7 Work-From-Home Tips to Keep You Going This Fall

The routine of a regular work-from-home schedule can be stressful. If you’re still having days of struggling to adapt, here are some work-from-home tips to help you stay sane, focused, and productive.

Get Dressed

If you find you aren’t your usual work self, get into the habit of doing your normal work preparations.

Wake up, take a shower, make breakfast, and get dressed. All you’re doing is skipping the commute. This way, you’re training your brain to plug itself into ‘work mode’.

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Plan Out Your Day

Here is arguably the best work-from-home tip. Start your workday prepared. If you have Zoom calls, assignments, customer service work, and presentations to give, all these things have to be planned out.

Write out on a calendar your daily schedule. Ensure you aren’t missing anything and that you’re giving yourself enough time to get done what needs to get done. Buying a daily planner is recommended.

Measure Your Productivity

A way you can challenge yourself is by measuring the work you do. Take note of what you accomplish within an hour.

If you notice you are losing productivity because of something like listening to music, stop the listening. If you find the opposite to be true, you know to keep doing what you’re doing. Look at ways to increase your focus.

Take Small Breaks Frequently

When you’re working from home, you can’t just go and go and go. You need to take time to enjoy breaks.

The more fatigued you are, the worse your performance will be. Give yourself regular breaks. A quick five minutes here and there is enough to clear your head and keep your productivity numbers up.

When You Aren’t Working, You Aren’t Working

A big challenge many work-from-home employees face is not knowing how to shut down ‘work mode’.

This isn’t like going into the office and then going home. You’re relaxing and working in the same space. For this to work, you’ve got to completely walk away from work when you’re not on the clock. Step away, walk away, or cover it with a bedsheet. Whatever you have to do to unplug and get away from your work responsibilities.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Minimize distractions. Being uncomfortable is a distraction. Invest a little in creating the most comfortable workspace for you.

Consider an ergonomic height-adjustable desk, a comfortable computer chair, a desk monitor mount, and other accessories that could make a significant difference in your ability to work extended hours at home.

Ensure Your Internet Can Handle It

This blends with our last tip. The tech you use to work from home should be able to handle everything you’re putting it through.

This might mean buying Ethernet cables for faster internet, getting a 1080P webcam for high-quality video, and more. Small changes to your work-from-home tech equipment can make it easier to work without interruption.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

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