What to Expect on Boxing Day Sale with USB Accessories, Home Office Desks, And More

The upcoming Boxing Day sale in Canada will be a last chance to grab your favourite holiday deals!

From cables and adapters to tools and tech, Boxing Day is a highlight of the December sales season.

What you can expect to find this Boxing Day from PrimeCables.ca is big discounts, slashing $1,000s off our warehouse products.

See things like flat-screens and TV wall mounts to speaker systems. Everything is on a deal!

Why Shop Online this Boxing Day

This year’s Boxing Day sale in Canada is unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

There’s no reason to shop in-store anywhere, especially during the holidays which is the most popular time of year to be out and about.

Instead, stay at home. Grab your favourite beverage. Sit on the couch. Put on your favourite holiday movie and shop the day away. December 26, 2020, is the first day after Christmas and ultimately, it’s yours to spend however you want.

Ergonomics Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount for Most 17″-30″ LCD Monitors – PrimeCables®

What to Buy Boxing Day 2020

Boxing Day doesn’t quite pack the punch of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday but it’s still a big shopping day.

This is a time to look at what you got for the holidays, see what’s missing or if you can add accessories to anything, and to fill in what may be lacking before the New Year settles in.

PrimeCables.ca has 100s of Boxing Day 2020 discounts in Canada, including cables, adapters, electronics, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, tools, network solutions, and way, way more.

As long as you’ve got marketplaces like PrimeCables.ca on the move, shopping online isn’t so bad.

When Do Boxing Day Sales Start in Canada?

Boxing Day sales are usually 1-day only but some brands may start opening their doors a little earlier than advertised.

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, more and more Canadians are shopping. What’s also true is that a lot of people have finished their gift buying by now. This means a sort of lull in the remaining weeks of December.

Boxing Day is most brands’ last chance to empty their warehouse, empty their holiday sales inventories, and maximize their sales numbers for 2020.

From a consumer standpoint, this is great because you get more for your money and anything missed from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the holiday shopping sales season can usually be found somewhere on Boxing Day.

Are you looking to shop this Boxing Day – check out the sales at PrimeCables. Some have even already started! Bookmark your favourites, make your list, and buy before December’s up! PrimeCables.ca delivers Canada-wide and offers fast, free shipping on all orders above $49.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Secret Boxing Day Sale on Home Theater Products

Boxing Day is an underrated shopping sales day but it’s an important one.

Boxing Day 2020 is the last time of the year you’ll find big price cuts, deals, and discounts comparable to Black Friday.

You won’t see anything like it in January, February, or March, or anytime soon, either.

In celebration of the big day, PrimeCables.ca is having its own home theater Boxing Day sale featuring discounts on all sorts of products.

Android Smart TV Box

Most of us already have some sort of streaming services set up but in case you don’t or are interested in an upgrade, an Android Smart TV box taps into all sorts of Internet-based streams from YouTube to Netflix and more.

Speaker Systems, Headphones, and Cables

Audio is just as important as video. Yet, we focus so much on video quality that we forget what speakers we’re using. Do you find you aren’t getting a good sound quality from your home entertainment system – check out speaker system Boxing Day sales this December 26, 2020.

Monitors and Flat-Screens

Replace your flat-screen with either a new 1080p HD TV, a flat monitor, a curved monitor, or alternatively, set yourself up with a projector and projector screen. Save $100s off these big-ticket items.

HDTV Antennas

As fun as streaming TV is, it lacks local coverage. Local news. Local sports. Local TV. You won’t locate any of it on Netflix.

You can, however, get it on an HDTV antenna. PrimeCables.ca offers indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas that extend miles outwards, ready to catch all over-the-air free TV signals.

Mounts, Stands, and Ergonomics

For anyone already happy with their flat-screens and who doesn’t want to switch out their sound systems, you don’t have to.

A more affordable, easy way to make a difference in a home entertainment system is to equip it with a TV wall mount, TV stand, ergonomic desk, or similar accessories.

Items like these are great for anyone who may want a different viewing experience than what they’re getting.


Cables matter. A bad cable can ruin a viewing experience. Different cables can also make a difference in what you can connect to a home theater system.

Boxing Day 2020 is a great time to pick up HDMI cables, audio cables, video cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, Apple cables, DisplayPort cables, AC power cables and adapters, converters, splitters, switches, and more.

This Boxing Day, check out PrimeCables to see what’s left in the warehouse on our super-secret home theater sale.

Will Boxing Day Sales Be Better Than Black Friday This Year

Boxing Day is the last big sales day of the year. It’s also a fine opportunity to nab some extra holiday gifts.

Boxing Day perhaps doesn’t get the attention it rightfully deserves as a time to buy. Here’s why Boxing Day 2020 sales are important to keep in mind, not only for Canadians but for small businesses.

Why Boxing Day Sales Matter

The majority of Canadians will get their holiday shopping done for the holidays long before December 25.

While some still may be buying up to the day, most stores have already cleared out a lot of inventory weeks before.

That said, sometimes stores have additional inventory they need to get rid of. January and February are always a bit of a slow period for most businesses as families recoup their debts and financial strains made through the end of the prior year.

Needless to say, Boxing Day is the last chance for a lot of brands to make a sale, get their warehouses empty, and in reflection of this, some of the prices you’ll find on Boxing Day are significantly better than Black Friday deals.

What’s On Sale for Boxing Day 2020

Boxing Day deals will be your last big sales opportunity until spring or summer 2021. If there’s anything you think you’ll need from here through to April or May, Boxing Day’s probably the best price you’ll find.

