Where You Can Buy in Canada Work-From-Home Office Furniture You Forgot You Needed

A remote work-from-home situation relies heavily on the furniture and equipment around us.

Unfortunately, an employer cannot provide an employee with everything they need to be comfortable and productive working from home.

For that, it’s on us. It’s on the people working from home most days to provide their households the funds needed to make it through another month.

If you visit a Walmart, IKEA, Best Buy, or Staples, you’ll see a lot of work-from-home office furniture has been sold out. What hasn’t is often available at high prices just because the demand’s increased to such an extreme degree.

Fortunately, you can buy work-from-home essentials at a fair price from PrimeCables.ca and receive them at your doorstep contact-free.

What Work-From-Home Office Furniture Do You Need?

  • A desk. We all need a high-quality professional-grade desk to work from. A height-adjustable desk is what we always recommend as this provides a way to maximize comfortability throughout the workday.
  • A multi-outlet surge protector is a key essential for working from home. If you don’t already, you will have multiple cables that need somewhere to be plugged. A high-quality surge protector a purchase that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • A glass tabletop riser or a single monitor mount lifts your screen and creates more space on your desk.

What Work-From-Home Accessories Could You Be Forgetting?

  • A height-adjustable laptop desk allows you to work in bed, on the couch, or almost anywhere. If you don’t have a dedicated workstation or occasionally work elsewhere, take with you this portable laptop bed table.
  • USB cables make it easy to charge your devices while you work. There are also USB hubs wherein you can connect multiple devices to your computer, should you be using a number of hard drives.
  • Bluetooth earbuds or a computer speaker system is a work-from-home accessory often ignored. Though not a necessity, wearing earbuds make it easier to listen to music or communicate with customers or co-workers during a Zoom call. Alternatively, you may decide a multimedia speaker system is more advantageous to you.

This is just a little glimpse into where to start. For a lot of us working from home is something new. You may discover you need other things a la 1080p HD webcams, new computer monitors, mounts, cables, adapters, and more. You can find it all at PrimeCables.ca.

When it comes to COVID-19 work from home schedules, PrimeCables.ca has been a major resource for Canadians all over the map. If you’re scrambling to upgrade or buy new home office equipment, simply drop in to our marketplace and locate everything you need for a basic furniture setup.

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Why A Curved Monitor is Better than a Flat Monitor

A monitor is a top piece of tech. For work-from-home offices to gamers, the monitor you have impacts how much you enjoy what you do.

A curved monitor is ideal for gaming and activities requiring strong, deep visuals. It is so much more than this though. There’s a lot more to the features of a curved monitor and its overall presentation.

Exceeding the tech in flat monitors, here’s why a curved monitor is better – in most cases – than any similar flat monitor.

They Replicate Real-Life

Curved monitors are often advertised with the tag of being ‘more immersive’. This is because they’re replicating real-life ocular perception. It makes you feel as if you’re there. In duplicating length, width, and height, it’s a more realistic visual than an image that is completely flat.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 

Reduced Eye Strain

We don’t realize how much we put our eyes through when we’re seated in front of a monitor. Straining our eyes is a common side effect of this activity. Due to a modified field-of-view, the curving of the visual means less straining and a more healthy experience all-around.

Less Blurriness

When you enlarge an image, you get distortion and blurriness particularly at the edges. At least, when it’s flat. Using a curved 1080p monitor, you have far less distortion. This is because a flat monitor shows the image in a straight line. Curved screens have a different shape and will manipulate the image around the distortions that would normally present.

A Wider Field of View

Curved monitors direct light from all angles at the viewer’s eye as opposed to a flat monitor blasting everything at once. This creates a larger field of view and is why a curved monitor naturally feels larger.

They Can Be Mounted

A big complaint early on of curved HDTV monitors is that their shape made them difficult to use with a wall mount. This isn’t the case so much anymore. There are specific types of wall mounts made for curved monitors. They work exceptionally well.

