What’s the Easiest Way to Watch My Tablet in Bed At Night

Lying in bed, it’s not always easy watching videos on your iPad or tablet. Usually propped up against a pillow, if you shift in bed, the screen shifts with you. Adjusting your position to get comfortable suddenly creates work for you.

Try A Tablet Mount for Your Bed

A tablet mount lifts your tablet off your mattress which allows you to move around without affecting your screen position.

Flexible Gooseneck Holder Bracket

You can set it up where your optimum vantage point is. Hitch your tablet to the mount bracket and you’re done.

This is also a great setup if you happen to have multiple people watching the same screen.

Benefits of a Tablet Mount

A tablet mount doesn’t have to fit to your bed. You can set up your mount anywhere, from the couch to the backseat.

The gooseneck holder is also very flexible which allows for easy adjustments depending on the viewing angle.

The biggest advantage to a portable tablet mount is perhaps how it frees up your hands. Affordably priced, if you watch videos on your tablet or iPad regularly and especially in bed, consider a mount.

From an ergonomic standpoint, it will give you the chance to relax without contorting into numerous positions trying to accommodate the best angle to watch a video from.

Can A Tablet Holder Also Hold Phones?

Yes, the adjustable kind can. A PrimeCables.ca tablet holder, for example, can adapt to successfully mount smartphones and similarly sized screens.

You have lots of compatibility both in viewing angle and style, and with what it can hold.

Once the device is securely in the bracket, rest assured that it is in there firmly and shouldn’t experience any sort of damage from a fall.

Other Accessories to Similar To A Tablet Mount

While you’re shopping for a tablet mount, you may consider similar accessories to pair with it.

  • A smartphone car mount is great for getting GPS directions, navigating phone calls, and to ensure you maintain hands-free, distraction-less driving while in commute or running errands.
  • A height-adjustable laptop table is typically used to work in bed, however, it’s also an optimum place to put a plate of food or snacks to enjoy while you watch something on your tablet mount.

Get all these accessories, including tablet mounts in Canada, from PrimeCables.ca.

What is the Best Projector for Home Theater And Media Setups

Even on sale, a large flat-screen is going to cost you big-time. A WiFi projector in comparison is $100s less.

A projector may not seem like a reasonable way to watch TV, films, sports, and more. More households though are making the switch.

The result is a more cinematic and immersive viewing experience. You create your own entertainment screen, adjustable to the size you want and all made possible with a WiFi Bluetooth projector.

What is the Picture Quality on a Projector?

Projectors have come a long way from the ones used in schools. A home theater projector is different.

This type of projector prioritizes picture quality with up to 1080p high-definition images and a screen size up to 100 inches.

Connected through your WiFi and/or Bluetooth, a projector like this makes playing something through a mobile device or laptop easy.

What is the Best Home Theater Projector?

There are a lot of amazing home theater projectors out there, however, many are on the expensive side.

The PrimeCables.ca mini projector is under $500, comes with fast, free shipping, and has many features.

1080P Wi-Fi Mini Projector 

The model itself is small enough to be portable and can sit on your coffee table, without resembling the type of projector most of us think about when we visualize what a projector is.

It’s amazing you can get a 100-inch HD image from such a tiny projector. It’s only 14.6 cm tall!

What Features Should You Look For On A Projector?

Like flat-screens, every projector is different and comes with its own list of specs.

From a home theater perspective, of course, you want to ensure your projector has HD image quality and is usable with any existing equipment you have.

The PrimeCables.ca home theater projector has some additional advantages, such as touch screen control, Dolby Digital audio built-in speakers, 5G dual-band WiFi with signal interference resistance, and compatibility with TVs, laptops, PCs, PS4s, HDMI cables, and USB cables.

Any of these details may stand out as a necessity, depending on what you want your user experience to be.

Find a projector that speaks to your unique needs and that will match your overall home entertainment use.

Movie theaters may be closed but this doesn’t mean we all have to be stuck at home without anything to do. Create your own movie theater. The rich, vibrant colors from a high-quality HD projector is more than enough to get you there. Picture quality is the holy grail in home entertainment. Don’t shop a cheap model. Get a high-quality home theater projector on sale from PrimeCables.ca.

What You Need to Start A YouTube Vlog

Do you want to start a YouTube channel – it’s easier than ever to do so.

Look at your favourite YouTubers. Chances are, they’re probably using $1,000s in video equipment. And it’s true. At a certain point, investing $1,000s might be worth it. To start though, getting set up is so simple.

