Don’t Miss Out On Our Secret Boxing Day Sale on Home Theater Products

Boxing Day is an underrated shopping sales day but it’s an important one.

Boxing Day 2020 is the last time of the year you’ll find big price cuts, deals, and discounts comparable to Black Friday.

You won’t see anything like it in January, February, or March, or anytime soon, either.

In celebration of the big day, is having its own home theater Boxing Day sale featuring discounts on all sorts of products.

Android Smart TV Box

Most of us already have some sort of streaming services set up but in case you don’t or are interested in an upgrade, an Android Smart TV box taps into all sorts of Internet-based streams from YouTube to Netflix and more.

Speaker Systems, Headphones, and Cables

Audio is just as important as video. Yet, we focus so much on video quality that we forget what speakers we’re using. Do you find you aren’t getting a good sound quality from your home entertainment system – check out speaker system Boxing Day sales this December 26, 2020.

Monitors and Flat-Screens

Replace your flat-screen with either a new 1080p HD TV, a flat monitor, a curved monitor, or alternatively, set yourself up with a projector and projector screen. Save $100s off these big-ticket items.

HDTV Antennas

As fun as streaming TV is, it lacks local coverage. Local news. Local sports. Local TV. You won’t locate any of it on Netflix.

You can, however, get it on an HDTV antenna. offers indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas that extend miles outwards, ready to catch all over-the-air free TV signals.

Mounts, Stands, and Ergonomics

For anyone already happy with their flat-screens and who doesn’t want to switch out their sound systems, you don’t have to.

A more affordable, easy way to make a difference in a home entertainment system is to equip it with a TV wall mount, TV stand, ergonomic desk, or similar accessories.

Items like these are great for anyone who may want a different viewing experience than what they’re getting.


Cables matter. A bad cable can ruin a viewing experience. Different cables can also make a difference in what you can connect to a home theater system.

Boxing Day 2020 is a great time to pick up HDMI cables, audio cables, video cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, Apple cables, DisplayPort cables, AC power cables and adapters, converters, splitters, switches, and more.

This Boxing Day, check out PrimeCables to see what’s left in the warehouse on our super-secret home theater sale.

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