3 Best Flat-Screen TVs in 2020 for Your Bedroom or Condo Space

Walking down the TV aisle at your local retailer, there’s a lot of big, bright, and beautiful flat-screens that look great up on the shelf but bring them into a small condo or a bedroom, and they’re way, way too big.

If you’re looking to buy a new TV in 2020, you have a lot of options. The right flat-screen for a bedroom will be thin, light, and high-definition. It also doesn’t need to be very expensive.

Examining some of Canada’s best flat-screen HDTVs, here are the three best we’d use in a bedroom or similarly sized room.

32” HD LED TV 720p – $183.99

If the #1 variable in your flat-screen search is affordability, this is the best-priced flat-screen in Canada at this size. Including free shipping, it’s quite the deal.

The 32” HD 720p TV is sized appropriately, high-definition, has a 60Hz refresh rate, dual 10-watt speakers, and HDMI inputs. Comparable to models available at far higher prices, this 720p TV can be easily mounted. Combine it with a smart TV box, HDTV antenna, and more for even more functionality.

27” Curved Gaming Monitor 1080p – $339.99

When we jump up into 1080p monitors and curved designs, you bump things up a notch. A mountable 27” curved gaming monitor 1080p is a little smaller than the previous model though not by much.

If you like to game and enjoy the curved monitor look, this is a great flat-screen. Bedroom TVs don’t need to be much larger than 27” due to the size of the room. A gaming-specific screen is also best if the primary intention is to use it for exactly that.

27” Flat Gaming Monitor 4K – $379.49

Another flat-screen we have to talk about is this 27” gaming monitor 4K. It is flat, gives you premiere-quality picture, is small enough to fit into the bedroom, and is once again easily mountable.

Do you really need UHD 4K quality in a bedroom or condo TV – no. The difference between 4K and 720p at such a small screen size will be negligible. Even so, some buyers prefer 4K and so this is why some smaller sets are built with 4K picture quality in mind.

There are a lot of excellent bedroom TVs in Canada available to buy. Whether it’s to watch movies, binge-watch your favourite series, catch sports, hook it up to a laptop or computer, or game on it, you can find your perfect monitor at PrimeCables.ca. Equipped with deep blacks, wide viewing angles, and to be matched with a TV wall mount of your choosing, these are excellent flat-screen TVs in 2020 for your home.

Photo by Terje Sollie at Pexels

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