Why Curved Monitors Are Better

This isn’t all to say that flat monitors are useless. They aren’t. Flat-screens are great. In a lot of comparisons though, curved monitors are better. Curved monitors offer precision, accuracy, refresh rates, and an image response time that flat monitors can’t.

Prices have also come down on curved monitors in the past couple of years. $100s have come off the price since they came to market. Find high-quality curved monitors in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

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What Is An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat – read here!

Sitting in moderation isn’t such a bad thing. It can actually be very relaxing.

For most of us though, we spend the majority of our day sitting. At work, in commute, on our couches, and to eat. That gets to be a lot of stress on our back, neck, and elsewhere.

Naturally, one might think the answer is standing. However, standing for prolonged periods has similar effects on the heels, back, legs, and shoulders.

The answer is then to switch between standing and sitting. At work, some have that option with height-adjustable desks. Some of us don’t though. Some of us are always standing. For those people, a standing mat works.

What Is An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat?

An anti-fatigue standing mat is a product with multiple uses. It looks like a very thick piece of cushion. Ultimately, what it’s designed to do is assist you in standing for a period of time without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat - PrimeCables®
Anti-fatigue Standing Mat Multi-Purpose Comfort Mat – PrimeCables®

A standing mat has contoured beveled edges to prevent tripping. The material itself is non-toxic PU material, soft on the feet and tear-resistant. The material is also often resistant to liquids, chemicals, and staining.

Who Uses A Standing Mat?

If you are getting off work and feel soreness in your mid-back, lower back, shoulders, hips, legs, and/or feet, and you know you’re standing in a single place for the majority of the day, an anti-fatigue standing mat can prove very beneficial.

When you’re walking, it’s not a problem. Weight is shifting. You’re adjusting the position every second. Standing in a single place though, it’s like placing all this weight on your body with no relief. A standing mat gives you some relief.

A standing mat is used in a lot of offices with height-adjustable sit-standing desks. Cashiers and similar service-based positions have used them to keep employees standing comfortably for longer periods.

They’re also common in warehouses and industrial settings as well as kitchens.

If you’re at home and working at your tool bench, and you aren’t creating a whole lot of movement, a standing mat can also help you here.

Where Can I Buy An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

You can buy some of the best anti-fatigue mats in Canada from PrimeCables.ca.

There’s no reason to walk around with tight, ache-ridden muscles. Free yourself. A standing mat could help your productivity in a big way and, most importantly, allow you to sit comfortably at the end of the day.

Try it and feel the difference. Standing too long is tough on the body but it doesn’t have to be. Check it out at PrimeCables.ca today and invest in an anti-fatigue mat.

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How Working From Home Can Be Made So Much Easier

Managing a work-from-home desk is not always easy. You can easily lose your mind trying to maintain focus, keep the people around you from interfering in your space, and to stay professional.

As Canadians continue to work from home this fall in anticipation of a second wave of coronavirus, there are a few things you can order and set up today to help you through.

Don’t come unprepared in the work-from-home revolution. Check out these deals courtesy of PrimeCables.ca.

Single Monitor Mount

Do you have limited space on your work desk? Try a single monitor desk mount. Lift your monitor and free up some space. Even better, a mount will keep a monitor positioned at eye-level, reducing neck and eye strain while giving you an optimum perspective for Zoom calls.

Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand - PrimeCables®
Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand – PrimeCables®

Full 1080P USB Webcam

If you know you’re going to be communicating by video conferencing or Zoom this fall, a high-quality webcam is certainly needed. Featuring plug-and-play, this 1080P HD webcam has a microphone and privacy cover embedded in the design. It’s a welcome upgrade from most laptop cameras.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

An ergonomic sit-stand desk enables your body to work without the aches and pains of being stationed sitting for prolonged periods of time. Lift the desk and stand when you want. Lower it and sit when you want. Do your sore back a favor and keep your body feeling its best.

Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Communicate over video, listen to music while you work, and block out outside noise. The true beauty of Bluetooth stereo earbuds is that there are no wires. Just put them in, connect the Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. When you want to get up and grab a coffee, go ahead. No worrying about your wires causing trouble.

Desktop Cable Management Spine

A work-from-home station can quickly become buried in cables and wires. A desktop cable management spine is the ultimate cable organizer. Put through all your power cords, audio cables, charging cables, computer cables, and more.

Clamp-On Power Strip Holder

While you’re working, it’s a great opportunity to charge your smartphone. You may also have devices, speakers, or computer accessories that have to be plugged in. A clamp-on power strip is set up at desk-level so that you always have access to outlets.

Ethernet Cables

An underrated element of work-from-home is Internet speed. If your Internet isn’t any good, communicating over video or through any online portal will be challenging. For reliable, high-speed Internet, go with a wired connection over a wireless one. Have an Ethernet cable ready.

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7 Work-From-Home Tips to Keep You Going This Fall

The routine of a regular work-from-home schedule can be stressful. If you’re still having days of struggling to adapt, here are some work-from-home tips to help you stay sane, focused, and productive.

Get Dressed

If you find you aren’t your usual work self, get into the habit of doing your normal work preparations.

Wake up, take a shower, make breakfast, and get dressed. All you’re doing is skipping the commute. This way, you’re training your brain to plug itself into ‘work mode’.

Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 13
Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for 13″-27″ LCD Monitors – PrimeCables®

Plan Out Your Day

Here is arguably the best work-from-home tip. Start your workday prepared. If you have Zoom calls, assignments, customer service work, and presentations to give, all these things have to be planned out.

Write out on a calendar your daily schedule. Ensure you aren’t missing anything and that you’re giving yourself enough time to get done what needs to get done. Buying a daily planner is recommended.

Measure Your Productivity

A way you can challenge yourself is by measuring the work you do. Take note of what you accomplish within an hour.

If you notice you are losing productivity because of something like listening to music, stop the listening. If you find the opposite to be true, you know to keep doing what you’re doing. Look at ways to increase your focus.

Take Small Breaks Frequently

When you’re working from home, you can’t just go and go and go. You need to take time to enjoy breaks.

The more fatigued you are, the worse your performance will be. Give yourself regular breaks. A quick five minutes here and there is enough to clear your head and keep your productivity numbers up.

When You Aren’t Working, You Aren’t Working

A big challenge many work-from-home employees face is not knowing how to shut down ‘work mode’.

This isn’t like going into the office and then going home. You’re relaxing and working in the same space. For this to work, you’ve got to completely walk away from work when you’re not on the clock. Step away, walk away, or cover it with a bedsheet. Whatever you have to do to unplug and get away from your work responsibilities.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Minimize distractions. Being uncomfortable is a distraction. Invest a little in creating the most comfortable workspace for you.

Consider an ergonomic height-adjustable desk, a comfortable computer chair, a desk monitor mount, and other accessories that could make a significant difference in your ability to work extended hours at home.

Ensure Your Internet Can Handle It

This blends with our last tip. The tech you use to work from home should be able to handle everything you’re putting it through.

This might mean buying Ethernet cables for faster internet, getting a 1080P webcam for high-quality video, and more. Small changes to your work-from-home tech equipment can make it easier to work without interruption.

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When Your Laptop Camera Sucks, Here’s A Webcam You Can Use

Some laptop webcams just aren’t cutting it. Chances are, you’re here because yours is one. Instead, try upgrading to a proper webcam.

Why Are Laptop Cameras So Bad

Laptop webcams haven’t really seen any innovation in roughly a decade’s time. Though the technology in our computers continues to get better and better, webcams haven’t really advanced. That’s why a lot of laptops bought today will carry webcams made from 2012 or before.

