Why Are the Best Monitor Mounts in Canada on the Uptick And Trending on Instagram

Some office desks and computer desks simply do not have enough space.

It is frustrating watching your desk be covered with everything from paperwork to computer speakers, hard drives, organization and storage products, and needed accessories.

Monitors often take up more space than they need to. The popularity of monitor mounts in Canada has risen significantly based on the need to somehow create more desktop space.

Equipping home offices, gaming stations, and desks with an upgrade on function and appearance, there are more than a couple of reasons to consider buying a monitor mount.

Add Motion

Though not every monitor desk mount is built the same, one subcategory is full-motion monitor mounts.

This gives you the ability to angle your monitor in a way that isn’t normally possible. See features like swivels, tilts, and 360-degree rotation.

The ‘Ergonomic Choice’

Ergonomic office builds are trending in a big way on Instagram, Twitter, and social media.

Ergonomics is the practice of accommodating the body’s natural posture and reducing the everyday aches that come through activities like prolonged sitting, craning our necks, and straining our eyes.

A monitor mount lifts the monitor up to eye-level which reduces pressure on one’s neck, eyes, shoulders, and upper back.

Increase Productivity

When you go out running barefoot, you can’t run as far as you’d be able to with proper running footwear. The stress put on barefoot creates conditions where you aren’t as efficient a performer.

The same dynamic occurs when you have to unknowingly strain your body over the course of hours at the same workstation.

A computer monitor mount which positions screens at the correct level reduces stressors and allows you to work longer, more comfortably, and more effectively.

An Instagram-Friendly Look

A big reason why things trend is because of the way they look.

The function a mount brings is advantageous but they also look inspired, smart, modern, and minimalist-inspired.

For those who adore organization and decluttering, ergonomic accessories like a monitor mount give you inspiration in a clean workspace you don’t need to dread coming to on any given day.

Customize Your Desk

Monitor mounts aren’t just made for single monitors.

There are dual monitor desk mounts, triple monitor desk mounts, and even designs carrying up to six.

If you’ve always wanted to expand your visual space but have been afraid to add another due to a lack of space, now you can.

The difference a monitor mount can make in your day-to-day is significant. They protect your health, well-being, and give you the ability to enjoy what’s around you without being bogged down by disorganization and clutter. Buy the best monitor mounts in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

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Where to Buy USB-C to HDMI Adapters in Canada

Do they make USB to HDMI adapters – yes, they do and we have them at PrimeCables.ca.

Why USB and HDMI

USB and HDMI are the two most common standards in consumer cables today, each advantageous in their own right.

USB cables are used in everything from smartphones to virtually every mobile device.

HDMI cables are also very common and used in home theater favourites, from smart TV boxes and flat-screens to HDTV antennas, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, TIVOs, and all sorts of entertainment delivery systems.

USB or HDMI, Which One is Better?

USB and HDMI are made for two very different reasons. USB is a standard designed to sync and charge.

HDMI does not fulfill the same job and is not used to sync nor charge any device. It isn’t a cable capable of doing so.

HDMI was designed as the ultimate cable over which one can transfer video and audio signals. HDMI replaced the once-familiar RCA cables behind TV sets and not only simplified the large amount of cables that would have to be used for home theater systems but also, increased the quality of picture and sound so much. There are even 4K HDMI cables and above. Admittedly, two very different purposes between HDMI and USB.

Why A USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Why you might need a USB-to-HDMI adapter is because not every input is correctly sized to the device you want to plug in.

Consul Series USB-C HDMI Adapter
Consul Series USB-C HDMI Adapter

This has long been common in all sorts of electronics which is why adapters suit such a wide array of purposes.

One of the best USB-C to HDMI adapter comes from the Monoprice brand. Behind a quality, aluminum-made body and compact design is 4K video capability and 60Hz resolution. It’s as simple as plug-and-play.

When you’re using an adapter like this, you expand what you can do. Do you want to connect an external HDMI 4K display to your laptop – you can now through your USB-C port.

