What is the Correct Way to Mount A TV With A Wall Mount – Read here

A heavy-duty tilt, curve, and flat-panel TV wall mount is a clear, smart, and immersive way to watch media.

Lift your flat-screen. Make it flush with the wall. Secure it in place. Free up space in the room to make use of it how you see fit. Pretty straightforward but there are a few extra steps to take in mounting a TV.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. This is how you mount a TV the correct way.

Get the Right Type of TV Wall Mount

Every TV wall mount has limitations. Two in mind are weight and size. Don’t force a heavy flat-screen on a mount that isn’t ready to handle with it. Adhere to the weight range.

Know Your VESA Flat-Screen Standard

Also, regarding size, every TV has what are called VESA measurements. These are the mounting holes in the back of a flat-screen. Find out the VESA specifications for your flat-screen. They should match to your TV wall mount. If they do not match, you won’t be able to mount your screen.

Use Your TV Wall Mount As Intended

Don’t try to be unique with how you mount your TV. Your wall mount should be used as intended. Don’t be tilting a mount that doesn’t tilt or trying to move your flat-screen in unnatural ways. A person can end up ruining the safety and security built into the design.

Hide the TV Audio-Video Cables

When you mount a screen, you’ll have any device cables – i.e. HDMI – hanging down. Some home theater builders purchase a vertical channel in which they put their cables so that they aren’t totally unsightly. Minimum, tape them to the wall so that the cables are secured and not a risk.

Position Your TV At A Comfortable Height

Cut out some cardboard the size of your flat-screen. Position it in various places on the wall. Consider the different placements and what’s natural to you according to where you intend to sit. Most people will want to position their screens a little lower than they probably think.

C7ebd primecables cab plb 33l wall mount brackets heavy duty tilting curved flat panel tv wall mount for tv 37 to 70 inch primecables

Make Sure to Use the Studs

A tilting TV wall mount or any type of mount should be nailed into the studs in the wall. A stud finder can find the studs for you behind the plasterboard. A stud finder can also let you know where pipes and wiring are. This will help you avoid accidental damage as you drill into the wall.

Consider Your Speakers

Now that you have mounted your TV, if you want to take things to the next level, consider your speakers. Mounting your speakers on the wall works. In-wall speakers are also an option. A set of speaker stands are an alternative as well.

Once you have your TV wall mount, think about other ways you can heighten the appeal of your home theater system. Visit PrimeCables.ca today for more information.

What is the Best Cordless Power Drill in 2021 – Read here

A power drill is a handy tool to have around the house. Whether you’re an amateur home improvement specialist or pull it out every once in a while, a cordless drill is a must-have for homeowners and people looking to save money on home repairs.

The best cordless power drill is one that prioritizes efficiency and safety. A cordless drill is also important as you don’t want a tripping hazard and you could be taking a drill into places where a plug or outlet isn’t readily available.

Here is a little bit around how we break down what the best home cordless power drill in 2021 is.

Why You Need A Power Drill

A power drill can help you assemble and take apart furniture. Be able to fix things around the house. Build things using your power drill to tighten screws.

From home theater to tables, chairs, exercise equipment, bed frames, and more, there is no shortage of ways to use a power drill.

Once you have a quality power drill, even those of us who aren’t so handy will find themselves looking for reasons to use it. For minor repairs and home improvement projects, you won’t need to call a repair person for help.

Do it yourself. Do it with a charged cordless power drill ready to pick up and be put to work.

724ed primecables cab cd304 2 tools testers 20v cordless power drill with soft grip handle primecables

What to Look For in A Cordless Power Drill

The battery. The battery should be able to keep a charge. A 1.3Ah Li-ion battery is the ideal for any cordless drill and will keep it running on a single charge for several hours. It’ll also give the supply to the power to ensure your drill drills.

The power. A drill has got to have some bite behind it. A 20V charge with 1,250 RPM is above average, perfect for all sorts of home and garage projects. The more power, the better the performance and the faster you can get the job done.

Online reviews. If you buy a cordless power drill in Canada online, check out what people are saying about the product. The reviews say a lot. A highly-rated cordless drill – or at least, one marketed as such – should have the evidence to back up their claims.

Affordability. No one wants to cheap power drill. You also don’t want to overpay. Some say a reasonably priced cordless drill is in the $70-$80 range. Fortunately, there are some impressive cordless power drills available at under $50 as well.

Shop the best cordless power drill in 2021 at PrimeCables.ca today. Highly rated, it’s the only cordless drill you’ll ever need to own. The next time there’s a repair you have to get done, you’ll be ready.