Why A Webcam is Better Than A Laptop Camera

A webcam is its own dedicated product. It plugs in via USB and operates just like any other powered device would. It does not have to conform to your laptop’s size requirements or anything. A webcam operates purely as a performance-driven tool hence why you get a high-definition 1080p image compared to a grainy laptop image. If you’re having to do Zoom calls regularly, which one would you rather use – obviously, a webcam’s a superior choice.

Adjust the Image On A Webcam And Other Specs

Your 1080p HD webcam is more than just a way to achieve a higher image quality than your laptop allows.

Full 1080P HD USB Pan & Tilt Rotantion Video Webcam with Microphone & Privacy Cover - PrimeCables®
Full 1080P HD USB Pan & Tilt Rotantion Video Webcam with Microphone & Privacy Cover – PrimeCables®
  • Some have built-in microphones which provide another way to capture audio.
  • They’re easy to use. No setup necessary. All that’s required is a USB port. It’s plug-and-play.
  • Modern webcams have privacy covers which provides peace of mind in knowing accessing your webcam isn’t going to reveal anything other than pitch black.
  • Video format is YUV/MFPG/H.264 with the PrimeCables.ca 3.6mm lens webcam at a 30 frame rate.
  • Adjust the image the way you want it. Manual focus. With pan and tilt rotation, one of the best benefits of a 1080p webcam is the chance to angle it without adjusting your full monitor a la how it works on a laptop.

What’s the Best Camera to Buy for A Laptop

We use our webcams for so many different reasons. To communicate with family and friends. Schedule Zoom calls or business conferencing. Record YouTube videos. Record music and far more.

There are a lot of major camera brands out there – Canon, Fujifilm, GoPro, etc. – but they’re expensive. Like, really expensive. You don’t need to go that far if you want a stationary videography webcam or a laptop camera for Zoom business calls.

The key feature you always want to look for is 1080p. You don’t want anything less and you certainly shouldn’t need anything more. 1080p is crystal clear high-definition image quality suitable to modern Internet speeds.

One of the best HD webcams in Canada is the PrimeCables.ca Full 1080p USB webcam. The image quality is high, the price is right, and it plugs into any Windows, Android, Mac, TV, etc. Improve your camera. Get a 1080p webcam today.

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See the Cheapest High-Quality Speakers in Canada for Bluetooth and Home Theater Use

Bluetooth v. surround sound. A lot of homeowners seesaw back and forth in the affordable speaker category between these two.

While adopting Bluetooth provides a lot of added functionality, nothing beats the sound quality of wired surround sound speaker sets.

On this speaker showdown, we’re showing off Canada’s cheapest speakers. Though low-cost, every option on this page offers a high-quality build and has the capacity to give far more expensive speakers a run for their money on performance.

two black speakers
PrimeCables Sepakers

PC USB-Powered Speaker Set – $17.99

The best speaker set in Canada for laptops and desktop computers is the PC USB-powered speaker set. Adopt an upgraded sound at an affordable price for your laptop and listen to improved sound quality on your favourite music.

2.1 Stereo-Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – $28.99

A great speaker set for PCs, smartphones, and portable 3.5mm devices, you don’t need Bluetooth. Just plug in and play. The 2.1 stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set will do the rest. Achieve the best sound without overspending on speakers you don’t need.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $27.99

Taking a speaker with you on your travels, the best option is always going to be a portable Bluetooth speaker. Fully waterproof, you can take this one by the pool with you and don’t be afraid of getting it a little wet.

2-Way Bookshelf Speakers – $65.99

Try these on for size. A pair of 2-way bookshelf speakers are small at 6.5 inches but the sound quality’s astoundingly good. Fitted for any office, dorm room, apartment, or small living room, you’re covering all the bases with a well-tuned soundscape ready to be used in this high-performance speaker pair.

Bluetooth Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer – $91.99

Even though this is a list of cheap high-quality speakers in Canada, we get that sometimes Bluetooth is worth a little extra. A stereo Bluetooth soundbar with wired subwoofer costs a little more but equips your home theater system with the ability to pair with devices like tablets, smartphones, and other devices with ease.