Here is how to start a YouTube channel. This is the equipment you need, whether you’re a musician, beauty vlogger, or political commentator.


Your most expensive asset – and rightfully so – is your video camera.

Once again, there are cameras out there worth $1,000s. They work extremely well. Do you need that expense to see success on YouTube though – absolutely not.

A 1080p HD video webcam that’s USB plug-and-play costs less than $35 and captures high-definition video. It’s all you need. Ensure it’s focused and capturing the right angle, and that’s everything you need in a YouTube camera.

Ring Light

A ring light is the most common form of lighting for YouTubers and vloggers.

Ring lights are catchlights that resonate in the eyes and eliminates shadows on the face. Chances are, you’ve seen them used before though may not have known it.

A high-quality light creates an attractive visual. Lighting of some kind is needed when shooting video, from YouTube to Hollywood films. They all use lights. Why a YouTube ring light works is because the light produced is soft and direct. A subject is evenly lit from all directions.

Desktop Selfie 10”

Adjustable Tripod

You need some place to set your camera and lighting. Without a tripod, it’s going to be a compromise.

An adjustable tripod stand gives you some place to put your equipment and direct it as it’s needed. In terms of taking selfies, doing makeup videos, live streaming, doing live music performance videos, and similar things, an adjustable tripod makes it so much easier. It’s also thankfully not that expensive.


Lastly, there’s your microphone. Once you have your video and lighting set, a professional condenser microphone for YouTube is what you want to look for.

A condenser is great for capturing high-quality audio and is a far better microphone than what your smartphone or laptop can offer.

An additional accessory you may want to pick up for your microphone is a professional-grade recording microphone stand and pop filter. This can be attached to the edge of your desk. Identical to what an adjustable tripod does for lighting and video, a microphone arm like this allows you to target the audio capture in the same way.

Anyone can have a YouTube channel. If you’re thinking about shooting a YouTube video, nothing’s stopping you. Pick up all these YouTube essentials at PrimeCables.ca.

How to Work in Bed With Your Laptop and Stay Comfortable

Sometimes a table and a chair just aren’t good enough. If you work from home and have a laptop, fortunately, you have options.

The bed can seem like the most comfortable place to work on some days. Even in bed, aches and pains can present.

If you’re going to work from bed, you need the right approach. Here’s where to get started.

A Laptop Table

Most people will sit their laptops on their laps. This isn’t the most ergonomic approach and will cause aches.

You may not notice it in the moment but afterwards, you may have a sore neck, sore back, shoulder pain, and more.

Invest in a height-adjustable laptop table. A high-quality model provides a table at an appropriate height where you can sit up and work. This puts your wrist and hands where you want them and keeps your posture strong.

Stretch Every Hour

Any position you maintain without change for an extended period is going to cause aches.

Stretching, getting up and moving around, and even going to get a sip of water reduces inconvenient pain you may have to deal with after work.

Adjust Your Mindset

The biggest challenge to working from bed is not only getting into a position but also concentrating.

We associate bed with sleep and relaxation. That’s why, if you track your productivity, most of the time you will find that you do less work in bed than you do at a desk.

How to work in bed, therefore, has to involve getting in the right mindset.

Adjustable Portable Standing Desk Laptop Bed Table

Work Mode ‘On’ and ‘Off’

Have a ‘work mode’. Decorate the space around you like you would a workspace. Trick your brain into thinking it’s time to work.

Just like you would when you work from home out of bed, you need an ‘off switch’. A clear separation between home and work will prevent you from feeling you’re always at work. Your mental health relies on this.

You may want to have things you do when you’re about to work, such as light a candle, have coffee, or something similar. This gets you in the mood for work.

Similarly, when you get done working, consider a routine you can use and pack away your workspace.

A person can successfully work from bed with the right workspace accessories. An adjustable portable laptop bed table is a starting point. At minimum, have that. This way, you set up your posture in a way that’s ergonomic and safe for the long-term. If you love to work in bed, PrimeCables.ca is a site with the workspace accessories to help.

7 Media Streaming Accessories to Make Your Home Theater Extra Special!

Modern home theater systems are built around not only traditional TV but also Internet and streaming.

Media streaming opens up your entertainment possibilities to hundreds of millions of hours of content across platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu.

If you aren’t sure if you’re happy with your home theater setup, here are 7 media streaming accessories that might help you decide.

Bluetooth Soundbar

For years, surround sound systems were where it was at with home theater speakers. Now, it’s Bluetooth soundbars with built-in subwoofers.