What Is An X96 Mini Android TV Box And How Does It Work – Read here!

An X96 mini Android TV box is a way to create a smart TV out of any flat-screen, any projector screen, or any monitor.

If you recently received a mini Android TV box, are considering buying one, or are interested in knowing what an X96 box is, you’ve come to the right place. It’s actually rather simple. An X96 box is a computer. Well, an operating system actually. In the OS, it is pre-programmed with different software, apps, and channels, connecting to WiFi to deliver a premium smart TV experience.

Can You Make Any TV Into A Smart TV?

A flat-screen that does not have WiFi built-in or an older flat-screen can feel very limited in comparison with smart TVs.

Smart TVs are very expensive. It also requires you giving up your current flat-screen. With an X96 Android box, you can keep what you have. The same technology inside a smart TV is inside an X96 box. It’s essentially an external operating system that you plug in via HDMI and WiFi. Connected and online, it gives you the same functionality.

What Can You Do With An X96 Android Box?

An X96 box uses an Android operating system, including the Google Store and everything else you’d expect to have on such a device.

In a way, an X96 box is like a smartphone. There are apps, an Internet browser to go online, and social media links providing you the chance to do more or less anything you can do on your smartphone on your TV.

The most popular way to use an Android smart TV box is to stream. See YouTube. Go on your Netflix subscription if you have one. You can also use it as a media player. What we mean by this is it allows you to send video from your smartphone to your TV to be viewed.

How Do You Install An Android TV Box?

An X96 Android TV box is very easy to install. It’s more or less plug-and-play. You connect it via HDMI. Then, use your TV remote to switch over to the channel you just plugged into. Once everything’s on and working, you should see the operating system there in front of you.

There are some apps and streaming services pre-installed. You also have the option of downloading more apps according to what you want to do.

Also, it’s worth noting that the X96 is a 4K Android TV box. If your TV is 4K and if the content streamed is 4K, you see it in its highest quality.

X96 Mini 4K Android 7.0.1 Smart TV Box, 2+16GB ROM H.264/H.265 10Bit WIFI – PrimeCables®

Find a high-speed X96 Mini Android Box today from PrimeCables.ca. Based on the Android operating system, turn your TV into a whole new media and home entertainment center.

What Can You Build With A Cordless Circular Saw – Read here

A cordless circular saw is a gift. It allows you to cut wood faster and assemble a wide range of things. Deciding on when to go from a standard hand saw to an automatic circular saw will ultimately come down to what you want to build.

Here are some ways you can use a cordless circular saw to make your life a whole lot easier.

Building Furniture

Do you enjoy building furniture – a cordless circular saw can help. Why it’s so beneficial is in large part due to the cuts it can make. From miter cuts to crosscuts and rip cuts, you have lots of opportunity to craft solid, functional furniture of your own design.

A circular works well with almost any type of board, including dense woods, wet woods, and pressure-treated boards.

Wood Boxes

Any reclaimed wood or old wood can be repurposed for a wide array of projects. Think standalone planters for an indoor or outdoor garden, a birdhouse, a mailbox, or unique hardwood seating.

A 20V circular saw is the perfect accompaniment to these types of projects, with the ability to divide up large and long pieces of wood into the exact materials you need.

Home Office Desks

A lot of us are work-from-home folks now and we have home offices to supply. A 4,000 RPM circular saw is an excellent tool for cutting out slabs of wood to build your very own office desk. Customize it. Personalize it. It’s your design.

This is the true beauty when you have power tools like a saw at your disposal. You can build anything. Be creative. Entertain yourself. Create things that they don’t have in stores or that are unique to you.

031b3 primecables cab ccs326 tools testers 20v cordless circular saw primecables

What Else You Can Cut

Under the right circumstances, a high-quality circular saw can cut through plastics, metals, concrete, tiles, bricks, and more. That said, do consult with the user manual beforehand. Recognize cutting non-wood will wear down the blade faster.

If all you want to do is cut firewood and complete small carpenter projects, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

What Else You Can Build

  • Wooden shelves
  • Storage and organization boxes
  • Cabinetry
  • Drawers
  • Entryway bench
  • Pergola, gazebo, or sitting area for your backyard

Find a lithium-ion battery with a 6.5-inch blade in your cordless circular saw at PrimeCables.ca today. Build the setup of your dreams. Craft all sorts of beautiful pieces of furniture, décor, accessories, and more. There are no limits, other than what’s in your imagination. Bless your household with original works or keep your circular saw on-hand for when you have to make repairs, fixes, or cuts. It’s yours to have. Buy today for fast, free shipping.

