What is the Best Gauge for Speaker Wires – Read Here!

Most speakers do not clearly indicate what gauge of speaker wire is best. That decision is yours. If you’re building in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers, you will also need a specific type of speaker wire known as CL2 or CL3.

If you’re running wire underground, you will need speaker wire that’s rated appropriate and meant for direct burial.

Also, speaker wires are available with and without connectors. Needless to say, it can get complicated. Our part in this article is to highlight a little of the key differences in speaker wire gauges in an effort to aid you in deciding what’s best for your home.

Gauge is A Thickness Measurement

Speaker wire gauge indicates thickness. A 12-gauge wire is larger. An 18-gauge wire is smaller. Thickness plays a key role in the performance of speaker wire. A thicker wire equates to more capacity, more speed, and less resistance.

A thicker wire isn’t always necessary to get an excellent performance, however.

How Far Away Are Your Speakers?

The dynamics of where your speakers are in relation to their amplifier will dictate what type of speaker wire is needed.

A thick gauge – such as 12-gauge – is necessary for long-wire applications. This is because you have less resistance in a thicker wire. The signal can travel further. You can get more power. For low-impedance speakers, this is perfect.

A thin speaker wire gauge – such as 16-gauge – is perfect for shorter distances. In this context, ‘short’ means less than 50 feet.

For the majority of people, a thin speaker wire is fine and will be the most cost-effective wire to choose.

50ft Speaker Wire 16AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Cable – PrimeCables®

How Much Speaker Wire Do I Need For My Speaker System?

To know how much speaker wire you need, measure it. You can use string, twine, or just about anything. Measure from your receiver to each speaker location. Add a few extra feet which will give you some slack to work with just in case it’s needed.

Now, there is speaker wire with connectors and without. If you buy speaker wire without connectors, you may want to use banana connectors on the ends. Otherwise, you will be attaching bare wire to a home theater receiver which can be a frustrating experience. Banana connectors make the job so much easier.

Lastly, when connecting speaker wire, identify the positive and negative leads. Make sure they get connected correctly. If the connections end up crossed, there either won’t be any audio or it’ll sound unpleasant to the ear.

Find the right gauge. Find the right length. Shop online and save with our speaker wire guide, showcasing different thicknesses and lengths appropriate for home and business use. Buy high-quality speaker wire for your speaker system from PrimeCables.ca.

What Are HDMI Cables With Ethernet Used For – Read Here!

HDMI cables with Ethernet use an Ethernet infrastructure to distribute HD quality video signals throughout a home and/or to multiple screens.

For home theater settings and computer users, an HDMI cable with Ethernet can be very beneficial.

Why is There HDMI With Ethernet?

HDMI 1.4 cables were the first standard to be created with Ethernet compatibility. This type of cable facilitates the transfer of data between IP-based devices.

This cable was designed to provide internet to home theater systems without the need for additional cabling. In the past, one would have to connect an Ethernet cable and an HDMI. Through HDMI 1.4, they’ve made a single cable for two uses.

What Does An HDMI With Ethernet Allow You to Do?

What you can do with an HDMI cable with Ethernet is expanded over the functionality of a standard HDMI.

Connect IP-based devices to your network. Connect devices to routers and modems in your home.

Provide your TV with an Internet that isn’t wireless. Just like you have the benefits of Ethernet over WiFi, you can use the HDMI Ethernet cable to wire your home theater for a fast Internet connection.

How Does An HDMI Ethernet Cable Work?

Inside an HDMI cable with Ethernet, you have a dedicated HDMI channel and a separate link containing Ethernet. The Ethernet channel accommodates bi-directional speeds up to 100 MB/second.

To take full advantage of this feature, devices must have HDMI Ethernet functionality built in. Unfortunately, not every device has this functionality.

Even if you do not use the Ethernet part of the cable, it will still work as an HDMI cable for any home theater.

Do Gold-Plated HDMI Cables Make A Difference?

The best quality HDMI cables with Ethernet are those that are gold-plated.

