What to Consider Before Buying A Projector for Your Home Theater

Are projectors better than TVs – many would say so. No other method exists to get a massive theatre-sized picture at a fraction of the cost you would pay for the same image on a television screen.

Projectors range in cost from $300 at the low-end to $1,000s. For an HD projector though, fortunately, you don’t have to spend that much. Here is a little bit of info on what to look for. Searching for a home theater projector is simplified with this article.

BBenQ i500 Wireless LED Smart Video Projector


Lumens describes how much light a projector can create. Light determines brightness and size, when spoken of in lumens. Much like shoe sizes, however, one company’s 4,000 lumens can be another company’s 3,500 lumens. There is no agreed-upon measurement standard.

  • 1,000 lumens is an ok-ish projector. You will get a high-quality image but it may be lacking.
  • 2,000 lumens is bright and watchable on up to a 100-inch screen in a dark room.
  • 3,000 lumens is extremely bright and sometimes too much for some viewers.

LEDs, Lasers, and UHP

Every HD projector needs a source of light. There are different ways to make light. Light sources come either through LEDs, lasers, or UHP aka ultra high-pressure lamps.

UHP lamps are the most common and are inexpensive, however, they do degrade over time.

Projectors using LEDs and lasers tend to be more expensive though more reliable. The appeal of an LED projector is that the bulb will last far longer than a UHP will. That said, if you have to purchase a new UHP every 5-10 years at $150 a pop, it’s not a ridiculous amount.

Projector Placement

Consider where you want to place the projector. Lens shifting isn’t a bad feature to have. This means you can adjust the height of the image without using the projector, sort of like a mount does with a flat-screen.

A projector also has a limited zoom range. Some have better zoom than others. Adjusting the screen size, a limited number of distances will work.

Why 4K Isn’t So Important

Unlike flat-screen 4K TVs, a projector has a lot more than resolution influencing its overall picture quality.

A 4K projector is fine but you still need excellent-quality contrast ratio, brightness, color, and contrast working in your favor to achieve the ultimate image. Needless to say, 4K is only one aspect of a projector’s performance. Most would prefer a projector with accurate color and contrast over a dimmer model that can lay claim to being 4K.

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