What’s the Best Smartphone Case For My Phone?

What makes the best smartphone case for you will depend on what you want to get from the product.

Smartphone cases vary in price, some being excessively cheap but still able to protect your phone. Then, there are others that are more expensive and known to offer water-resistance, thinness, flexibility, with a built-in battery, or known for its style.

The bottom line is a smartphone is a costly item. It needs a case. Here are a few points to remember about what to look for.

Fashion is Important but…

Smartphone cases come in all sorts of colors and patterns. What adorns a case, to some, is as important as the features and design. As long as your smartphone has its basic protection from drops and dings, you’re good.


Some cases are designed to protect against water and moisture. A water-resistant phone case comes equipped with a seal to protect against water damage from pools, beaches, or in a bathtub. If you’re routinely around water or are worried about water damage, the extra protection’s worth it.

You Don’t Need Overkill

Sometimes, it can be overkill with how much protection a smartphone case offers. Some are specifically made to protect against the elements, hard impacts, or to be used in physical situations like hiking, working out, and similar high-risk activities. Unless you’re someone who is invested in these activities, it’s not worth shelling out the big bucks for more than basic protection.

Moshi Altra Case Detachable Wrist Strap iPhone 11 Pro - Shadow Black Price  in Pakistan
Altra Wrist Strap Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro with Detachable Strap, Blue – Moshi


Like we said, thin smartphone cases do exist and they’re glorious. Small and compact while still protecting against scratches, these cases are a great option if you want your phone to feel like it’s not inside a case. The only drawback with some of these thinner cases is that a drop on pavement might be more of a risk.

Protection Comes With Bulk

Some protection comes with an overly bulky design. Though there are thin smartphone cases available, bulk can seem like it means more protection. It doesn’t always. You don’t need excessive bulk to make sense of a design.

Comfort in Your Hands

How does a case feel in your hands – texture matters more to some than to others. A sleek, absorbent frame that’s comfortable in the hands is another ‘pro’ on a ‘pros and cons’ list examining a phone.

The best phone cases in 2021 are high-quality, premium-grade, and tailor-made for models like Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and more. Whether it’s a thin, shock-absorbent case to thicker, bulkier, heavy-duty phone cases, find them all at PrimeCables.ca.

What Are the Best Headphones in 2021 For Sound Quality?

Try out a new pair of over-the-ear headphones in 2021 for better sound quality, clearer frequencies, and louder audio.

Think about the features you love in a set of headphones. None of it matters if the quality of sound’s not any good.

Here are the best headphones in 2021 on sound quality, as voted on by the customers at PrimeCables.ca.

Logitech H600 Wireless Headset

The Logitech H600 wireless headset offers wireless Bluetooth audio, a noise-cancelling mic, and has on- ear controls. Work-from-home headsets like this have been in high demand since the pandemic began but in terms of sound quality, they’re not the best. The sound quality rating is 40/100.

Logitech H600 Wireless Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic & On-Ear Controls
H600 Wireless Headset – Logitech

Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Headphones

Equipped with a detachable cable with a mic included, this premium brand of over-the-ear headphones has a near-perfect rating of 91/100. The sound quality is crystal clear and comparable to much more expensive brands. The padded ear cushion also offers maximum comfort, keeping great-sounding audio in and outside noise out.

Premium Headphones Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro – PrimeCables®

Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones

An entry from Monoprice is these metal on-ear headphones, boasting decent quality in both sound and design. The customer rating assigned to the Monoprice metal headphones is an average 70/100 and their price isn’t as cheap as other headphone types. That said, the rich frequencies on the low-end and the clean highs make it worth it for some.

Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones – Monoprice®

Monoprice Lightweight On-Ear Headphones

The Monoprice-branded lightweight on-ear headphones are a newer model, with a superior audio quality and priced very affordably. The sound’s hi-fi, the frequency spectrum is wide, and they’re comfortable on the ear. There’s a reason this model is on the list. The audience rating for Monoprice headphones is 90/100.