This type of HDMI cable is higher grade with a larger conductor. Gold-plated HDMI cables also tend to have better shielding and are more durable than your standard HDMI cable.

If you’re buying a cable with Ethernet for your home theater, consider a gold-plated HDMI connector.

A single cable for video, audio, and Internet! Find HDMI cables with Ethernet, HDMI 4K cables, HDMI 2.1 8K cables, and the latest in Ethernet technology from PrimeCables.ca. There’s no reason to rely on multiple cables when one home theater HDMI cable will do. Build a better home theater infrastructure and distribute HD video signals not only to your flat-screen but to other devices in the connection chain as well.

Types of HDMI Cables

HDMI cables have a variety of connectors and adapters that have made it the top cable for consumers. Different letters. Different standards. Adapters making it possible to connect to everything from flat-screens to computers and mobile devices.

Here is a quick glimpse into the different types of HDMI cables and what HDMI cable may be perfect for you.

HDMI Flat-Type

HDMI flat-type cables are used frequently for in-wall installations. They are designed to save on space while still providing a reliable HDMI connection.


HDMI to VGA cables are designed to make it possible to send a signal from HDMI to VGA connections. A cable like this saves you the hassle of purchasing an adapter.


Much like the HDMI to VGA, you also have the HDMI to DVI cable for devices with only a DVI connection. Please note DVI is a video-only port. Audio will have to be connected entirely separately.

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

HDMI with Ethernet

HDMI with Ethernet functionality is a two-part cable. In one channel, you have regular HDMI 1.4 standard which provides up to 1080p HD picture quality. In the other, you have Ethernet connectivity which provides a wired, fast Internet connection for your home theater system.

HDMI Micro Cables

HDMI micro cables use the Type D connector. These micro cables are typically used on GoPro cameras, smartphones, portable media players, and other video recording devices. This is a reliable way to connect these devices to one’s flat-screen or home theater setup.

HDMI Mini Cables

HDMI mini cables use a small HDMI tip to allow it to fit into smaller-than-average devices. There are several devices that do not have the design space to incorporate full-size ports. If your Android’s got a mini HDMI port, this is the cable type for you. It is one of the rarer HDMI cable connectors.

HDMI 4K Cables

HDMI 4K cables are also referred to as HDMI 2.0 cables. They are a high-speed HDMI cable designed to handle video resolutions up to 4K in quality in addition to 60Hz refresh rates and expanded color range.

HDMI 8K cables

HDMI 8K cables are also known as HDMI 2.1 cables. To achieve 8K picture quality on a screen, you’ve got to have not only the right cable but also an 8K-capable flat-screen and the right content type and quality.

Find these HDMI cables and a wide array of home theater cables, flat-screen cables, and adapters from PrimeCables.ca. Connect devices with ease. There’s more or less nothing that cannot be connected through our cables and adapters as long as it has an available port of some kind. Check in with PrimeCables.ca today.

How to Connect Devices to A TV Without An HDMI Input

Older flat-screens and TVs sold a decade or two ago aren’t necessarily going to have an HDMI input. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t hook up the latest tech – i.e. soundbars and Android boxes – to them.

What Inputs Does Your TV Have?

A lot of old TVs have color-coded inputs. These are RCA inputs. They use RCA cables, understandably.

If the device you’re trying to connect has an RCA cable port, you’re golden. All you then need is a high-quality RCA cable and there are several available right now on sale in Canada from PrimeCables.ca.

What If My Device Doesn’t Have An RCA Output?

Most modern devices will not have RCA outputs. There’s no reason to. RCA is dated next to standards like HDMI.

Don’t let this limit you in any way. Look for what other inputs match. Between video and audio cable standards, there are at least a half-dozen possible combinations that are easily workable.

An Adapter for Video-Audio For An Old TV

If you cannot find the right cable to put between your device and your TV, try for a high-speed adapter.