5.1 Channel Speakers and Subwoofer – $239.99

Combining quality with reduced pricing, the ultimate surround sound high-fidelity home theater speaker in Canada has got to be the PrimeCables.ca 5.1 channel speakers and subwoofer. Although you don’t have Bluetooth with this one, this is the best sound quality for under $300 on the market. This is high-end meets low-cost with a strong affordability rating and long-lasting performance ready to kick in.

See sales, discounts, and more at PrimeCables.ca today on home theater accessories and speaker sets. When it comes to quality and cost comparisons, no one offers a better price than PrimeCables.ca. We guarantee it!

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How to Set Up An Ergonomic Workspace According to the Experts

A comfortable worker is a productive worker. No one wants to be sitting in pain trying to concentrate.

Make the investment to create an ergonomic workspace and you will always give your best performance, moving past the aches and uncomfortable positions of eight hours a day in the same chair.

Here’s how you do it. This is how to set up an ergonomic workspace. Notice the change in productivity almost immediately.

Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35
Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables®

A Chair with Lumbar Support

When you’re sitting, you want to be most comfortable. Most workers lean too far forward, experiencing arm strain and lower back issues. Ensure your chair is high-quality, with an armrest and lumbar support to boot.

Use A Height-Adjustable Desk

Though you always want to stay focused in an office, it’s never a bad thing to move around. Ergonomic height-adjustable desks allow a worker to stand or sit, modifying position as they feel to. Most studies recommend changing position at least once every 30 minutes.

Move Your Monitor to Eye-Level

Laptop screens are often positioned too low which results in neck strain. Independent displays usually get positioned too high causing a similar problem. Ensure your primary monitor is at eye-level. If you’re using a monitor desk mount for multiple screens, ensure they are all viewable at eye-level.

Keyboard And Mouse Positioning

Everyone prefers their keyboard and mouse arranged a certain way. The key is to ensure they aren’t adding stress to your posture. Keyboard and mouse should be in front of you, with shoulders relaxed and elbows close to the body. Some prefer their keyboard at an angle. This is something to toy with as you develop your own ergonomic workspace.

Everything in Easy Reach

There are many ergonomic accessories you can purchase – such as USB hubs, smartphone chargers, and more – that will keep what you need within reach at your workstation. Don’t be leaning in to grab things or have a busy desktop. Try to keep things tidy and clean and close, minimizing the stress on the shoulder, arms, necks, and mid-to-upper back.

Take Breaks Once Every Hour

This suggestion is less about building an ergonomic workspace and more about preserving your comfort. Every hour, take at least two minutes to yourself. Get up. Walk around. This will stretch muscles, refocus eyes and avoid vision fatigue, rest your wrists and hands, and remove any undiscernible stress from one’s posture.

We hope these tips for an ergonomic workstation get you started on reducing unhealthy work habits. For more information on where to buy ergonomic desks and accessories in Canada, PrimeCables.ca is where to shop.

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Can I Mount My Speakers for My Home Theater System – yes you can!

Home theater aficionados have been introduced to the visual power of mounts through their screens.

As popular as TV wall mounts are, there’s so much more than can be mounted including a Bluetooth soundbar or home theater speakers.

Heavy-duty Tilting Curved & Flat Panel TV Wall Mount for TV 37
Heavy-duty Tilting Curved & Flat Panel TV Wall Mount for TV 37″ to 70″ inch – PrimeCables®

Almost any speaker can be mounted. If you’re unhappy with the unbalanced appearance of having a screen mounted and your speakers down low, here are a few suggestions on how to improve your home entertainment look and mount your speakers.

Types of Speaker Mounts

Speaker mounts, like flat-screen TV mounts, come in different types. When looking at speaker mounts from sources like PrimeCables, explore the catalogue and consider the possibilities. Mounts are, thankfully, relatively inexpensive and can be positioned anywhere on the wall connected to studs.