Via Bluetooth, they are more than your average speakers. Connect your smartphone to them. Play your favourite playlists. Use them for media when you want. They also save a ton of space and with no discernible compromise on sound quality.


Mounts won’t do anything to help you stream but they sure help impact the overall viewing experience in a home theater system.

There are, of course, TV wall mounts. These are most popular. You can buy a mount for almost anything home theater-related. For example, if you have a Bluetooth soundbar, try university soundbar brackets.

4K Wireless Display Dongle

A 4K WiFi Miracast Dongle gives you the chance to cast video and mirror screens from your smartphone to your flat-screen.

You may already be able to do this with your existing flat-screen or media player but if you can’t, a dongle will connect via USB and can be moved between screens with ease.

Android Smart TV Box

You can’t do media streaming without a media player. Some TVs have media players built-in. Others don’t.

If your flat-screen doesn’t have a way to stream Internet content, consider an Android smart TV box.

Mini Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

A wireless multimedia keyboard connects to your TV, PC, Android box, gaming consoles, and Internet. It acts as a single remote you can use across all of your unique devices.

If your entertainment room has two or three remotes, consolidating everything into a single keyboard is super easy.

USB LED Strip Lights

USB LED strip lights line the back of your flat-screen and provide decorative lighting.

USB LED Strip Lights with RF Remote Control 

The advantages of using strip lights like this is that they can help relieve eye fatigue and improve perceived image clarity. If you’re looking for behind-the-TV lights you can help create a mood with, try these.

Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna

What does an antenna have to do with streaming – well, actually, a lot.

Media streaming has content from all over the world. It lacks, however, in live TV and local content. An indoor HDTV antenna is easy to set up and might just net you some of your favourite TV shows in real-time. No cable subscription needed.

Find all these media streaming accessories and more from PrimeCables.ca. Upgrade your entertainment setup and create the home theater of your dreams!

Is Your Phone Charging Slow – Switch to A Fast-Charging USB Cable Today

A slow-charging phone. Yuck. Nobody wants that. Even some new USB cables can seem to charge endlessly with no way they’re going to ever allow your smartphone to reach 100%. Unfortunately, we’ve all had this experience. It’s no fun.

There are fast-charging USB cables out there. They aren’t the ones that come in the box with any smartphone. You do have to look for them. That said, once you have one, you’ll be so happy when it comes time to charge your smartphone.

If you don’t know what to look for in a USB cable, let us share a few details of how we at PrimeCables.ca evaluate them.

USB Type-C Standard

There are a lot of different types of USB cables available – USB 2.0, USB 3.0, etc. What you’re searching for is a cable labelled as USB Type-C or simply ‘USB-C’.

There are a lot of characteristics of USB Type-C cables, such as reversible connectors. What’s central to the USB-C standard is that it is fast charging. Upgrading from regular USB to USB-C is a big jump in speed.

USB-C Adapter

USB Type-C is used to charge large devices like laptops and tablets. USB-C can deliver up to 100 watts of power at 20 volts. It not only charges the device it is plugged into but its power also optimizes data transfer. You can exchange files, music, video, and pictures quicker than ever.

Is A Thicker USB Cable Faster?

They may thick USB cables although a lot of the demand is for thin, lightweight cables.

Thickness and weight don’t equate to quality of the USB cable. If you have pets or are concerned about thickness though, a Nylon-braided USB cable is the best quality you can buy. It won’t impact the speed of the cable but it will protect the components inside.

It’s also worth noting that any braided USB cable is a decent sign that it’s a good quality cable. There are some cheap makers of USB cables out in the world and they’re focused on low-cost cables. Braiding a cable isn’t cheap.

Buy From A Trusted Source

Even if a cable says ‘fast-charging’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. There are knock-offs on the market. Always buy from an established brand.

Assuming you’re buying from a source you know, if it says ‘fast-charging’, you can rely on it being true.

PrimeCables.ca is the top USB cable store in Canada. If you’re charging at a slow speed, get a better deal. USB Type-C cables, metal-braided USB cables, Nylon-braided cables, and more can be found on sale today in our store. Get your fast-charging USB connection right now!

How to Connect Your Laptop to Another Screen, Monitor, or Display

How to connect your laptop to another display is a complicated question. More of us are searching for a way to do this, either to aid in working or studying from home and setting up information on multiple displays or to show something on your home theater TV screen.

The good thing about this question is that any laptop bought within the last decade has the capacity to connect to a monitor.

