What is the Perfect Holiday Gift

The perfect holiday gift. Is there such a thing – for a lot of us, absolutely. That said, it can be challenging finding out what that is and then being able to procure it.

Think about it for yourself. What is the perfect holiday gift – chances are, it’s something that’s expensive or unacquirable.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing holiday season. Thinking about this as it relates to what’s the ‘perfect gift’ for a spouse, parent, or child, there’s plenty of ways to find your way to something that’s right for them.

Do I Have to Buy Something?

First off, of course not! The perfect holiday gift doesn’t have to be something you buy. It has to have meaning though.

If you’re short on money, consider baking something, taking them on a drive to some place special, or even writing them a song, doing art for them, or building them something with DIY hand and power tools.

What Room Do They Spend the Most Time In?

Ask yourself where a person likes to spend their time when they’re at home.

It could be in the kitchen. It could be in their living room enjoying their home theater system, accessories, and streaming services. They could be in their home office doing work day-in and day-out. Or alternatively, maybe they enjoy being in their garage.

Are They Strategizing or Planning Something in Increments?

A lot of us have goals or plans. It could be to renovate a room in one’s home or to save up for something important to them.

The perfect holiday gift could be something that supports these goals or which helps them along in strategizing their success. Especially if you don’t know a recipient particularly well, if you know what they’re working towards, start here.

What Are Their Necessities Day-to-Day or Week-to-Week?

In times of great stress, such as times like these, we flock to what comforts us. These are our necessities.

This could be cooking in the kitchen, going for long drives, watching certain media content, hanging out with pets, or doing a hobby. Look at what a person does regularly, purchasing for them a holiday gift that adds to that experience.

This holiday shopping season, don’t be intimidated about the possibility of buying the ‘perfect gift’. It doesn’t need to be the ‘perfect gift’ but you can get awfully close just by considering the sort of things that a person surrounds themselves with. Find 100s of holiday gift deals from PrimeCables.ca this shopping season.

What Are You Buying Your Dad this Holiday Season

Holiday gifts for Dads. They’re a special bunch. As great as fathers are, they can be hard to buy for.

There are even some Dads who claim they don’t need anything and don’t want anything. Sourpusses!

There are some really great Dad gifts for the holidays from PrimeCables.ca and other online marketplaces where ordering is easy, delivery is fast, and the selection of products are by the 1,000s.

Browse dozens of categories and find things that you know will resonate with your Dad.

What’s Your Dad’s Passion?

If you’re unsure about what to buy, start by thinking about your Dad. What is his passion – everyone has one.

If you can’t think of anything, look at how he spends his time. What does he do in the morning – chances are, he has some sort of routine he goes through on a semi-daily basis.

Like anyone, buying for his passions and interests can be a simple place to start looking at gifts.

What Does Your Dad Use Around the House?

Next, look at what sort of stuff your Dad does around the house and what equipment he uses.

Let’s say, he likes to fix things. You may want to think about getting him a power tool as a Dad Christmas gift.

Alternatively, maybe he just likes to sit and watch TV. Well, you can do a lot with that! Home theater accessories exist by the 100s, from TV wall mounts to cables, Bluetooth stereo soundbars, HDTV antennas, Android smart TV boxes, and more.

Look at products you can add to with accessories. Look at things you can upgrade. There are hints everywhere for what could work as a holiday gift for a Dad.

What Are Some Trendy Dad Holiday Gifts?

When in doubt, go with what’s trendy in the marketplace.

  • A portable car jump starter that doubles as a USB battery is a great product to throw in anyone’s van, truck, car, or on the back of a motorcycle or snowmobile.
Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster and Phone Charger
  • An outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi mini projector has a high price tag but it’s a nice way to watch movies outside with the family come summertime. Any Dad looking to keep the family connected will love this.
  • 1080p USB webcams are a fine gift for Dads, giving him a better video quality on Skype or Zoom calls.
  • A pair of universal soundbar brackets are a great addition if he already has a home theater speaker system or if you intend to provide him one.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on what to buy your father this holiday season. PrimeCables.ca is stocked to the ceiling with all these products. Visit us today to browse electronics, mounts, home theater products, cables, power tools, and other Dad-friendly gift ideas.

See the Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Every year the holidays provide us with time to celebrate our family members and friends.

‘Holiday gift ideas for him’ is a common subject that comes up. Sometimes, we are out of suggestions on what to get people like our fathers, brothers, and more masculine friends.

