Why A Curved Monitor is Better than a Flat Monitor

A monitor is a top piece of tech. For work-from-home offices to gamers, the monitor you have impacts how much you enjoy what you do.

A curved monitor is ideal for gaming and activities requiring strong, deep visuals. It is so much more than this though. There’s a lot more to the features of a curved monitor and its overall presentation.

Exceeding the tech in flat monitors, here’s why a curved monitor is better – in most cases – than any similar flat monitor.

They Replicate Real-Life

Curved monitors are often advertised with the tag of being ‘more immersive’. This is because they’re replicating real-life ocular perception. It makes you feel as if you’re there. In duplicating length, width, and height, it’s a more realistic visual than an image that is completely flat.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 

Reduced Eye Strain

We don’t realize how much we put our eyes through when we’re seated in front of a monitor. Straining our eyes is a common side effect of this activity. Due to a modified field-of-view, the curving of the visual means less straining and a more healthy experience all-around.

Less Blurriness

When you enlarge an image, you get distortion and blurriness particularly at the edges. At least, when it’s flat. Using a curved 1080p monitor, you have far less distortion. This is because a flat monitor shows the image in a straight line. Curved screens have a different shape and will manipulate the image around the distortions that would normally present.

A Wider Field of View

Curved monitors direct light from all angles at the viewer’s eye as opposed to a flat monitor blasting everything at once. This creates a larger field of view and is why a curved monitor naturally feels larger.

They Can Be Mounted

A big complaint early on of curved HDTV monitors is that their shape made them difficult to use with a wall mount. This isn’t the case so much anymore. There are specific types of wall mounts made for curved monitors. They work exceptionally well.

Why Curved Monitors Are Better

This isn’t all to say that flat monitors are useless. They aren’t. Flat-screens are great. In a lot of comparisons though, curved monitors are better. Curved monitors offer precision, accuracy, refresh rates, and an image response time that flat monitors can’t.

Prices have also come down on curved monitors in the past couple of years. $100s have come off the price since they came to market. Find high-quality curved monitors in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

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