Do you want to expand your desktop screen area – you can do that as well.

Where to Buy USB-C to HDMI Adapters in Canada

There’s only one place that specializes in USB cables, HDMI cables, home theater cables, and adapters. That’s PrimeCables.ca.

When you’re looking for USB-to-HDMI adapters, dongles, home theater adapters, USB hubs, accessories, and other home theater favourites, visit PrimeCables.ca. You can do so much more than your ports and inputs will allow with the right adapters at your side. A great option for consumers stuck with one or the other, pick up this reversible USB-to-HDMI adapter in Canada today.

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Trendy Bluetooth Accessories for Home, Work, And Traveling

Bluetooth is everywhere these days. It’s in our phones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and more.

Bluetooth is also impressively playing a role in Canada’s ongoing effort to do contract tracing managing the spread of COVID-19.

On a less serious note, here are some Bluetooth accessories that are sure to inspire and impress. Though admittedly a little on the basic side, if you love Bluetooth audio and listening to music or podcasts, try these products on for size.

Retro Bluetooth Radio

A walnut vintage red FM-style radio never looked so good. Fashioned like the days of old, this portable retro Bluetooth radio can be used for listening to music or the radio. This is perfect for late-night study sessions or hanging out with friends. It’s also a decent upgrade from a tiny smartphone speaker.

True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Cheap Bluetooth earbuds with the wire between them are available and they’re pretty ok. For true wireless Bluetooth earbuds though, you’ve got to spend a little more. What you get in return though is the best quality sound Bluetooth can buy. Listen to music or podcasts while you work out, travel for work, or around the house. You won’t ever have to worry about a wire getting caught on something again.

Bluetooth Home Theater Speakers

The Bluetooth home theater category is very broad. Though many types of speakers exist, the popular options that most homeowners prefer is there a desktop-style Bluetooth multimedia speaker and subwoofer set which is great for computers or small home theater setups.

Bluetooth Soundbars

The alternative to a full set of speakers – which is great if you want to save space – is a wireless Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer. Both are great options for anyone who enjoys home entertainment a la Netflix, movies, binging, etc.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control

Sometimes, it can be hard getting the perfect selfie or the perfect image from your smartphone camera. A Bluetooth wireless remote control gives you the chance to take a photo without a touchscreen. Just press the button with your thumb. Set up the camera, wait for the right pose, and take. It’s that easy. It all works through Bluetooth.

1MM Extra Thin Silicone Bluetooth Earbuds Case

As expensive as they can be, you don’t want to have to replace your Bluetooth earbuds from damage. For the best scratch and fall protection, get 360-degree protection with this extra thin Bluetooth earbuds case.

Enjoy your smartphone in a whole new way. If you’re not tapping into Bluetooth yet, see what works. There’s something in it for everybody. Find discounts on Bluetooth accessories in Canada today from PrimeCables.ca.

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How-to Guide on TV Wall Mounts For Your Flat-Screen And Home Theater System

The best TV wall mount is that which suits the environment it’s being set in. Give your TV a positioning that’s theatrical, ergonomic, and optimized to the room while freeing up space. Choosing a mount is made easy with this how-to guide. Are you ready – here we go.

Why You May Want A TV Wall Mount

A TV wall mount does a lot for a home theater space. It frees up unnecessary space use. It becomes easier to get yourself invested and immersed in content you watch on a mounted screen. You can angle your flat-screen to avoid glare from lamps and natural light.

Step 1 – Look At Your Flat-Screen’s Specifications

Every flat-screen only has a certain type of TV wall mount to match it. Write down its VESA specifications, dimensions, and weight. These three things will guide your purchase. VESA specifications refer to the holes in the back of the screen’s design. These holes are how a flat-screen comes to be mounted. Every TV wall mount specifies how much weight it can handle, dimensions, and specifications.

Step 2 – What Kind of TV Wall Mount Do You Want?

There’s a TV wall mount for all sorts of circumstances and home theater arrangements.