Treat yourself to a quick browse on PrimeCables.ca. We’ve put together fantastic holiday gift shopping ideas for men, targeting more masculine behaviours, preferences, and interests. Consider the following.


Every man works with cables to some degree, whether that’s to fix up their home theater or working around other electronics.

There are dozens of cables available, from USB to HDMI, audio cables, computer cables, video cables, network Ethernet cables, lightning cables, DisplayPort, and more.

Find them all at PrimeCables.ca and equip your gift-receiver with some high-quality wire.


You can do so much with adapters on holiday gift shopping sale.

They come in handy working alongside computers or TVs, changing DVI and VGA connections to HDMI. Use a splitter to split signals.

Consider USB adapters and hubs to plug in more USB devices. Browse audio and video adapters as well which can help in customizing a home setup for things like watching movies, enjoying TV, and more.

Power Tools

Men typically like to work with their hands. This can be anything from fixing electronics to conducting major repairs and renovations.

Power tools are a great holiday gift for people who enjoy these types of activities. Check out power tools on holiday sale, like impact tools, multi-purpose screwdriver kits, angle grinders, cordless impact driver, cordless power drill, cordless circular saws, electrical precision cutters, crimping tools, and more.

Home Theater Accessories

This is a great Christmas gift idea for men or for people who are buying for fathers and grandfathers, and those who may not be familiar with a lot of home theater technology.

Accessories can make a great impact on their ability to watch TV, movies, sports, news, and programming of all types.

They’re also not that expensive, including things like TV wall mounts, Android smart TV boxes, HDTV antennas, speaker systems, and more.

Musical Instrument and Pro Audio Accessories

If the person you’re buying for is a musician, you don’t have to buy them a new instrument or anything like that to make a difference.

There are some great pro audio holiday gift deals on headphones, sheet music stand, guitar stands, microphone stands, a portable vocal recording booth, and more.

It doesn’t have to be a challenging holiday gift-buying season for anyone. Shop holiday sales, discounts, and deals any time up until December 25, 2020, and find only the best at PrimeCables.ca.

Act Fast on These Black Friday Deals on Power Tools, Hand Tools, Testers, and More

Black Friday this year falls on November 27, 2020, and the sales are going to be a doozy!

If you like doing home renovations, remodeling work, or just plain like building things and repairs, word has it that PrimeCables.ca will be slashing prices up to 50% off for Black Friday on select DIY hand and power tools.

The beauty of hand and power tools on PrimeCables’ Black Friday sale are that they’re quality-made.

Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools

On top of that, they make for great holiday gifts for anyone who enjoys doing their own repairs and/or simply learning about how things work.

What tools do you need this winter – check out some of our favourites below. Bookmark ‘em!

1,500W Heat Gun

A 1,500W heat gun blows hot air, allowing you to do things like melt materials, soften plastics, soften paints, remove stickers, change floor tiles, and more. A heat gun has dozens of handy uses.

Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

An aluminum telescoping extension ladder is a retractable tool that’s perfect for use across homes, businesses, gaining access to rooftops, in large buildings, and more. A high-tech, advanced ladder that will beat out the competition!

Non-Contact Voltage Circuit Tester

When you’re working with wire and cables, identifying the cause of a break can be tough. Through a non-contact voltage circuit tester, you can detect voltage up to 1,000V in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires, cables, and more.

38-in-1 Screwdriver Phone Repair Set

Although this is technically meant for smartphone repair, a 38-in-1 screwdriver set can be successfully applied to all sorts of housework, repairs, and maintenance. Most of us already have screwdriver sets but for the households that do not, now’s a great time to buy.

Portable Cordless Tire Inflator

A portable air compressor pump can be used as a tire inflator, to inflate sports balls, or for any similar use. It’s most common use is tire-related. Charge it, throw it in your trunk, and it’ll be ready in case of any emergency.

Network Cable Tester and Crimping Tool

Build an Ethernet network around your house or shape home theater cables and wire to match your household’s needs. A network cable tester and crimping tool verifies that everything’s working like it should.

Catch dozens of deals just like these all Black Friday weekend at PrimeCables.ca. Stock up on essentials for network testing, ladders, screws, hand tools, power tools, and more. Only while supplies last!