Hi-Fi Lightweight On-Ear Headphones – Monoprice®

Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

One of the more expensive designs on this list but also rated highly at 89/100 is this nice set of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. The sound quality has high-definition stereo, noise cancellation, and up to 18 hours of playtime once charged. If you are looking strictly for a Bluetooth-enabled headphone design, this is your best bet in 2021.

Wireless Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Stereo Over the Ear Headphone – Primecables®

SonicSolace Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

SonicSolace has proven to offer exceptional sound quality on its pair of noise-cancelling headphones. There’s nothing more comfortable over the ear and being wireless, there’s no messiness involved in listening. The only drawback to high-quality SonicSolace Bluetooth headphones is their price, at $160.99. The sound quality rating is a perfect 100/100.

SonicSolace Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Black – Monoprice®

Don’t let a cool design fool you. Sound quality is what counts most. As types of headphones like those mentioned rival to be the best, headphones in 2021 are fast-advancing towards better quality. For now though, check out the best on the market today from PrimeCables.ca.

The Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Managing a workout schedule in the COVID-19 pandemic – with all the shutdowns and regulations in a state of flux – has proven massively challenging.

The best solution to all of this has been to control what you can control. Just because the gym shut down and working out indoors isn’t an option doesn’t mean working out from home is an impossibility.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds are one of your best companions for a home workout. Play music, podcasts, or blast a movie while you run some cardio.

At any budget, there are wireless headphones ready with Bluetooth, excellent sound quality, comfortable fit, and adaptability to workouts like bodyweight exercises, yoga, tai chi, cardiovascular machines, and more.

These are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today, available on sale from PrimeCables.ca.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

The best cheap wireless Bluetooth sports earbuds are here, priced for under $12 and rated at 88/100. You can bike, lift, run, jump, and do everything with these pressed into your ear. Get a sweat on, without worrying about losing charge.

Wireless Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earbuds Headphone w/ Mic & Volume Control – PrimeCables®

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in a charging case are totally wire-free and offer Apple-adjacent quality. Unlike earbuds with a wire between them, when you have a wire-free design, the charge is less. That’s the drawback. The total charge is only for three hours in total.

Large-Driver Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

A large-driver Bluetooth wireless earphones has a built-in microphone and is compatible with Apple, Samsung, and any Bluetooth-enabled products. Enjoy hands-free phone calls and continuous playtime of up to 5 hours. The search for wireless earbuds is over! Work out with ease.

Large-Driver Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with Built-in Microphone – Monoprice®

True Wireless Sweatproof Earphones

Enjoy this pair of True Wireless sweatproof Bluetooth earbuds. No wires, no hassle. The price point over $100 justifies the quality, though you can get a fine pair for less. These are workout-ready, sweatproof in design, and with a charging case included.

True Wireless Earphones IPX4 Sweatproof, Bluetooth 4.2, Mic and Portable Charging Case – Monoprice®

True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds

The best in sound quality, hear music across the ultimate spectrum of frequencies with clear accuracy. A True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds come in stereo with 2600mAh, up to 5 hours of listening time, and a charging case that’s ready to provide an extra 130 hours of playtime. Optimize your time, optimize your workout. These may be the best option on this list based on quality.

Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds with 2600mAh Charging Case – PrimeCables®

See Bluetooth wireless earbuds, headphones, and more workout-friendly accessories from PrimeCables.ca. Make your day-to-day fitness regimen custom to your preferences, with a podcast or music to accompany you through your hardest moments.

Benefits of a Curved Gaming Monitor

The immersive nature of an HD curved gaming monitor makes it one of the best going, outperforming flat monitors in comparison.

Although a lot of the hype around curved monitors has died down, they remain a viable alternative to flat monitors.

Here are a few of the reasons to buy a curved gaming monitor, with info on tech, display configurations, and more.

Expands Field of View

The most obvious benefit of a curved gaming monitor is its expanded field of view. A curved monitor’s angle makes it feel like what we’re seeing is real-life action.