How Does A Cordless Tire Inflator Work – See here

A portable air compressor and tire inflator from PrimeCables.ca has received a lot of attention online as of late.

When you have tires low on air, pull off to the side of the road or in a nearby parking lot. Your portable tire inflator will be ready to fill it and get you back on the road in no time. Cordless, portable, durable, and effective, this is a key tool to have with you on the road.

How does a cordless tire inflator work – excellent question. Here’s how.

Why We Use Tire Inflators

Car tires need to be inflated now and again. A tire inflator or tire air compressor is your best bet when this happens.

A portable tire inflator is charged like any other device. It then uses the electric energy in the battery to convert the electricity into energy and pressurized air. They are used frequently on automobile tires, sports balls, beach toys, and more. It’s a very diverse tool.

Anatomy of A Tire Inflator

An electric motor drives a crankshaft. This force makes the piston work. The piston compresses air. Some air compressors come with an air tank which will hold air within a defined pressure range.

There is also an LED screen with a digital gauge to tell you the pressure level of the gas. This is important as you don’t want to overfill your tire or underfill.

PSI means ‘pressure per square inch’ and is a number given to how much you want to inflate a tire.

Portable Air Compressor Pump Cordless Tire Inflator with Digital Display & LED Light – PrimeCables®

How An Air Compressor Works

An air compressor uses a reciprocating piston. Air flows into a compressor and is the piston compresses it. A vacuum above the piston is created which allows more air from outside to flow inward.

As air pressure inside a tank increases, eventually it will cut off the vacuum and close up the outside air coming in.

A portable tire pump and air compressor is very light, at only six pounds or less. They’re great for anyone with limited space in their trunks or garages. You charge it beforehand. The air keeps inside indefinitely. The small size of a portable inflator does have its limits. Do not expect to be inflating a ton of tires on any given day. That said, it will help get you out of a jam and keep a vehicle on the road.

Compressed air in this way has so many uses. No longer do you need to go down to the gas station to fill up your tires or check in with the mechanic. Simplify the workload. Find a cordless tire inflator that is portable, rechargeable, and with fast, free shipping in Canada courtesy of PrimeCables.ca.

What to Look For In An Angle Grinder For Home Use

A top-quality angle grinder is the perfect tool to help you cut, grind, carve, and more. If you haven’t used an angle grinder before and aren’t sure what to look for in a model, here is everything you need to know about how to spot the best angle grinder.

Disc Size

An angle grinder uses a rotating disc to do its work. For DIY home use, you only need a 4-inch or 5-inch disc. For industrial situations, up to 9-inch discs are used. The thicker the disc, the more material you can cut.


An angle grinder is a tool used for everything from cutting iron pipe to fixing a faulty valve, handcrafting furniture, cutting tile, removing grout, and carving wood. If you intend to put an angle grinder through its paces, ensure it’s up for it.

4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with One Grinding Disc Included – PrimeCables®


Dust is produced as we use an angle grinder. This can clog vents, cause overheating, or burn out the motor. Though not a necessity, some angle grinders have a seal or dust ejection system incorporated into the design. Any sort of protective guard will help keep this material under control.


Most home angle grinders offer speeds between 5,000 and 10,000 RPM. There are more robust angle grinders up to 12,000 RPM. The higher the speed, the easier the tool will be to use and cut through materials.

Electric v. Cordless

Cordless tools are very convenient. That said, when it comes to angle grinders, cordless means they rely on a charge. It will spit out less power and you’ll continually lose power the lower the battery goes. Ensure your angle grinder is corded. This way, you have consistent and reliable power. You can work quickly and efficiently.

Multiple Discs

Even the most high-quality angle grinder in Canada will see its disc get worn down. Ensure you have multiple discs. Some angle grinders come with two or more discs but far from all. If you are sure you’re going to be using it frequently, a few extra angle grinder discs is a smart buy.

Angle Grinder Size

A large angle grinder with a large disc will fatigue the hand quicker than a small angle grinder designed for portable use. A handheld angle grinder that feels comfortable in your hand is recommended for home use.

Find the ultimate angle grinder for home use from PrimeCables.ca. It is one of the safest and effective angle grinders on the market, affordable and quality-made. Use yours on dozens of home projects and see how easy it cuts!

What Makes A Work-From-Home Office Setup Ergonomic – Read here!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic truly began in Canada last March, in the past year, many Canadians have come to know exactly what it is to work from home.

Now experienced with the benefits and challenges of a work-from-home setup, you may be searching for ways to be more productive at home, to concentrate better, and to be more comfortable.