Home theater adapters make it possible to hook up almost anything to your TV simply by converting the signal from the limitations of a device’s output to what’s available for your TV input. Convert HDMI, DVI, VGA, and more. Split the signal. Switch the signal. And more.

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

How To Give An Old TV Bluetooth Capabilities

An older television also will be lacking in certain capabilities we take for granted, such as compatibility with Internet and Bluetooth.

In terms of Internet, there are multiple ways to connect your TV to the Internet. If you use an Ethernet cable, this is perhaps the easiest. There are also dongles and similar devices that essentially will convert a television into a streaming receiver. An Android TV box may be able to accomplish this as well, depending on what your setup is for cables and adapters.

For Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth 3.5mm jack receiver. If your TV has a classic 3.5mm jack, converting it to Bluetooth.

Now, if you’re installing something like a Bluetooth sound bar, simply go the cable-and-adapter route.

We are limited by the tech we have in the devices we own but there’s always a cable or an adapter out there that can transform your home theater system for almost next to nothing. Consider the possibilities. If you know what you’re shopping for, you’d be amazed at how easy adapters make the home entertainment experience. Check it out at PrimeCables.ca.

Why Buy A Bluetooth Sound Bar

A Bluetooth sound bar provides high-class sound, superior in performance, functionality, and computability.

Searching for a Bluetooth sound bar as a speaker for your home or home theater system, the benefits form a long list. As they continue to rise in popularity and add a more high-tech and cinematic presentation to home entertainment, here are some of the key advantages to the Bluetooth sound bar.

High-Quality Sound

Bluetooth sound bars aren’t built cheap. They are held up alongside surround sound systems as some of the best audio you can buy.

Improve Your TV Setup

TV speakers are average. They don’t compare to more elaborate speaker setups. Those same setups are unfortunately costly, come with a lot of wires, and take up more space what any sound bar will. A sound bar, however, is a big upgrade over any flat-screen’s built-in sound.

Mount Your Speakers

A Bluetooth sound bar can be mounted. So can a regular home theater speaker system except there are multiple components to factor in. One needs a mount for each speaker and the amplifier. This cleans up the look of your home theater setup in a very obvious way.

It’s One Speaker

A 2.1CH Bluetooth sound bar is a single speaker. This simplifies the wire setup that typically dominates the layout of a traditional speaker system. No cable management involved.

2.1CH Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer – PrimeCables®

Perfect For Small Rooms

A Bluetooth soundbar can be mounted or set across a table, stand, or shelf with ease. It takes minimal space to install. This makes it a great option if you’re searching for home theater audio for condos, apartments, or small bedrooms.

Always Charged

Bluetooth devices commonly have to be charged. Bluetooth speakers require a charge. Bluetooth earbuds or True Wireless earbuds require a charge now and again. A Bluetooth sound bar doesn’t. It’s always ready to receive a signal.

Connect Multiple Devices

Of course, the obvious benefit to a Bluetooth sound bar is its ability to connect with multiple devices. From smartphones to your home theater system, this is a multi-purpose speaker setup capable of syncing to anything sending out a signal.

Built-In Subwoofer

This isn’t the case with every sound bar but some do come with a built-in subwoofer. This further expands your audio setup with an increased frequency range. A great feature if you’re going to be playing a lot of bass-heavy music on your sound bar or watching concerts.


We can’t say it enough. A Bluetooth sound bar with a built-in subwoofer is simple, high-quality audio. Hear what’s going on in your film. Boost audio quality. Give yourself more power over how you hear your entertainment in-house.

Choose a Bluetooth sound bar from PrimeCables.ca today or opt for another audio system. Surround sound speakers, desktop PC speakers, speaker and subwoofer set, and more. Fit a sound bar nicely into your home entertainment space today and see how convenient this innovative audio is.

What to Look For In A Gaming Mouse Pad

A quality mouse pad is a huge asset to gameplay. You might not think that way until you’re running into the sort of problems that a low-quality mouse pad provides.

Any serious PC gamer relies on a game-ready mouse pad to help them get their performance in.

