Where You Can Buy in Canada Work-From-Home Office Furniture You Forgot You Needed

A remote work-from-home situation relies heavily on the furniture and equipment around us.

Unfortunately, an employer cannot provide an employee with everything they need to be comfortable and productive working from home.

For that, it’s on us. It’s on the people working from home most days to provide their households the funds needed to make it through another month.

If you visit a Walmart, IKEA, Best Buy, or Staples, you’ll see a lot of work-from-home office furniture has been sold out. What hasn’t is often available at high prices just because the demand’s increased to such an extreme degree.

Fortunately, you can buy work-from-home essentials at a fair price from PrimeCables.ca and receive them at your doorstep contact-free.

What Work-From-Home Office Furniture Do You Need?

  • A desk. We all need a high-quality professional-grade desk to work from. A height-adjustable desk is what we always recommend as this provides a way to maximize comfortability throughout the workday.
  • A multi-outlet surge protector is a key essential for working from home. If you don’t already, you will have multiple cables that need somewhere to be plugged. A high-quality surge protector a purchase that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • A glass tabletop riser or a single monitor mount lifts your screen and creates more space on your desk.

What Work-From-Home Accessories Could You Be Forgetting?

  • A height-adjustable laptop desk allows you to work in bed, on the couch, or almost anywhere. If you don’t have a dedicated workstation or occasionally work elsewhere, take with you this portable laptop bed table.
  • USB cables make it easy to charge your devices while you work. There are also USB hubs wherein you can connect multiple devices to your computer, should you be using a number of hard drives.
  • Bluetooth earbuds or a computer speaker system is a work-from-home accessory often ignored. Though not a necessity, wearing earbuds make it easier to listen to music or communicate with customers or co-workers during a Zoom call. Alternatively, you may decide a multimedia speaker system is more advantageous to you.

This is just a little glimpse into where to start. For a lot of us working from home is something new. You may discover you need other things a la 1080p HD webcams, new computer monitors, mounts, cables, adapters, and more. You can find it all at PrimeCables.ca.

When it comes to COVID-19 work from home schedules, PrimeCables.ca has been a major resource for Canadians all over the map. If you’re scrambling to upgrade or buy new home office equipment, simply drop in to our marketplace and locate everything you need for a basic furniture setup.

Photo by Max Andrey on Unsplash

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