9 Unique Christmas Gifts For Your Friends

Finding a truly unique holiday gift is a challenge. There are very few out there. For your special someone though, the pressure’s on. Pandemic or no pandemic, you’ve got to come through. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that are almost guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

USB Hubs

Some people have a lot of hard drives or need more USB inputs on their computer or tablet. Consider getting them a 13-port USB hub. How many USB inputs do they need – surely, 13 is enough.

Adjustable Laptop Table

13 Ports USB 2.0 Hub

In this day and age, so many of us are working from home. If you are buying for someone who enjoys hanging out in bed, working from the couch, or they simply enjoy having a sturdy, user-friendly work surface to put their laptop on, try an adjustable laptop table.

Flexible Gooseneck Holder

A flexible gooseneck tablet holder that also works with smartphones provides an optimum perspective from which to watch a movie in bed, binge a series, or anywhere you want it mounted.

YouTube Live Stream Kit

A YouTube live stream kit includes everything you need to capture glorious selfies, music performances, and any live recording video. Included is a ring light, adjustable tripod stand, and smartphone holder.

True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Although wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a few years dated, not everyone has them. If you’re buying for someone who’s still using wired earbuds, wireless beats that out big-time. Especially for people who are working out, you can’t do it wired!

1080p HD USB Pan And Tilt Webcam

A 1080p USB webcam is a fine upgrade over what you might be using on your laptop on a Zoom call. Anyone working from home or doing any sort of video conferencing should have a proper webcam to do it on.

Electric Sit-Stand Desk

An electric height-adjustable desk combines interests in fitness and health with a home office. Adjust from standing to sitting and vice versa. Do a little leg workout while you’re working or maintain a standing position simply to activate muscles and keep your calorie-count up.

USB, Night Light, and Surge Protector

A great combination product, this easy-to-install surge protector is a fine holiday gift. It has USB inputs and a night light. You just plug it in and it’s ready to use.

Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

We love Bluetooth, as do so many. A wireless Bluetooth soundbar clears up all those nasty speakers, saves space that a normal surround sound system would take up, and connects to smartphones, tablets, and anything else with a Bluetooth signal.

Grab all these holiday gifts this month at PrimeCables.ca. Find high-quality products affordably priced!

Grab all these holiday gifts this month at PrimeCables.ca. Find high-quality products affordably priced!

Best Black Friday 2020 Deals in Canada Announced So Far

It’s no secret. Black Friday is going to have a bit of a different feel this year. A pandemic has unknowingly encouraged more Canadians to do their shopping online through sites like PrimeCables.ca.

Fortunately, a lot of deals have already been announced for online Black Friday shoppers. So wear your comfiest sweatpants, curl up on the couch with your credit card, and check out discounts, deals, and more Black Friday sales on the top consumer products, trendy tech, and electronics.


Who doesn’t use a cable now and again – no one! The quintessential source for cables and adapters, PrimeCables.ca, is hosting a major Canada-only Black Friday deal on online orders. Enjoy big slashes on prices for USB cables, HDMI cables, audio cables, and more.


A very unfriendly idea in terms of flashy Black Friday deals, adapters are all about re-designing your home to meet your needs. Just because a cable doesn’t fit doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Browse all sorts of adapters for HDMI, DVI, VGA, converters, splitters, switches, and more.


Discounts on electronics are expected on Black Friday. The best tech in Canada alongside free shipping makes this a great day for buying any tech and electronics on your 2020 holiday gift shopping list. See TVs, streaming services, gaming accessories, speakers, headphones, and antennas.


More Canadians than ever are stuck working from home. Upgrade your workstation. From ergonomic sit-stand desks to mounts, chairs, and accessories, there are plenty of door-crasher sales on November 27, 2020, only. Shop them at PrimeCables.ca and get up to 75% off select products.


Hardware and tools on Black Friday deal are a popular hotspot for home renovation experts, aspiring homeowners, and builders. The PrimeCables.ca Black Friday flyer is out and is flush with savings on power tools, safety equipment, cables, and plenty more.

Home Theater

Where can you find the best price discounts Black Friday 2020 – the answer is home theater, entertainment, flat-screens, and tech. See a slew of sales on select items. Consider a re-design of wherever you enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies, sports, news, and media. No day is as advantageous to buy home theater products and accessories on than the last Friday of November.

Buy smart this Black Friday. Plenty more Black Friday deals will be announced in the remaining days ahead. Shop all these consumer-friendly discounts on November 27, 2020, at PrimeCables.ca. Receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada and reduce the risk of shopping brick-and-mortar this holiday gift-buying season.