How to connect your laptop to another screen starts with figuring out what cable type you will need.

You may require an HDMI, USB-C cable with Thunderbolt, DisplayPort, or Mini DisplayPort. All of these cables are available from PrimeCables.ca, fortunately. If it’s an older computer, it might require a VGA or DVI cable.

You will have to check both devices – the laptop and the other display to make sure you have connectors for both. For example, most modern screens and displays use either HDMI or DisplayPort. If your laptop is sending the signal out through another standard, a converter or adapter may be needed to get a signal from the laptop to the screen.

High Speed HDMI Cable A to Mini C 28AWG Gold Plated Connectors 3Ft – PrimeCables®

Browsing the different cable types, you will find combination cables like USB-C to DisplayPort cables.

If you can, make it easy on yourself. Use the same standard on both ends. The most common is likely an HDMI cable. If you can connect your laptop to your screen through a simple HDMI connection, you’re golden.

What To Do In Your Laptop to Connect it to Another Display

Once you connect the cable from the laptop to the display, it may auto-recognize it. If it doesn’t, you might need to do some configurations in your Windows operating system to recognize the secondary screen.

This is where things get a little more complicated. Every version of Windows has a slightly different way of going about enabling a second display. Fortunately, they all follow roughly the same pattern.

  1. Go into your Start Menu and select ‘Settings’.
  • Under Windows Settings, select ‘System’ which should include Display, Sound, Notifications, and Power.
  • Under ‘Display’, choose ‘Detect’. This will scan connections for a second monitor.
  • Choose ‘Identify’ to define which one will be the primary monitor and which one the secondary.

You’re done! It’s that easy. Though it can take some Googling and guesswork, as long as you have the right laptop cable, it should be smooth sailing.

For high-quality laptop cables in Canada, find them at PrimeCables.ca. We have HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, Mini DisplayPort, adapters, and more. We guarantee, if there’s a cable available to connect your laptop to a second screen, we have it! Check yours out today.

Comparing Quality Between HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA Cables

Here is everything you need to know about HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA cables.

Depending on what year your product was manufactured in and what performance you’re searching for, any of these cables could be the right choice for you.

Each cable is based off industry-leading connection technology. Here are the differences between each connector.

VGA Cables

VGA cables, aka Video Graphics Array, are an older standard.

High Quality DVI-D Digital Dual Link Cable 6FT- Black (28AWG Gold Plated)

VGA uses a 15-pin connector, based in analog technology as opposed to digital. In fact, they are among the oldest video cables you will find still on the market.

If you’re looking for the best video quality, you wouldn’t normally use VGA. The only reason to is if you’re working with a device where there’s no other option but to use a cable of this standard. Some may choose to search out a VGA adapter in its place.

VGA has been mainly replaced with DVI cables, however, that doesn’t mean VGAs don’t have their place.

Some products still use VGA connectors, including older CRT monitors, projectors, and other hardware.

DVI Cables

DVI cables, aka Digital Visual Interface, was developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is a precursor to today’s HDMI cables.

DVI technology uses a 29-pin connector, is capable of handling both analog and digital signals, and is backward-compatible with VGA connectors which makes it a very diverse type of computer cable.

DVI cables don’t work as well over long distances, however, over shorter distances they’re a superior choice.

Unfortunately, DVI as a standard is non-existent in today’s products but is still used in older hardware.

HDMI Cables

HDMI, aka High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is the most popular cable used today on televisions, Android boxes, gaming consoles, and video.

Inside an HDMI cable is a 19-pin plug. Plugging it in is easy. Over time, new versions with more advanced technology have come out under the banner of HDMI.

First released in 2002, then HDMI was very similar to DVI in video quality. Since then, we’ve gone from HDMI 1.0 to HDMI 2.1 cables which were released in 2017 and have 4K capability and beyond.

HDMI cables have done a great job at building something that’s largely future-proof in many ways.

DisplayPort Cables

DisplayPort cables are computer-based. First released in 2006, it was comparable and also compatible with HDMI and DVI connectors.

DisplayPort has developed to be the ultimate AV interface for computer monitors, with a 20-pin connector and the ability to run multiple screens through a single connection – something an HDMI cable cannot do.

Though not as popular as HDMI, when it comes to computer connections, DisplayPort is the preferred choice.

Catch all these cables from a single marketplace. Shop what you need. For DVI, VGA, HDMI cables, and DisplayPort cables on sale in Canada, visit PrimeCables.ca today.