The Image Looks More Realistic

We interpret length, width, and height differently on a curved flat-screen which makes things appear more realistic. We see all three dimensions. This creates a more enhanced viewing experience, forcing you to use your peripheral vision.

Less Eye Strain

A recent study showed the impact curved screens have on eye health. As it turns out, when watching a curved monitor, the eyes feel less tired, you’re less likely to experience blurred vision and/or aching behind the eyes, and less discomfort all around.

Maximum Eye Comfort

A curved gaming monitor is designed to mimic the perspective a human eye has. Through advanced curvature design that resembles the natural curve of the human eye, you maximize comfort.

Reduces Distortion

Flat screens are likely to appear blurry and distorted around the edges. This is due to light projections on a flat monitor. Comparatively, a curved screen causes light to be aimed at a viewer. This way of projecting light delivers a clearer, more accurate image.

27″ Curved Gaming monitor 1080P FHD 144hz Super Thin Aluminum frame Freesync – PrimeCables®

More Efficiency

Did you know most people read faster on a curved screen – it’s true! You can also locate information on a curved screen quicker. This means using a curved 1080p monitor isn’t just for gaming. You can use it as your go-to work-from-home monitor as it is likely to help increase efficiency.

Aesthetically Impressive

A curved monitor is stylish and sleek. They make a home theater setup all the more trendy, emulating a more theatrical and immersive entertainment experience. A curved screen is anything but ordinary. It’s a statement to guests as well as yourself.

Latest Flat-Screen Technology

Curved TVs make use of the newest tech in flat-screen design, incorporating a better contrast ratio, reduced reflection, brighter color, a faster refresh rate, and in-plane switching. This is why gamers love it – you get a fast response time at all times, ensuring the most realistic real-time gaming possible.

Get the latest tech and see the most natural way of watching a monitor for yourself. The experience awaits. Are you ready for a curved gaming monitor in Canada – visit PrimeCables.ca today.

6 Reasons to Buy A 32” Flat-Screen TV

TVs aren’t just meant to be big, bold, and expensive. They can also be small, compact, and affordable.

A 32-inch TV is the best size for small spaces or rooms that don’t traditionally have flat-screens equipped in them. For example, a small bedroom TV like this can be placed on a dresser or bedroom table and is much, much better than using a tablet, smartphone, or handheld screen.

Here are the top 6 reasons to buy a small 720p flat-screen for your home. Add a few extra accessories to the mix – such as a TV wall mount or Bluetooth soundbar – and you will see even more advantages to having such a TV around.

1.It’s Affordable

A 32” 720p flat-screen comes in at a great price point. It’s small, compact, and 720p’s high-definition. Via the HDMI connection, it’s as good as any other flat-screen. Keep it simple or connect it to an Android smart TV box, HDTV antenna, gaming console, or any device of your liking.

2. It Doesn’t Take Up Space

When you buy a TV for a condo or small space, you want a high-quality model that’s not too bulky. A 32” 720p HD TV is perfect for these type of rooms. Install a TV wall mount to save more space and affix your TV to a main living area wall, a basement wall, in the bedroom, or anywhere.

PrimeCables® 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom television 720p

3. Watch in Bed

Install your 32” flat-screen TV in your bedroom. Have a large – but not too large – screen to consume your favourite series, movies, sports, or news on before getting some shut-eye. This permits you to put away the smartphone and relax before getting tired.

4. Put it in Your Kitchen

Some households have small TV sets in their kitchen. This can help entertain you during single dinners, be used to help with recipe tutorials, or for any sort of use. Though it’s not perfect for kitchens of all types, it can be a nice accessory in a lot of cases.

5. Watch While You Work Out

A lot of us are getting in home workouts in the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re working out in a basement or private room, chances are it might still look a little improvised and empty. Just like with public gyms, a small flat-screen TV can brighten up the space and will help the minutes pass during cardio.

