What is the Best Ethernet Cable

WiFi is Internet. Internet is WiFi. For most homes, this is the rule. They won’t even entertain the thought of a cabled connection.

As convenient as wireless Internet is, guess what – wired Ethernet cables provide a more stable, faster connection.

Ethernet is king. The best Ethernet cable is still way, way faster than any sort of comparative WiFi.

If you aren’t familiar with Ethernet and want to know what the best Ethernet cable is for you, check this out.

Different Types of Ethernet Cable

Selecting an Ethernet cable, you will notice there are different classifications. The oldest networking standard is Cat 5. Then, there’s Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, and the newest being Cat 8 cables.

Don’t Buy Lesser Than Cat 5e Cables

At minimum, when buying Ethernet cables, you don’t want anything lower than Cat 5e. Transmission speeds begin to fall off considerably when you go below a Cat 5e cable. Most households and businesses using Ethernet are either on a Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 6a connection.

Why It’s Important to Know What Ethernet Cable You’re Buying

Buy the wrong Ethernet cable and you will find you either end up overpaying, impairing performance, or the link simply will not work.

Why Businesses Choose Ethernet over WiFi

Businesses with four or more users will ideally be plugged into Ethernet wired Internet to avoid slower Internet speeds.

Why Ethernet is More Reliable Than WiFi

It’s often a mistaken belief that Ethernet is old technology. It isn’t. Just like WiFi continues to progress so does Ethernet. WiFi relies on your location, distance to the router, and any obstacles that may exist between you and said router. Ethernet is a cable. You plug in and you’re connected. It’s more reliable Internet.

Do I Need the Fastest Ethernet Cable?

Naturally, one might think that a Cat 8 Ethernet cable is the best because it’s the newest. Not necessarily so. An average Cat5e Ethernet cable is perfect for general Internet surfing. When you’re transferring files, streaming video, streaming games, and doing similar things which do require a lot of Internet, you will want the fastest speeds you can get. In those examples, an Ethernet Cat 8 cable is the way to go.

Multimode duplex LC/LC 50 microns OM4 cable fibre aqua – 2mm OFNP – 1,5p

Ethernet Cables Are Surprisingly Flexible

Ethernet cables are interchangeable, backward-compatible, and work with any route with a connection. Unlike other cable types, old cables work with new modems as will newer, more advanced cables with old modems.

Lengths Vary Widely

The last thing we want to mention is length. Ethernet cables can be as short as six inches or 20 metres and above. Be sure to always select a length that gives you a little slack to work with. You don’t want to be caught out with a shorter length than you need.

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