An ergonomic work-from-home office is a setup that prioritizes comfort. An ergonomic desk is proven to help office workers in any environment stay productive and reduces the aches and pains that come with day-to-day office work.

Why Is There Such A Demand for Ergonomic Home Offices?

Last year, no one expected to be sent home to work from their dining room tables, couches, bedrooms, and various other settings which are not so professional.

In an office, a lot of modern-day setups are pretty ergonomically sound. At home though, on a couch, in a kitchen chair, or even in bed is going to push your body to remain in a position it wouldn’t normally be in. The musculoskeletal pain to follow is why ergonomic offices are becoming more popular. There’s a way to fix all that.

Do You Have Aches And Pains?

Prolonged sitting and maintaining unnatural postures put stress on our frames. Eventually, this means strains happen, muscles get pulled, and you end up with aches and pains.

Solve this by selecting ergonomic office equipment that puts your body in a more comfortable position. This isn’t just about selecting the right office desk and chair, either. It’s also about placement of monitors and other factors.

Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – PrimeCables®

Is An Ergonomic Work-From-Home Setup Expensive?

An ergonomic work desk and station doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in most cases, ergonomic desks can be set up for under $500.

The first thing to do is to select an ergonomic desk. Ideally, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk is best. This allows someone to go from sitting to standing and back down at their leisure, reducing the weight that would normally be put on their frame for eight hours a day sitting.

What Else Can I Do to Improve Ergonomics In My Home Office?

  • Buy a monitor mount. This attaches to your desk like a heavy-duty metal arm. It holds your monitor in an elevated position, adjustable to an optimum view. This reduces strain on shoulders, necks, and upper backs.
  • Look ahead and not down. We have a natural tendency to look down at our computers. Look ahead instead and focus on maintaining a healthy posture. In time, this will come naturally.
  • Adjust your chair to the right height. When a chair is too low, it causes a person to slouch. When the armrests are too high, they cause tension in the upper back. At the right position, there’s none of that.
  • Take a 5-minute break every hour. Walk around. Have a glass of water. Bend your legs. This will help to relieve some of the pressure that’s been put on your body.

Are you looking for trendy ways to correct mistakes in your work-from-home setup – visit PrimeCables.ca today. Check out home office accessories as well as desks, office chairs, mounts, and more.

The Benefits of A Surge Protector For Your Electronics

Surge protectors are used every day in commercial and industrial environments. Homes and offices also use them to protect things like home theater systems, tools and equipment, computers, and more. Do you need a surge protector – here is why a lot of people say yes.

Big Plugs

A surge protector typically offers big plugs, oftentimes spacing the sockets apart to accommodate larger plug sizes. If you’re using some expensive electronics or tools where you have had difficulty in the past plugging them in, a surge protector with wide spacing offers a lot.

They Add Outlets

If you need multiple outlets, there’s no reason not to buy a multi-outlet surge protector. Receive the benefits of a row or two or additional outlets as well as the protections against electricity surges.

They’re Superior to Power Strips

Power strips are cheaper to buy but also cheaper to make. Even if it has a circuit breaker, any power strip offers no real protection from electrical issues. They’re just a way to add outlets. Comparatively, a surge protector is far superior.

D5b2c primecables cab lts 8ts plugs sockets 8 outlets metal housing surge protector with 14awg 10ft cord 1350 joules primecables

1,350 Joules in Surge Protection

A surge protector is accommodating to large jolts of power and small amounts as well. With multiple grounded outlets and 1,350 joules in protection, this will keep flat-screens, laptops, appliances, and more safe. If you live in a home where there is an above-average risk for electrical issues, a large-plug surge protector certainly becomes a necessity.

They’re A Great Buy for ‘Free Shipping’

Receive fast, free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49 from PrimeCables.ca. Are you buying something from us and you haven’t gotten to the ‘free shipping’ minimum yet – add on the metal surge protector just under $20. This brings you a little closer!

They’re Not Expensive

A surge protector is affordable. What it protects, however, can be very costly to repair. For unexpected power spikes, this is what you want in between what’s coming out of your wall and a power cord to electronics.

They’re Heavy Duty

A lot of surge protectors can be heavy in weight and in heavy-duty casing. This eight-outlet metal-housing surge protector is a great example of this. It’s meant for industrial work environments, though is also usable in homes, offices, and anywhere else.

They’re Portable

A surge protector can be moved. Some are heavier than others but they are always easily portable which makes them great if you have to use them on a job site that’s always moving.

There is no reason not to get a surge protector. Divert unwanted or excess electricity away from your devices and electronics. Find 5-outlet, 6-outlet, 7-outlet, and 8-outlet surge protectors today from PrimeCables.ca.