6. Spruce Up A Home Office

So long as it’s not distracting, a 720p television in a home office can be set up to oversee live news, sports, social media, or work-related material. You can also use the 720p TV to bus a conference call, Zoom call, or presentation for work.

Pick up your 720p television today at PrimeCables. Enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Order it now and have it delivered to your front door.

What USB Ports Do I Have On My Device?

USB ports aren’t always clearly marked. On laptops, sometimes you may see an identifier somewhere but on smaller devices – such as smartphones – it can be hard knowing what USB cable is right.

What Kind of USB Ports Are There?

Several USB cable types exist. USB is the most common plug-and-play interface in modern technology, after all.

Though smartphones and computers often offer very standard USB ports, there are hundreds of devices that may display a different kind of port or require a different cable than what you typically employ. Here are the most popular USB ports and cable types used today.

– USB-A.
– USB-B.
– USB Type-C.
– Micro-USB.
– Mini-USB.
– USB 3.0.
– USB 2.0.

Please note, this also doesn’t factor in the various USB adapters that exist, such as USB-to-HDMI cables.

How to Know What USB Ports Are on A Smartphone

On a smartphone, the process is relatively simple.

Androids have used the USB-B connector on practically every device since 2008. USB-B was dominant for many years until the introduction of USB-C which is now the preferred cable of smartphones in the last couple of years.

USB-C cables look similar to USB-B although they tend to be slightly more oval-shaped and thicker.

When in doubt on what USB cable might be needed to match the port on your smartphone, searching the information online isn’t difficult based on your phone type. If you had a manual come with the phone, this should also indicate what kind of USB port is on the device.

How to Know What USB Ports Are on Your Computer

If it’s a computer, the process of finding out what USB cable you need is simple.

Open the ‘Device Manager’. Look for ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ and click. This will show all USB ports installed on your computer.

If a USB port name shows as ‘Universal Host’, it’s USB 1.1.

If a USB port shows up as ‘Universal Host’ and ‘Enhanced Host’, it’s USB 2.0.

If it’s identified as ‘USB 3.0’, what you will need is then a USB 3.0 cable.

Can You Connect the Wrong USB Cable to Your Port?

If the cable fits, it’s the right USB cable for the port. A port is made for one specific cable type, refusing connection to any other.

Try to fit a different cable into the port than what is recommended and it will be so differently-sized that it’ll be either impossible to fit in because the cable connector is larger than the port or the cable connector will be too small and not connect.

PrimeCables.ca is your one-stop-shop for USB cables of all types. Once you know what USB port you’re working with, order high-quality long-lasting USB cables from the experts with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.

HDMI Extenders And How They Work

HDMI cables are a revolutionary way to transfer video and audio over short and extended distances.

The standard has blown away all others, simplifying home theater connections and eliminating any need for another cable. The drawback is that HDMI begins to lose signal strength quickly in distance.

The more distance you need an HDMI to travel over, the less output, the more interference, and the less support a signal has from the technical specifications inside your HDMI cable. In this situation, an HDMI signal extender is what you need.

What Does An HDMI Extender Do?

An HDMI extender provides a way to elongate an HDMI signal without it impacting the video/audio quality.

This makes it possible to do any number of things. For example, if you have a single cable connection and you get all your channels on a single flat-screen, to watch this on another television in another room would not normally be possible without a second cable TV receiver.

An HDMI extender, however, can send a signal out from a cable TV receiver and split it into a number of screens throughout your home.

So in a sense, you can connect multiple TVs to one signal. You can use multiple devices connected through HDMI on one signal.

There’s no picking up and physically moving your cable TV receiver, no need for a second receiver, and no need to be constantly plugging and unplugging devices to feed a signal in. Everything’s done through HDMI adapters like the extender.

HDMI Extender over UTP Cable Cat5e/6 with Pigtail Support 1080P, 30m – PrimeCables®

What Type of HDMI Extender Do I Need?

There are many types of HDMI adapters and extenders, the most popular of which being with Ethernet.

