Epic Black Friday TV Deals and Home Theater Accessories to Buy this November

4K TVs don’t come cheap. Except on Black Friday. There are some pretty epic Black Friday promotions going on all November long on TVs, monitors, wall mounts, and more. For cheap Canada deals, check out PrimeCables.ca.

Black Friday TVs

It can be tempting buying the biggest and baddest TV you can find. It’s not necessarily what’s going to be right for the room though.

A small-to-average sized 720p 32” TV is perfect for bedrooms and small condos.

PrimeCables® 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom television 720p

If you’re of the ‘go big or go home’ mindset, the 55” 4K Black Friday TV is on sale for under $450.

If you don’t mind settling for 1080p instead of 4K, you can also shave off $100s on cost. The PrimeCables 43” 1080p TV is under $300 and perfect for most applications.

Ultimately what you buy for a TV comes down to what you want in your room and how much space you’re ready to give to a screen.

Most Popular Black Friday TV Accessories

With the money you’ll save on your flat-screen, you can use those funds to put towards a few accessories.

Mount your flat-screen with a TV wall mount.

You have a wide range of builds and designs, although most households will be more than satisfied with a simple tilt mount. A tilting design ensures reflective glare from lamps and natural light outside is minimized.

A Bluetooth soundbar is an affordable way to upgrade home theater sound quality.

So much focus is always paid to the visual but if your audio isn’t any good, it will be more than just noticeable. Don’t ruin your viewing experience with poor audio. Bluetooth stereo soundbars are the standard!

A fun accessory to throw on top of your Black Friday 2020 sale order is a set of USB LED strip lights.

Coming with a remote control, these lights can be positioned as an outline behind your flat-screen. It adds some background lighting but it’s not just that. It actually helps to relieve eye fatigue and improves image clarity as well.

If you decide to upgrade to 4K HD, ensure you have the right HDMI 4K cables to match.

Along with HDMI cables, you can find all sorts of audio cables, video cables, USB cables, and more. PrimeCables.ca is well-known for its cables and adapters. If you’ve always wanted to connect something to your flat-screen or home theater system but have lacked the cable connection, here’s your chance!

PrimeCables.ca is fully stocked and ready for November 27. Catch Black Friday sales all month long and fill out your TV order with low-cost, affordable, high-quality home theater accessories. Browse and bookmark your favourites today!

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