See Student Black Friday Deals in Canada for E-Learning and Online Courses

Learning online isn’t easy. It’s not always enjoyable, either. Any student will tell you as much.

Things become a little simpler and more fun when you have the right tools to use to tap into conferencing and do your work.

Student Black Friday deals have some great savings, chopping off $100s off products from computer monitors to webcams.

Whether you’re a parent looking to do better by their child, a university student trying to shop Black Friday deals on a tight budget, or a high school student looking to grab a few things to positively impact their learning this semester, here are some places to look.

Computer Monitor

Some of us are on old computers or using old computer monitors. These type of slow, faded images aren’t interesting to look at. Buy something this Black Friday you can use both for professional-level studying and personal use. Consider a curved 1080p monitor.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 

1080p USB Pan And Tilt Webcam

Regardless of what level you are at, an HD webcam is important to being able to listen in, communicate with others, and participate in online lessons. If your existing computer camera doesn’t deliver on quality, take an upgrade this Black Friday.

Laptop Bed Table

A laptop bed table allows you to move around and continue studying. Work comfortably from the couch, the bed, sitting on the floor, or wherever you want. A laptop table can double as a breakfast table as well!

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Audio is constant in e-learning. A student needs it. Being attached by wire to a computer is inconvenient at times. Bluetooth wireless earbuds give you the freedom to stay connected, moving around a bit and taking notes as needed.

Surge Protector and USB Charger

A simple two-outlet surge protector with USB ports helps you plug in devices like smartphones requiring a charge as well as your laptop, lamp, hard drives, and anything else that’s necessary to your day-to-day learning.

Ergonomic Desk

Being inside all the time, doing e-learning, and the focus of online courses has meant less challenges physically. To keep yourself in shape, keep those calories burning, and to give your physical self more to do, try an ergonomic height-adjustable riser.

This Black Friday, help yourself and your ability to study. Do so with Black Friday deals for students from university down through to elementary. If you are learning this year in full or in part isolated at home, consider visiting PrimeCables.ca this November. It’s a lot easier when there’s a little more fun involved.

Shop Early this Black Friday to Avoid Long Lines, Products Out of Stock, and Empty Deals

November is truly the month of Black Friday. Although Black Friday is only on November 27, shopping deals are available all month long.

The commonly held belief is that the best deals for Black Friday 2020 are coming on the Friday itself.

We know this not to be true. You don’t have to wait. A lot of people have already done their shopping.

At PrimeCables.ca, you can shop now or in the days ahead of November 27. We’ve got online shopping deals for Black Friday all month along. Get in on the early deals. Enjoy savings while products are in-stock.

Gaming Accessories

Gaming accessories on Black Friday sale show dozens of results. Long-term, things like a multimedia keyboard, 1080p HD webcam, and other gaming accessories aren’t just game-specific. You can use these to work, study, create media, enjoy media, and more.

Headphones and Earbuds

Headphones can get very, very expensive as can earbuds. It’s not fun paying $100s for headphones. This Black Friday, cut down on the rough prices and pick up some audio accessories available at a fraction of the regular price.

Speakers and Subwoofers

Audio is so important when watching a movie, sports game, or concert. Too much focus is placed on the image but if the audio quality sucks, your image quality doesn’t really matter. Re-design your home theater system or home audio entertainment setup with custom speakers and subwoofers.

Tools And Testers

COVID-19 has seen thousands of homeowners buying tools, doing renovations, and starting projects around their properties they’ve been delaying. Consider taking advantage of Black Friday power tools deals, tools and testers, cables, adapters, and more. These isn’t flashy advanced tech, however, they’re the basics that open up a wealth of possibilities in home renovations and repairs you can do around the house.

Cable Organizers

Who sells more cables than PrimeCables.ca – no one! What a lot of buyers don’t realize in purchasing HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, and the like is that they can look very disorganized unmanaged. Consider cable management strategies like ties, hooks, loops, mounts, clips, hangers, sleeves, ducts, rack-mounts, and more.

Don’t feel like you need to go to the mall to shop on Black Friday. In-person retailers aren’t always worth the visit. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of online shopping companies have understandably seen a surge of business this spring, summer, and fall. If you haven’t already, join us. Save yourself the trip. Shop online, limit coronavirus spreading, and visit PrimeCables.ca to pick up the best deals in Canada.