Side Clamps Are Safe and Swivel

A popular type of speaker mount is the side clamp tilt and swivel mount. If your speakers are boxed, bulky, and are under fifty-five pounds, set them into the clamps and then adjust accordingly. The tilt-and-swivel function allows you to angle speakers the way you want. For inexperienced ears though, this may be something that’s too tempting.

Cheap Ceiling Speaker Mounts

If you think your wall might not be the right place to install home theater speakers, look to the ceiling. Ceiling speaker mounts allow you to mount satellite speakers from anywhere. Though mounts for the wall are often preferred, for those that want to get creative and with an accommodating ceiling, of course, this can be another way to create that immersive viewing experience you desire.

Bluetooth Soundbar Mounts

Bluetooth soundbars are growing in popularity, due to their ease of use and smartphone connectivity. Bluetooth soundbar mounts aren’t hard to come by anymore, connecting your speaker with your mounted flat-screen. There really isn’t a better way to enjoy high-quality Bluetooth soundbar audio than to do it from across a mount.

Speaker Floor Stands Are An Alternative

Unfortunately, not every wall is built to handle speaker mounts. You may also prefer something different. When in doubt, consider a height-adjustable speaker floor stand. Using this, your speakers aren’t stationary. You can move them around, adjust positioning and height, and achieve an optimized audio listening experience.

Surround Sound Speaker Mounts

When you aren’t just working with two speakers or a soundbar, mounting a set of surround speakers can become tiresome. Be sure to consider the alternatives available and whether a combination of mounts and stands are the better option than settling for just one.

There’s a real art to positioning speakers. Whether they sit on a table, stand, on a shelf, or are mounted to the wall or ceiling, the finished product should reflect your vision. For your home theater project, visit PrimeCables.ca today to see mounts and more.

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Benefits of Buying A Projector Over A Flat-Screen TV

Home theater is all about flat-screen TVs. Look to any vendor or retailer in home theater and entertainment systems, and they constantly hype the latest and greatest in 4K screens and all that.

The versatility of a projector and the advantages of buying a projector for a home theater alternative to a flat-screen are clear. The value is there in a big way, exceeding what many traditional TV screens can offer.

Screen Size

Flat-screens only have one screen size. Projectors have multiples. You can configure and adjust, depending on how many people are in the room and where you’re sitting. You can create a massive 40-inch or bigger screen or bring it down to something much, much smaller.

Any Surface Works

A home theater projector doesn’t need a projector screen to work. You can make it work with a bed sheet or even a white wall. All the tech is embedded in the projector hardware so a user simply has to aim it and let it do its’ thing.

A More Theatrical Atmosphere

Seeing something on a projector screen is like being at a movie theater. It really does create a more immersive entertainment experience and can be a unique point to make when inviting friends over to watch something.

More Eye Comfort

A high-quality projector in Canada actually is easier on the eyes than a flat-screen. Projectors deliver images based off reflective light as opposed to emitted light. The result is less eye strain watching a projector. You can watch for longer periods of time and not have to put your eyes through so much.

Cost-Per-Inch is Much Lower

Some projectors at the right distance can create 120-inch, 150-inch, and even 200-inch screens. Comparatively, to have a flat-screen do the same would be incredibly expensive. Even in contrasting the cost of a medium-to-large size average consumer flat-screen to a projector, you’re always going to find the projector to be way, way cheaper.

Compact And Portable

An underrated benefit of projectors is their compactness. They can be stored away when not in use. They can be taken to a friend’s place if you’re looking to have a big watch-along somewhere other than your home. The smallness of a projector also helps to maximize space, something which can be key in smaller rooms or condos where every inch matters.

A projector makes for a powerful way to enjoy your favourite series, films, sports, concerts, and more. They easily make for the most cinematic viewing available to any home theater. Find portable projectors, 4K projectors, and home theater projectors in Canada on sale from PrimeCables.ca.

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