What’s the Easiest Way to Watch My Tablet in Bed At Night

Lying in bed, it’s not always easy watching videos on your iPad or tablet. Usually propped up against a pillow, if you shift in bed, the screen shifts with you. Adjusting your position to get comfortable suddenly creates work for you.

Try A Tablet Mount for Your Bed

A tablet mount lifts your tablet off your mattress which allows you to move around without affecting your screen position.

Flexible Gooseneck Holder Bracket

You can set it up where your optimum vantage point is. Hitch your tablet to the mount bracket and you’re done.

This is also a great setup if you happen to have multiple people watching the same screen.

Benefits of a Tablet Mount

A tablet mount doesn’t have to fit to your bed. You can set up your mount anywhere, from the couch to the backseat.

The gooseneck holder is also very flexible which allows for easy adjustments depending on the viewing angle.

The biggest advantage to a portable tablet mount is perhaps how it frees up your hands. Affordably priced, if you watch videos on your tablet or iPad regularly and especially in bed, consider a mount.

From an ergonomic standpoint, it will give you the chance to relax without contorting into numerous positions trying to accommodate the best angle to watch a video from.

Can A Tablet Holder Also Hold Phones?

Yes, the adjustable kind can. A PrimeCables.ca tablet holder, for example, can adapt to successfully mount smartphones and similarly sized screens.

You have lots of compatibility both in viewing angle and style, and with what it can hold.

Once the device is securely in the bracket, rest assured that it is in there firmly and shouldn’t experience any sort of damage from a fall.

Other Accessories to Similar To A Tablet Mount

While you’re shopping for a tablet mount, you may consider similar accessories to pair with it.

  • A smartphone car mount is great for getting GPS directions, navigating phone calls, and to ensure you maintain hands-free, distraction-less driving while in commute or running errands.
  • A height-adjustable laptop table is typically used to work in bed, however, it’s also an optimum place to put a plate of food or snacks to enjoy while you watch something on your tablet mount.

Get all these accessories, including tablet mounts in Canada, from PrimeCables.ca.

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