An HDMI extender using Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable takes an HDMI signal and passes it via Ethernet to a box that then outputs the signal via HDMI cable into another screen. This offers excellent quality video and audio quality with no degradation.

You still get 1080p high-definition quality across extended distances using an extender

Every HDMI extender can be a little different. Some only carry a signal so far. That said, the common extenders tend to carry for up to 30 meters and beyond. This is more than enough to work an HDMI signal from room-to-room, from the main floor to a basement, or even up to a household’s second floor.

There isn’t any setup required with a high-quality HDMI extender as it’s just a piece of hardware.

Long transmission distance. Gold-plated HDMI connectors. So much more. Find your HDMI extenders, adapters, switches, and more from PrimeCables.ca. Order yours today.

Cisco Cables And What To Use Them For

Cisco cables go by many names, i.e. ‘console cables’, ‘rollover cables’, and ‘management cables’.

Commonly referred to as a ‘rollover cable’, it gets this name because the pinouts are reversed on one end compared to the other which makes it appear as if the wire was rolled over and was now being viewed from the other side.

Cisco cables are designed to connect Cisco networking devices to PCs or terminals. This is typically done by having an RJ45 on the Cisco end and a serial connection on the terminal/PC side.

This is not an Ethernet cable nor is it a networking cable. The purpose of its use is to allow a computer the chance to configure a networking device.

The cable itself is typically a blue color and designed flat as opposed to round. This is done to distinguish it from other networking cabling.

10FT SMART SERIAL 26 PIN M/DB15 M Cable (CAB-SS-X21MT – Monoprice)

Different Types of Cisco Cables

The most well-known Cisco cable is the RJ45 to DB9, a single wire representing multiple adapters. Both ends of the cable are represented in its description.

This standard is the most direct serial connection available, able to communicate with terminals equipped with a DB9 port. If a computer or laptop is involved, you may need an additional adapter to get it through your USB port.

When looking to buy Cisco cables, you will also come across a USB-A to Mini-B type. This uses a mini-B port on a Cisco device and requires no RJ45 connector. A specialized cable, it was designed to connect smaller devices, including portable and mobile devices.

The most modern Cisco cable – and the newest to hit the market – is the USB to RJ45 Cisco cable.

The aforementioned cable gets rid of the need for a DB9 port and streamlines the terminal connection. From the console port on a Cisco device to a standard USB port, it’s simple and effective though is not a cable usually included in Cisco hardware packages. They are usually purchased independently.

Shop online for Cisco cables, with deals on DCE/DTE DB60 crossover cables, Smart Serial 26-Pin M/DB15 cables, HD68M/8 Legs RJ-45 cables, and more – all offered at varying lengths to accommodate different setups.

In the past, a lot of time and effort was invested in trying to bridge these type of terminal connections.

As long as you have the right Cisco cables, you have everything you need to help yourself maximize functionality and get the results you’re striving for. It’s a lot easier to do with quality-made Cisco cables. Get yours at PrimeCables.ca today.

Is A Cat8 Ethernet Cable the Best For My Business Network?

As wireless Internet and fiber optics have made going without Ethernet very attractive to households everywhere, Ethernet’s hung on as a necessary high-speed wired Internet option supporting better security and sometimes better speeds.

The latest version of Ethernet is Cat8, a new standard exceeding the limitations of previous categories.

How Much Faster is Cat8 Ethernet?

The obvious benefits to a Cat8 Ethernet cable is that it has larger standard bandwidth and a maximum data transfer rate that exceeds that of its predecessors. Here is a quick comparison between the different standards currently in use.
– Cat5e – 100MHz in standard bandwidth – 1,000Mbps maximum data rate
– Cat6 – 250MHz in standard bandwidth – 1,000Mbps maximum data rate
– Cat6a – 500MHz in standard bandwidth – 10Gbps maximum data rate
– Cat7 – 600MHz in standard bandwidth – 10Gbps maximum data rate
– Cat 8 – 2,000MHz in standard bandwidth – 40Gbps maximum data rate

Cat8 Ethernet Network Cable Cord 27AWG, S/FTP OD6.0mm – 6 Feet – Blue PrimeCables®

How Much Does Cat8 Ethernet Cost?

