5 Great Deals for Upgrading Your Home Theater this Summer

Our theaters are empty. Though the economy’s reopened, a lot of us are still stuck at home without opportunity to do much else other than bask in the glow of our home theater systems.

Fortunately, there’s a bottomless pit of content to enjoy, from sports to documentaries and journalism to entertainment. Though nothing can replace the cinema, a homeowner can try. Taking your home theater to the next level starts with a few easy upgrades.

TV Wall Mount for A Real Theatrical Experience

From colossal 4K TV screens to smaller flat-panel displays, what they can all benefit from is a mounting. You get a real immersive theatrical experience when you pair your screen with a TV wall mount. Connect the mount with the studs in your wall to safely and securely mount a TV anywhere in the room. Choose from basic models to more design-heavy pull-down full-motion models.

An HD TV Antenna to Capture Local, Live TV

From simple indoor HDTV antennas to extended-range outdoor TV antennas, there could be dozens of free TV channels in your neighborhood that you’re not getting. Especially if you live in close proximity to downtown in a city, chances are you have a lot of over-the-air TV an HDTV antenna will capture and transfer to your screen.

A New Screen or Going All-Out With A Projector

Sticking with a screen, there are curved gaming monitors that can double as a home entertainment screen. You also have your average 1080p HD TV screens which if you don’t already have one, it’s worth buying. Another alternative is to beam 1080p HD picture with a projector for home theater settings.

Bluetooth Soundbar to Connect to Your Smartphone

A home theater in the twenty-first century isn’t about bulk. It’s about function. A Bluetooth soundbar is an easy way to listen to music, podcasts, connect to your smartphone and also act as your home theater speaker system. Bluetooth earphones or headphones can’t do that. Equipping your home with a full-on Bluetooth sound system is the ultimate way to enjoy wireless listening.

Android Smart TV Box to Turn Your Screen into Media Central

You can’t do a lot with a screen that lacks an Internet connection these days. An Android box instantly turns your flat-screen into a smart TV. Tap into thousands of apps, including all your subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other key content providers. You’ll never be without something to watch on your Android smart TV box.

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