This Boxing Day in Canada will have 100s – even 1,000s! – of sales to choose from.

It will be a great time to pick up some USB cables and smartphone essentials that you know eventually you will need.

Buy home theater accessories on discount, including things like TVs, speaker systems, HDTV antennas, and Android smart TV boxes.

Upgrade your Internet with Ethernet network cable. This is a great investment for anyone still working from home and who doesn’t trust their wireless connection. An Ethernet cable is fast, stable, and secure.

On the topic of work-from-home essentials, there are also ergonomic sit-stand desks, monitor mounts, and more that can be picked up at a fraction of the cost of what you’d normally pay.

Obviously, with the holidays, you’ll want to see what you got for gifts. You don’t know what’s coming. You certainly don’t want to buy something like USB cables which could very well come as a holiday gift. Once the holiday gift-giving has passed and you have a proper look though, think about what may be missing.

Equip yourself with everything you need to make the rest of this very tough winter something special. Shop Boxing Day sales in Canada with PrimeCables.ca and save $100s off tech accessories, essentials, and more.

Why It’s Better to Shop Online for Boxing Day 2020 Instead of In-Store Shopping

Come December 26, 2020, all the biggest and best Boxing Day deals and discounts will be in full swing.

For one-day only, see sales on USB cables, TVs, electronics, mounts, sit-stand desks, adapters, home theater products, Internet network solutions, tools, and more.

Whatever you’ve missed from your Christmas or holiday haul, this is the last big deals day for months. It’s the final moment of the year to stretch your dollar the furthest you can. Buy while prices are low.

In years past, it was very natural to shop in-store. Things have changed this year though. The pandemic’s not only changed things but staying indoors and shopping online has increased in popularity as well.

Here is why it’s better to shop online for Boxing Day 2020 sales as opposed to going in-store shopping.

You Don’t Have to Get Up

It’s obvious, yes, but it’s also true. When you shop online, you don’t have to get up. Get comfortable, settle in with a cup of coffee, watch some television, and with credit card in-hand, you can shop for anything you need.

You Have the Same Discounts – Sometimes Better!

Another reason to bag your Boxing Day bargains online is because they’re either better or identical to what’s available in-store.

Avoid overcrowded aisles and a frantic shopping day by shopping the same deals online. PrimeCables.ca has better deals than Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers, well worth having a look at.

Protect Yourself from COVID-19

In several provinces, it’s unclear what kind of Christmas or holidays are actually going to be possible.

Whether stores are open or closed, going out as COVID-19 numbers continue to be on the increase isn’t helpful to anyone. You can still get the buzz of shopping by staying indoors and spending the day watching some TV, enjoying the after-effects of December 25, and getting anything you need online.

You Can Find Everything You Want Online

There isn’t anything you can’t shop online. Everything you want, it’s there. PrimeCables.ca is Canada’s go-to for a wide range of items, from home theater systems to USB cables, sit-stand desks, electronics, and more.

Whether you’re a professional, are working from home or at an office, are a home theater enthusiast, or a hobbyist with a passion for DIY projects, you can find what you need at PrimeCables.ca.

Find exclusive Boxing Day 2020 offers on mounts, sit-stands, cables, adapters, and more at PrimeCables.ca this December 26, 2020.

Where to Find the Best Tech Boxing Day Sales in Canada

Tech deals on Boxing Day aren’t hard to find. The difficulty is finding the best prices, of course.

Key names in general consumer tech – a la Apple, Google, Best Buy, Walmart – don’t always provide products at the most affordable prices. Things like USB cables, electric desks, and smartphone accessories don’t come cheap and if they do, it’s usually because they’re built cheap.

PrimeCables.ca offers a bit of a different experience. As a Canadian-made brand, we provide tech accessories on Boxing Day discounts that are quality-made and priced low. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve helped 100s of Canadians set up home offices, upgrade home theater systems, and more. Check out some of our Boxing Day sales below!

Smartphone Cables

It isn’t a secret that PrimeCables.ca specializes in cables. For everything from your HDMI-connected flat-screen to your smartphone, they all need cables.

Find dozens of smartphone Boxing Day deals including USB cables, sync and charge cables, mounts, and more.

This way, you buy them while prices are low and then, when you need them, you have a new cable to plug in.

Speakers, Audio, and Earbuds

Sound is another specialty of ours. PrimeCables.ca has premium discounts on headphones, earbuds, portable waterproof speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth soundbars, and surround sound systems.

Do you work out – make your gym trip a little easier with True Wireless earbuds or wired Bluetooth earbuds.

Do you live in a small space – try a Bluetooth soundbar rather than going full-on 5.1 surround sound with things.

Every home uses audio in various ways. Boxing Day 2020 will have some deep cuts on sound accessories for audiophiles everywhere.

Build A New Home Office

2020 caught everyone off-guard. So many of us were sent home to work in less-than-ideal conditions.

Make 2021 a more focused year. If you’re still working from home, set up an office space on the cheap.

Start with an ergonomic sit-stand desk and see what else you may want, a la phone mounts, speaker mounts, monitor mounts, anti-fatigue mats, and more. Boxing Day home office deals courtesy of PrimeCables.ca has some amazing options to take advantage of.

Be ready when you head back to work in the New Year for all the challenges that lie ahead!

Catch all these sales, discounts, and deals 1-day only on December 26, 2020. It’s the official PrimeCables.ca Boxing Day sale! Whatever you’ve missed from your holiday shopping, this is the very last chance to grab it before those prices jump back up. Visit PrimeCables today and bookmark your favourites.