As anyone can tell in the last comparison, a Cat8 Ethernet cable is a massive upgrade on bandwidth and data transfer.

As for the best Ethernet cable, that obviously comes at a higher price point than a Cat6a cable or Cat6 cable. Cost can be a barrier. If it is for your household or business, there isn’t anything inadequate about going with a lesser networking cable.

Though Cat5e cable is the bare minimum, most businesses are currently on Cat6 connections minimum with only a select percentage having made the upgrade all the way up to Cat7 Ethernet.

Why is Cat8 Ethernet the Better Ethernet?

Cat8 cables are twisted differently, more frequently. The higher frequencies also require an increase in shielding. The most trusted type of shielding used for Cat8 is S/FTP, providing the maximum level of protection from interference.

Cat8’s bandwidth is so high as is the data transfer that larger files can now be transferred at greater speed.

Should you need it for video calling, to transfer files, to work on files remotely, or for basic bandwidth needs, everything is covered on a Cat8 Ethernet cable. It does not get better than that.

Cat8 networking cables are the top standard going and the most secure as well – another advantage. To hack into a wireless connection, a person just needs the password. To hack an Ethernet connection, one must physically cut into the cable. There’s no other way to derive access.

All of these reasons are why more businesses are turning to Cat8 Ethernet. It is a scalable copper cable that can compete with the specs on fiber optic wireless. Get yours today from PrimeCables.ca.

How to Hook Up Your Laptop to a TV With A DVI Cable

The best way to transfer images from your laptop to a flat-screen TV is through a wired cable connection.

Whether you want to stream a video your Android smartphone TV box can’t handle, have a scheduled Zoom call with a family member, or want to play a PC game on a larger screen, connecting your computer to your TV is made easy with the right cable.

Why Casting Isn’t Always Ideal for Laptop-to-TV

You have several ways to go from a computer or laptop to your TV, starting with casting via Bluetooth.

Some flat-screens allow you to cast to them. That is, to send video remotely. If you have a Chromecast, this is easy to do through your browser. Screen-mirroring is also an option. The problem, however, with these is video quality is lesser than it would be through a straight connection.

You may find your video quality is choppy, having to stop and buffer frequently, or is simply unplayable.

What’s the Right Cable For My Laptop-to-TV Connection?

Almost every flat-screen TV sold today uses HDMI as its main port, though the same cannot be said for laptops.

HDMI cables are the best way to transmit high-quality audio and video within the same cable. If your laptop has an HDMI output port, this will be the easiest way to transmit signal.

You may find your laptop or computer having a DisplayPort output port instead of HDMI. This is common.

Unfortunately, DisplayPort is rarely found on flat-screens or TVs of any type. Therefore, one will need to purchase an adapter to make the connection.

10FT DVI-I Dual Link(24+5) to VGA Cable – PrimeCables®

Then, there are DVI cables. Though DVI is an outdated standard, it is still found on many older laptops and computers which is in part why it’s still a popular option. There are a few different types of DVI cables – just like HDMI, USB, etc. – so be sure to select the right cable.

DVI only transfers video which means you will require an alternative means of amplifying any audio.

What to Do After You’ve Connected via DVI Cable

Once you have your DVI cable or adapter and have connected your laptop to the TV, things aren’t done yet.

Go into your laptop and get ready to make some tweaks. If the image on your TV is blurry or pixelated, right-click on your desktop screen and go to ‘Display Settings’. Go down to ‘Multiple Displays’. Here you can set the display resolution and optimize the video output.

With the right DVI cable, HDMI cable, or adapter, anyone can hook up their laptop to a TV. PrimeCables.ca has everything you need, cables and adapters alike, to get you started. Order yours today.