If You Buy One Thing For Your Home Office, It Should Be A Monitor Mount And Here’s Why

Home offices have lots of essentials. A home office desk. An office chair. A computer and a monitor. An Internet connection, of course.

You may not think a monitor mount as a necessity but hear us out. It’s a lot easier to work and maintain productivity when you have an ergonomic work-from-home setup with a monitor mounted to a natural, intuitive position.

Lower back pain isn’t the only ache office workers can have. As we lean over and look at the monitor, neck pain and shoulder pain come into play.

If there’s a primary benefit to monitor mounts, it’s that they eliminate this discomfort at the root cause.

How Monitor Mounts Can Adapt to Your Work-From-Home Office

Monitor mounts save a ton of space, especially if you’re working on two or more screens.

You can use one monitor mount per monitor or a single mount for multiples. Mounts come in various configurations. A single monitor mount you can spread across your desk, setting up your screens strategically. They also make mounts as wide and heavy-duty as three, four, six, or eight monitors.

Assuming you’re on the occasional Zoom call, a monitor mount also positions a screen at an optimal perspective. Capture yourself at your best angle. So many perks come embedded in a monitor mount.

Full Motion Dual Screen Desktop Mount for 10″-27″ Monitors, Aircraft Aluminium, White – PrimeCables®

Where to Shop for Ergonomic Monitor Mounts in Canada

Most of us have been working from home for over a year now in sometimes-makeshift home offices. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now time to optimize.

A monitor mount looks high-tech and adds so much to your day-to-day. Keep yourself comfortable and professional, supporting yourself with the right equipment, resources, and accessories to do your work.

Shop ergonomic monitor mounts in Canada at PrimeCables.ca and receive free shipping on orders above $49.

Once you have it, you won’t know how you ever worked without it. No more hunching over the desk. Minimize that neck and upper back pain. No more straining. You’ll notice the difference after a single day.

The additional desk space will also mean you can lay out paperwork, accessories like your smartphone, and not feel so cramped anymore. Eliminate clutter. Stay focused. Adjust the positioning of your monitor as you see fit. It’s the perfect office desk accessory.

Add a monitor mount to your ergonomic office. Just like freshly brewed coffee and other ergonomic office accessories, there are endless benefits to setting up your office like this. PrimeCables.ca is the place to shop for it all!

How to Clear Off Space With A Desktop Computer in Your Home Office

A desktop computer is big and powerful but it also poses a problem with how much space the tower requires.

With a normal desk, you have two options. The first, put the desktop CPU on top of the desk. Alternatively, put it on the floor. Both aren’t ideal. A computer on top of the desk is in the way, permanently an eyesore. A computer on the floor can get knocked over, is at high risk for beverage spills, and doesn’t look pretty.

Here’s how to get rid of clutter in your home office. An adjustable under-desk mount is all you need.

Benefits of An Under-Desk Mount for Computers

Put your CPU somewhere safe. It will be held in place securely and can be easily reached whenever you need to reboot it. It’s not at risk of getting knocked off your desk and won’t be in the way anymore. It’s the ideal location for a desktop like this.

Optimize the location of your under-desk CPU mount. There are no hard and fast rules in where you put your mount.

Wherever it fits and feels natural works best for you. The height of an under-desk mount is also adjustable, further enhancing ease-of-use.

Save space from the top of your desk. Use that space to put paperwork, décor, charge your smartphone, and more. Just like a monitor mount, an under-desk computer mount is about removing what doesn’t need to be there and opening up the space.

981ee primecables cab cpb 6 ergonomics accessories adjustable under desk wall cpu mount primecables

Where to Buy An Adjustable CPU Mount in Canada

The adjustable under-desk mount for computers from PrimeCables.ca is one of the highest-rated in its category.

Heavy-duty and adjustable in size, it can hold almost any general CPU you put in front of it. Complete with a 360-degree swivel function, you can also push it out of the way when you need to.

Always have your CPU accessible but not directly in the way. It doesn’t take up any floor space nor desktop space. You also have easy access to the cables and ports on the back, an area difficult to reach at times when a desktop computer is on the floor. We know how busy and disorganized some desktops can get. An adjustable under-desk mount optimizes CPU positioning to make things a whole lot easier.

Find ergonomic mounts and other desk accessories from PrimeCables.ca. From under any desk or work surface, mount your PC. Holds up to 22 pounds in a CPU computer tower, adjustable to almost any size. Screws securely to your under-desk tabletop, with side and bottom brackets holding your CPU in place at all times.