  • If luxury is your objective, there are all sorts of impressively-built wall mounts out there.
  • There are also heavy-duty TV ceiling mounts to hang down from above if you have the stability there.
  • A lack of space in your home theater room might mean you want an ultra-slim basic TV mount that is flush with the wall. Though you can have some range of motion here, inexpensive basic mounts are focused on getting your screen up and secure more than anything.
  • A full-motion TV wall mount provides the maximum amount of movement. Beyond an adjustment in the angle, you can often use an arm to pull and position your screen in different positions depending on where one is seated in the room watching.
  • A pivoting TV wall mount articulating arm may work better in some spaces. For smaller screens, being able to swivel it in and out depending on what’s going on can be very advantageous.

Step 3 – Consider the Rest of Your Home Theater Design

A TV wall mount can completely change around the way a home theater looks. A common purchase homeowners make alongside a wall mount for their TV are mounted soundbars or speaker mounts. Consider how you will position other items a la gaming consoles, Android boxes, and other connected devices.

Step 4 – Find Studs in the Wall Using A Stud Finder

You don’t want gravity to bring your screen crashing down due to improper installation. The recommended and most reliable way to secure your flat-screen wall mount is through studs. Ensure you’re not hanging the weight of everything somewhere that’s likely to result in damage.

Step 5 – Complete the Installation

Once you have your studs found and marked on the wall, the rest of the installation is very straightforward. Follow the instructions. A TV wall mount installation often takes no more than a couple of minutes. Once done, test the mount to ensure everything is safe and secure before attaching your screen. It’s that easy!

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7 Essential Home Theater Accessories to Upgrade Your TV Setup With

Movies, Netflix, documentaries, sports, and more. We use our home theater setups for a lot. Unfortunately, it can get old after awhile.

Instead of seeing what we have, we focus on what we don’t. Maybe your sound isn’t great. Maybe there’s not a whole lot left to watch. Maybe there are things you want to be able to do with your home theater system but you don’t have the equipment.

Budget-friendly home theater accessories from PrimeCables.ca can add a wealth of content, games, things to watch, and more.

If you’re unhappy with your home entertainment system, consider adding one or two of these accessories.


Mounts are the best way to watch a flat-screen. There are mounts for flat-screens, speakers, monitors, and plenty more. Lift your home theater equipment up and out of the way. Consider mounting as much as you can.

HDTV Antenna

A high-strength HDTV antenna can help bring in local programming from over-the-air signals. Despite all the benefits of streaming, one thing that the Internet has forgotten about in delivering content is how to bring in local stations. On top of the local component, an HDTV antenna is installable indoors or outdoors and can bring in as many as 20 free TV stations.

Cable Organizers

Sure, this isn’t as flashy as other home theater accessories on this list. That said, cable organizers are a must. Even with one device plugged in, you can have a lot of cables that don’t present well. Cable organizers include ties, hooks, loops, and cable management products. Create a unified, purposeful look that isn’t as sore on the eyes.

Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar

Anyone looking to upgrade their home theater sound shouldn’t go straight for the biggest surround sound they can find. You get a lot more functionality from a wireless Bluetooth stereo soundbar. Included is a built-in subwoofer. Connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device with Bluetooth and play podcasts, music, and whatever you want in your home entertainment audio setup.

Ethernet Cables

Wireless Internet can fall short in many ways. The beauty, however, is that cabled Internet via Ethernet cables still exists. If you’re having issues with slow Internet, lagging, or disconnections, employ a wired Ethernet connection and see if the result is the same. Chances are, you’ll have faster, more reliable Internet.

X96 4K Android Smart TV Box

The X96 4K Android Smart TV box converts any screen into a smart TV and it does so instantly. Connect to content providers like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. 4K-capable, you can use it with an existing 4K flat-screen and not have to worry about quality.

Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A wireless multimedia keyboard is the one remote you’ll want to program and hang onto. A multimedia keyboard works with your TV, gaming consoles, PC devices, Android TV boxes, HD players, and more.