7 Essential Home Theater Accessories to Upgrade Your TV Setup With

Movies, Netflix, documentaries, sports, and more. We use our home theater setups for a lot. Unfortunately, it can get old after awhile.

Instead of seeing what we have, we focus on what we don’t. Maybe your sound isn’t great. Maybe there’s not a whole lot left to watch. Maybe there are things you want to be able to do with your home theater system but you don’t have the equipment.

Budget-friendly home theater accessories from PrimeCables.ca can add a wealth of content, games, things to watch, and more.

If you’re unhappy with your home entertainment system, consider adding one or two of these accessories.


Mounts are the best way to watch a flat-screen. There are mounts for flat-screens, speakers, monitors, and plenty more. Lift your home theater equipment up and out of the way. Consider mounting as much as you can.

HDTV Antenna

A high-strength HDTV antenna can help bring in local programming from over-the-air signals. Despite all the benefits of streaming, one thing that the Internet has forgotten about in delivering content is how to bring in local stations. On top of the local component, an HDTV antenna is installable indoors or outdoors and can bring in as many as 20 free TV stations.

Cable Organizers

Sure, this isn’t as flashy as other home theater accessories on this list. That said, cable organizers are a must. Even with one device plugged in, you can have a lot of cables that don’t present well. Cable organizers include ties, hooks, loops, and cable management products. Create a unified, purposeful look that isn’t as sore on the eyes.

Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

Anyone looking to upgrade their home theater sound shouldn’t go straight for the biggest surround sound they can find. You get a lot more functionality from a wireless Bluetooth stereo soundbar. Included is a built-in subwoofer. Connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device with Bluetooth and play podcasts, music, and whatever you want in your home entertainment audio setup.

Ethernet Cables

Wireless Internet can fall short in many ways. The beauty, however, is that cabled Internet via Ethernet cables still exists. If you’re having issues with slow Internet, lagging, or disconnections, employ a wired Ethernet connection and see if the result is the same. Chances are, you’ll have faster, more reliable Internet.

X96 4K Android Smart TV Box

The X96 4K Android Smart TV box converts any screen into a smart TV and it does so instantly. Connect to content providers like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. 4K-capable, you can use it with an existing 4K flat-screen and not have to worry about quality.

Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A wireless multimedia keyboard is the one remote you’ll want to program and hang onto. A multimedia keyboard works with your TV, gaming consoles, PC devices, Android TV boxes, HD players, and more.

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