Car Accessories to Make Your Drive to Work and Errands A Little More Fun

A vehicle used to be a far more common product than it is today. Every family and household had one.

Unfortunately, due to rising living costs and environmental standards, among other reasons, the majority of people don’t own a vehicle.

The fortunate who do, however, have the luxury of running errands, going to work, and taking road trips any time they want.

If you’re in the latter, there are a few car accessories we think are worth a buy. To anyone with a license actually, there’s probably at least a few products on this list that merit consideration. Spending time in a car just got a little more fun.


A dashcam is used to record the action in and around your vehicle. A great product for this is Cansonic’s Camcoder CDV280. Capture 720p HD video in a wide-angle lens with 270-degree rotation, an anti-shake design, and support for external GPS logging.

Cansonic Camcoder CDV280

USB Car Charger

New cars have built-in USB ports. Older vehicles do not. This doesn’t mean you can’t charge a smartphone or mobile device though. A USB car charger plugs into your dashboard and allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Bluetooth Transmitter for Car

A Bluetooth transmitter for a car upgrades your vehicle to give you the chance to transmit Bluetooth signals to your speakers. Simply tune the transmitter to an FM radio signal of your choosing and then connect the Bluetooth to your smartphone. Anything you play comes out of your speakers.

Smartphone Car Mount

Drive safely. Do so with a smartphone car mount. Position your phone at eye level and make it easy on yourself if you need to answer a call, skip a song in your playlist, or follow your journey on Google Maps.

Portable Car Jump Starter

In an emergency situation where your car battery dies, you don’t always have another vehicle there to connect booster cables to and get you on your way. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait. Equip yourself for the ‘worst-case scenario’ with a 10,000mAh portable car jump starter. Use it to connect to your battery and jump-start it in an emergency or, alternatively, use it as a phone charger.

Portable Tire Inflator And Air Compressor

If you need a boost to a flat tire while out on the road, take out your portable tire inflator and instantly, you’re good to go. Again, you have to prepare for the worst. If you’re ready, should anything go down, you know exactly what to do.

Car accessories like these are both fun and practical. Get them today from PrimeCables.ca. Make your drives that much more entertaining to you and your passengers, and include some safety picks in there as well. Check out these products and more at PrimeCables.ca today.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use A TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

A flat-screen can be quite large. Even a modest 32” screen is still going to take up space on a table or stand of some kind.

Chances are, you’re here because you’re thinking about buying a TV wall mount. A mount reduces the space a flat-screen takes by lifting it and setting it against the wall like one would a painting.

Through a TV mount, you prevent a flat-screen from taking up floor space which would be otherwise wasted.

Here is how to mount your TV the right way. This is how to do it so that it looks modern and clean, and stays secure.

TV Wall Mount Classic Swivel and Tilt For 23″- 42″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs PrimeCables®

Step 1 – Buy the Right TV Wall Mount

Note your flat-screen’s weight and VESA specifications. These should match to the flat-screen mount you’re about to buy.

You also have different types of mounts, including fixed, tilt, and full-motion. This may take some research and time to decide what the best mount is for your home theater.

Step 2 – Decide Where You Want to Put Your Flat-Screen

So you have your TV and you have your TV wall mount. Now, where do you want to put it – consider all possibilities.

If your mount doesn’t have a tilt, installing it opposite a window will reflect glare. Although this may be unavoidable in some houses, it’s worth mentioning as it’s an issue every homeowner deals with regardless of whether the television is mounted or not.

Step 3 – Find the Studs and Attach the Mount to the Wall

Use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall. Studs are built to support the weight of a flat-screen. You can’t install a mount without them.

Once you have your studs located, start drilling. Use a drill bit that matches the size of the mount’s bolts. Follow the instructions to affix the first part of the mount to the wall. Ensure it is fully secure before moving onto the next step.

Step 4 – Affix Both Braces Securely and Attach the TV to the Mount

There’s a brace that will go on the wall and a brace that will go on the back of your TV. Ensure each brace is secure.

Then, mount your TV aligning the two halves of the bracket. Once completed, you can tighten the fastening screws and this will hold everything in place.

Step 5 – Fix Up Your Cables

You don’t want TV cables hanging down from your TV in a way where someone could accidentally hook them. Consider a cable trunk, cable ties, or a discreet way to at least tie the cables together to avoid a hazard.

As you can tell, how to wall mount a TV is a very simple process. Be sure to combine this guide with the instructions that have come with your mount. Buy a home theater TV wall mount today at PrimeCables.ca.