Why Having A Spare Ethernet Cable is Never A Bad Thing For A Laptop

Have you ever noticed an unmarked square port on the side of your laptop – that’s used for Ethernet.

Ethernet is essentially cabled Internet. Before everyone went wireless, all we had was wired Internet. Ethernet cables were all the rage. Unfortunately, cables aren’t always convenient. Wireless went trendy and with that, Ethernet was out.

Even so, Ethernet has a lot of benefits to it. Recent advancements have also made it equal or better than many wireless connections. If you have a laptop, don’t discount the potential of Ethernet to help you get and stay connected.

Benefits of Ethernet

Once you get used to using Ethernet, you won’t want to stop. Have a spare cable on you at all times. Hooking up to an Internet network will be so easy.

  • Superior signal stability.
  • Superior Internet reliability.
  • Maximum security and access control.
  • Scalable to wide area networks.
  • Fast speeds, sometimes faster than wireless.

Ethernet network cables are ultimately a lovely accessory to have with numerous advantages. They allow you to have a fast, private Internet connection that is unhackable. Ethernet is seen as more secure and reliable than any wireless signal. There’s no reason for the signal to drop considering you’re connected by a cable.

Why Two Cables Are Better Than One

There are Cat7 cables, Cat6a and Cat6 cables, and Cat5e cables. They also come in varying lengths. It doesn’t hurt to have a couple of cables – preferably a short one and a longer one. Multiple cables can easily be purchased at PrimeCables.ca on discount.

This ‘have two’ mentality isn’t a bad approach to other cable types either. USB cables can become damaged over time. When they do, you don’t want to have to wait to charge or sync your phone. Whatever cables you use, always ensure you have a second one ready to go. Inconveniences won’t impact your productivity and you’ll be able to keep on keeping on.

What You Can Do on Ethernet Better Than You Can on WiFi

You’re cutting down latency to its absolute minimum when using an Ethernet cable. For live streaming, this means you’re getting the best signal possible. For video conferencing, a wired connection provides more stable Internet which means better quality. For gamers, this means Internet issues are non-existent. For any intensive use of the Internet or if you have security concerns, nothing beats Ethernet.

Find high-quality Ethernet cables in Canada from PrimeCables. It’s a practical way to gain security, speed, and reliability on your Internet.

Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash

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