See the Cheapest High-Quality Speakers in Canada for Bluetooth and Home Theater Use

Bluetooth v. surround sound. A lot of homeowners seesaw back and forth in the affordable speaker category between these two.

While adopting Bluetooth provides a lot of added functionality, nothing beats the sound quality of wired surround sound speaker sets.

On this speaker showdown, we’re showing off Canada’s cheapest speakers. Though low-cost, every option on this page offers a high-quality build and has the capacity to give far more expensive speakers a run for their money on performance.

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PC USB-Powered Speaker Set – $17.99

The best speaker set in Canada for laptops and desktop computers is the PC USB-powered speaker set. Adopt an upgraded sound at an affordable price for your laptop and listen to improved sound quality on your favourite music.

2.1 Stereo-Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – $28.99

A great speaker set for PCs, smartphones, and portable 3.5mm devices, you don’t need Bluetooth. Just plug in and play. The 2.1 stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set will do the rest. Achieve the best sound without overspending on speakers you don’t need.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $27.99

Taking a speaker with you on your travels, the best option is always going to be a portable Bluetooth speaker. Fully waterproof, you can take this one by the pool with you and don’t be afraid of getting it a little wet.

2-Way Bookshelf Speakers – $65.99

Try these on for size. A pair of 2-way bookshelf speakers are small at 6.5 inches but the sound quality’s astoundingly good. Fitted for any office, dorm room, apartment, or small living room, you’re covering all the bases with a well-tuned soundscape ready to be used in this high-performance speaker pair.

Bluetooth Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer – $91.99

Even though this is a list of cheap high-quality speakers in Canada, we get that sometimes Bluetooth is worth a little extra. A stereo Bluetooth soundbar with wired subwoofer costs a little more but equips your home theater system with the ability to pair with devices like tablets, smartphones, and other devices with ease.

5.1 Channel Speakers and Subwoofer – $239.99

Combining quality with reduced pricing, the ultimate surround sound high-fidelity home theater speaker in Canada has got to be the 5.1 channel speakers and subwoofer. Although you don’t have Bluetooth with this one, this is the best sound quality for under $300 on the market. This is high-end meets low-cost with a strong affordability rating and long-lasting performance ready to kick in.

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