most widely used protocol in Internet-based business communication. More protected than wireless, Ethernet networking offers a secure connection to the Internet in a way wireless can’t.

What is An Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables come in various formats, sometimes fiber optic, twisted pair, or coaxial cable defined with a category. The ‘category’ is what defines a cable’s specifications and is why Ethernet cables are often referred to by their category, such as Cat6 and Cat5.

What is an Ethernet Patch Cable?

A patch cable has connectors on both ends and is designed to connect an end device to a power source. Ethernet patch cables are often used for short-distance connections in offices, business environments, and at home. Although Ethernet’s well-known for use in business communications, it is often used in home computer networks as well. To make the distinction clear on what an Ethernet patch cable is, it is a type of Ethernet cable defined by the connectors at both ends.

What Ethernet Cable Is Right For Me?

Not all Ethernet cables are built the same, hence the need for divided categories. There are optical fiber cables, Ethernet crossover cables, and category copper cable – all with a unique purpose. Ethernet crossover cables are great for use in commercial buildings, as an example. Comparatively, a crossover cable is one that swaps on its way from one end to the other. Crossovers have different wiring standards on both ends, as opposed to a standard Ethernet patch cable which has the same standard on both ends.

Do I Need a Crossover Ethernet Cable or Patch Cable?

There is not a large need for crossover Ethernet cables and unless you have a reason, you shouldn’t even be entertaining the idea of using one. Most Ethernet networks are simple with straight-through wired Cat5e patch cables or Cat6 cables meant to connect directly from a computer or similar device to a router switch or hub.

What Category of Ethernet Cable is Best?

Where you want to focus your attention on is not whether to get a patch cable or standard Ethernet cable, or the difference between crossover and patch cable connections. Consider categories. Due to budget, you may opt to go with a lesser Ethernet cable like a Cat5e. To maximize your speed and future-proof your Ethernet network, going with a Cat7 cable is reasonable. Then again, a Cat6 patch Ethernet cable is high-speed and the standard in commercial buildings and new networks right now.

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