For those new to the world of gaming accessories in Canada and what sort of features to remember to watch for, here is a quick list of why a gaming mouse pad is important and the service it provides.


You want enough space for the type of movement you will do on your gaming mouse pad. Someone who is playing low-sensitivity will need more room to move. A person doesn’t want to get caught on the edge of a mouse pad. To this point, you won’t like something overly large, either.


A mouse pad should be fun, of course. It should showcase some personality. There are a lot of looks given to mouse pads, especially gaming mouse pads. Try to find a design that suits your favourite games or passions.


You’re going to be using your gaming mouse pad every time you play. You want the surface texture to feel good on the skin. Some materials irritate. Every mouse pad can have a different feel.


When we talk about material, it’s not just the feel we mean. They make material out of glass, aluminum, and plastic as well. Cloth mouse pads glide well but are tough to clean and won’t have a long lifespan. Though price is understandably a factor, some may prefer a different material.

9ab37 cab enpcplr100bkew gaming accessories enhance led gaming mouse pad hard large surface 7 rgb light up modes
ENHANCE LED Gaming Mouse Pad Hard Large Surface – 7 RGB Light Up Modes


A mouse pad’s top factor is how it impacts the accuracy and precision of your gameplay. A mouse pad that’s not providing you the sort of performance you paid for is unacceptable. A mouse pad is there to provide you more precision, without the drag or misses of non-gaming mouse pads.


A mouse pad with ambient lighting is perfect for people who like to game in the dark or at nighttime. Some brightness is a strong feature to some gaming mouse pads to consider.


The base of a mouse pad refers to its underside. A thin base of 2mm is preferable to some. For others, a thicker base of 5mm on their mouse pad provides more cushioning and glide on movements with the mouse.


How well does a gaming mouse pad stay tidy – this can be important. You run the risk of snack stains and crumbs being broken up over your mouse pad. A material should stand up to maintenance from time to time and be able to last.

Buy a high-quality gaming mouse pad and other gaming accessories in Canada from PrimeCables.ca.

The Best PC Speakers For A Small Desk Area

PC speakers for small desks provides sufficient bang for your buck, affordable and quality in its audio.

If you’re working from home and are looking for how to get the best speakers for a small desk space, PrimeCables.ca has several speaker sets ready for sale, including some Bluetooth-capable.

HP Multimedia Speakers

Your run-of-the-mill PC speakers are available in a lot of different computer-friendly brands.

These HP multimedia speakers are a great choice for limited real estate on anyone’s desktop. Complete with a 3.5mm jack for audio, you have a lot of options in terms of enjoying computer audio.

0975a hp cab dhs 2101 speakers subwoofer hp multimedia speakers with stereo sound for multiple devices 3 5mm jack for audio
HP Multimedia Speakers with Stereo Sound for Multiple Devices, 3.5mm jack for audio

2.1 Bluetooth Speaker And Subwoofer Set

In terms of price and value, you don’t get better than this 2.1 Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer set.

Customers rate this PC speaker set a 90/100. For a small desk, these aren’t the smallest but the speakers are compact and easy to install. Having great sound will make your workday all the more enjoyable. You’ll be glad to have these.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – PrimeCables®

Mini Amplifier 30-Watt Bookshelf Speakers

Anyone doing music editing, film editing, or who enjoys listening to music in their time off, try bookshelf speakers like these.

Thirty watts can get excessively loud but that’s not a bad thing. A great multi-purpose speaker system, these aren’t PC-specific. On a small desk, you’ll want to confirm there’s enough area to allow for these average-to-large-sized speakers.

Mini Amplifier 30-Watt Class-D Hi-Fi & 6.5″ 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers Combo Pack – PrimeCables®

Monoprice 50-Watt Desktop-Powered Speakers

A set of 50-watt desktop-powered speakers is slightly more than what most need but they’re excellent in quality.

A perfect complement to any room that’s being used for multiple things, i.e. work-from-home office, gaming station, watching movies or sports, listening to music, and more. These are unfortunately a little large but once again, they might be just the thing you need for your PC station.