See the Best Black Friday Deals on USB Cables and USB Accessories in Canada

As we head into this year’s Black Friday sales event, an overlooked category of deals are USB accessories.

Every day, we all use a USB cable in some capacity. Charging a smartphone, earbuds, or tablet. Powering a mobile device. Syncing data between devices. Listening to music. Sharing a smartphone screen with a friend.

The right USB cables will come in handy. This year, add a few USB cables on Black Friday deal to your order.

USB 2.0 Cables

Once the most relied on cable by smartphone users, USB 2.0 cables are still very popular and applied across numerous device types. If you are buying a USB cable as a holiday gift this Black Friday for someone you aren’t sure what kind of connection they are, rest assured that this standard is usable on almost all USB-connected devices.

USB 3.0 Cables

USB 3.0 are SuperSpeed USB cables that offer fast downloading of data, pictures, and video. Upgrade from a USB 2.0 cable if your device can handle it. You will notice you can charge and sync data faster than ever before.

USB Type-C cables

The most common USB cable used in Canada is the USB Type-C cable. Slim, lightweight, and reverse-compatible, it’s a USB cable that’s the perfect companion to your smartphone. An upgrade on power, USB-C is going to be a connector type that’s going to be around for a long time to come.

USB 2.0 A to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided Cable 

USB Hubs

Swerve! You thought you were here just to find out about USB cables. Heck no! USB hubs are a great USB accessory and an opportunity to connect multiple devices into a single USB port. Anyone with multiple hard drives or USB devices that need to be charged, synced, or usable simultaneously, consider a USB hub.

Other USB Accessories

There are plenty more USB accessories on Black Friday sale, including USB power strips, surge protectors, USB connectors for cars, and more.

Searching the PrimeCables.ca catalogue, you’ll catch a number of Black Friday sales running all through the month of November. An array of products for every room in the house are discounted down to almost pennies! Bookmark your favourites.

Shop Canada-only Black Friday sales all month long at PrimeCables.ca. Find the everyday tech you need at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else. From high-tech, advanced USB accessories to the basics, order it all from PrimeCables.ca right now. The deals are ongoing only while quantities last!

Canada-Only Black Friday Deals on Gaming Monitors to Tag With Your Console

There are some gorgeous and stunning gaming monitors on sale for Black Friday this year.

PrimeCables.ca is offering a Canada-only Black Friday sale on HD gaming monitors and accessories.

Cut down on costs and shop everything from ultra-wide monitors to curved gaming monitors, mounts, speakers, and the usual gamut of gaming accessories.

4K Flat Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking at picture quality and size over total gaming experience, a 4K flat monitor provides everything you need to bring your gaming to a whole new level.

24 inch 1080p 75Hz Computer Monitor

Don’t be distracted by low-quality graphics. Enjoy 4K image quality, UHD, 60Hz refresh rate, and an ultra slim aluminum design perfect for mounting.

Team this gaming monitor on Black Friday deal with your favourite desk mount and you can revolutionize your whole gaming station!

1080p Curved Gaming Monitor

If you’ve ever played your favourite console on a curved gaming monitor, you know curved screens are where gameplay thrives.

More immersive than going flat, you get HD picture quality with all the usual specs you need to game.

Unless you’ve gone the opposite way and have chosen size over quality, a curved monitor is worth the buy this Black Friday.

Gaming Accessories on Black Friday Deal

  • Celebrate this Black Friday by becoming a Twitch streamer. A 1080p USB webcam with microphone is a great gift to yourself, upgrading from whatever you may have going on a laptop or desktop already.
  • Wipe down your screens safely with iCloth XL cleaning wipes, a type of alcohol-based wipe that is safe for laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Don’t worry about accidentally scratching your screen.
  • Light-up your gaming station with an LED gaming mouse pad and LED gaming keyboard. Any pro gamer knows playing in the dark is much more fun when you can see your keyboard.
  • A 3D foot motion controller adds a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience. Immerse yourself even more into the game by feeling it in your toes! Though not an essential, it’ll be hard to put it away once you get used to it. Such a tempting grab for a lot of gamers.

Black Friday comes once a year. You don’t need to be a member or be registered to shop at PrimeCables.ca. Pick up all these deals and more this November 27, 2020. We all know how expensive gamer-friendly products can be. This month’s the time to pick up what you’ll be employing day-to-day for the next six months. Drop by PrimeCables.ca today to shop gaming monitor Black Friday deals and more.