Why Use A Flash Memory Card

You may have seen these small storage cards on the shelf and wonder what they’re for, the difference between them and other storage options, and how they work. For those who use storage on a flash memory card, they know the value it brings. Flash memory differs from USB storage in many ways. Here is a little bit about why we use flash memory cards and how they work.

What is a Flash Memory Card?

A flash memory card uses non-volatile semi-conductor memory to store data. They are usually used on portable devices where an internal or external hard drive isn’t feasible. Flash memory cards are capable of storing text, pictures, audio, and video.

What Are the Different Types of Flash Memory Cards?

The most popular flash memory card in Canada is a Secure Digital (SD) card and its relative microSD card. You also have SDHC cards, which means Secure Digital High Capacity. Like any other storage options, these cards vary in price according to their size and data capacity.

  • SD cards are the size of a postage stamp and used widely on digital cameras among various consumer devices.
  • MicroSD cards are a smaller version of an SD card, first introduced in a collaboration between SanDisk and Motorola in 2005. Then, it was used as alternate storage for smartphones. Now, it is used in various devices for similar purposes.
  • SDHC flash memory cards are similar to SD cards in many ways. However, the SDHC standard is designed specifically for high-definition video and high-resolution images. Devices that recommend using SDHC storage is likely because of the quality of data capture.

On What Devices Are Flash Memory Cards Used?

Flash memory cards are very small and thin which makes them advantageous for use on smartphones, tablets, and most often, digital cameras. They are an easy way to capture data and then transfer it to a computer at a later date.

Is Flash Memory Better?

Flash memory is solid-state media which means it involves no moving parts and is less likely to experience any sort of mechanical failure. Flash memory is considered to be a better storage option compared to PC cards, smart cards, and similar storage devices. Flash cards take less power to operate, generally have higher storage capacities, and are portable. For lightweight and low-power devices, they’re the perfect storage solution.

Where Can I Buy a Flash Card in Canada?

If you’re looking for SDHC flash memory cards in Canada, visit PrimeCables.ca. Alongside USB cables and a variety of tech accessories, we offer flash memory storage for cameras, smartphones, tablets, and any mobile devices with the means of using it. Visit PrimeCables.ca today for more information on device storage.

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