Can You Use A Digital Infrared Thermometer to Identify Persons Infected with COVID-19

A digital infrared thermometer makes no contact with a person. It is used on the forehead to provide the user with one’s body temperature.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital non-contact thermometers like the infrared variety have been used by businesses to diagnose employees and prevent customers with temperature symptoms from entering the premises.

A lot of people doubt the use of infrared thermometers, however. They argue asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 exist. They have no fever and could easily bring the coronavirus into a workplace.

While that’s true, there are a lot of reasons why small businesses should continue using digital thermometers like this.

Digital non-contact thermometer

They’re Safe

A lot of people worry that because it says ‘infrared’ that these thermometers use infrared rays. Infrared thermometers do not transmit rays or any form of radiation. They measure infrared wavelengths coming from the body. They don’t send any signal and are 100% safe for everyone.

It’s Low-Cost

The cost of doing any sort of COVID-19 testing right now is exorbitant. If you have even a dozen employees working for you on any given day, you’re quickly going to rack up $1,000s in fees. An infrared thermometer isn’t perfect but it’s a one-time purchase that gives you one way to successfully screen and test people that are about to work with you.

An Infrared Thermometer Will Identify Fevers

At the very least, a thermometer will let you know if someone has a fever. If they do, you’ve prevented a potential massive outbreak at your place of work. That’s a good thing. Although asymptomatic carriers exist, there’s no excuse for letting someone with a fever come into your workplace and spreading what could be a fatal virus.

Widespread COVID-19 Testing Isn’t Yet Available

Provinces are still struggling to provide their citizens with the amount of testing that’s needed. Business-wise, there’s no way for you to test your employees in a way that’s as cheap and as instantaneous as what you get from a digital forehead thermometer.

You Get to See the Results Instantly

There’s no waiting game. Even if you did have the means of registering legitimate COVID-19 testing day-in and day-out, it takes time to process those results. With infrared detecting technology, you get a reading instantly.

Trusted Brands Are Using Them

Some of Canada’s most trusted authorities and brands are using non-contact infrared thermometers as a screening tool. They’re being used at various entry points as well and by government officials. As long as it’s high-quality – and there are low-quality thermometers unfortunately out there – you’re set. Look for a CE-certified/FDA-certified model. continues to do what it can to ensure small businesses and everyday Canadians have the necessities to keep themselves safe, screened, and protected. Get your infrared thermometer today.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

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