1b1e4 monoprice canada cab 36571 speakers subwoofer dt 3 50 watt multimedia desktop powered speakers monoprice
DT-3 50-Watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers – Monoprice®

What Are the Best PC Speakers in Canada?

Any of these PC speaker sets are in the running for ‘best in Canada’. It’s all in what you need from them.

Fret not. There is a speaker system for everyone out there. It’s just a matter of finding the right specifications for your situation. You can get great sound from all of these options and so it ultimately comes down to shape, size, and loudness.

Audio comes in many forms. If none of these options suit you, there are also Bluetooth home theater sound bars and slightly larger audio systems for home entertainment setups. Avoid the gimmicks. Go straight for the good stuff. High-quality audio from PrimeCables.ca.

Do I Need A Subwoofer? – Read Here!

A subwoofer is something audiophiles highly value. They claim subwoofers deliver a ton of rumbling bass frequencies that change the way they hear sound on a home theater system.

Subwoofers, for the average consumer, aren’t necessarily their first choice in flat-screen sound systems though.

Can Speakers Produce Bass Frequencies?

A regular speaker cannot produce the low frequencies a high-quality subwoofer can. To fully produce low frequencies that a subwoofer can, a speaker needs a minimum 8” in diameter. Ideally, the speaker drive will be even larger.

Regardless of whether you have in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers, and a pair of stereo speakers, you won’t ever get a certain range of bass frequencies without the use of a set’s subwoofer.

Do You Need A Subwoofer for Music?

A subwoofer is highly recommended for music because music relies on those bass frequencies often.

If you enjoy concerts or listening to music on your speaker set, a subwoofer is definitely recommended. R&B, dance music, and similar bass-heavy music requires a subwoofer to get through all those frequencies that won’t otherwise be heard.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – PrimeCables®

Do You Need A Subwoofer for TV And Films?

A subwoofer for TV and films is necessary when there are large-scale action movies with loud explosions or similar special effects that rely on sound.

That said, if you’re watching comedies or things that aren’t really driven by sound in the same manner, is a subwoofer necessary – not entirely, though a subwoofer is nice to have.

You’re lacking a part of the frequency spectrum without a subwoofer but, in some cases, this won’t be a bother.

What’s the Right Subwoofer For My Home Theater?

A speaker and subwoofer set is best if you’re considering using a subwoofer. You don’t want a speaker system and a subwoofer to be two separate purchases. You want a unified set. Compatibility is guaranteed and there’s no confusion in wires, adapters, or frequency spectrum issues.

Can You Get A Bluetooth Subwoofer?

Bluetooth has come a long way. A Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer set for PCs, smartphones, portable 3.5mm devices, and desktops is one of the more adaptable audio systems for the general consumer.

Connect via Bluetooth and play anything on your speaker and subwoofer set. A 2.1 speaker system with a built-in amplifier features 10 watts of power, a 4” woofer, and a specially designed woofer cabinet with a bass reflect port for deeper bass.

Immerse yourself in the full frequency range, stretching from the lowest of bass frequencies to highs at the top of the range. Shop your speaker systems, Bluetooth speakers, and audio devices at PrimeCables.ca today.

Best Speakers for PC Gaming And Home Theater Systems

For the gaming experience, audio is almost as important as video quality and the tech specifications on a PC.

What does the average gamer want from a speaker system – something that’s loud and dynamic.

With a high-quality gaming speaker set next to you, you can really immerse yourself in the experience. Everything will sound like it’s happening around you, like you’re really in it! Narrow down your list of audio must-haves in gaming and focus only on the best. Here are the home theater speakers expert-recommended for gaming.

HP Stereo Gaming Speakers With RGB Backlight

The HP gaming speakers with RGB backlight is a lot of style but not always equal in quality to comparably-priced speakers on this list.

Why these hit the mark for us is because their design is beautifully done, the size is perfect for gaming setups, and the sound is clear, accurate, and sufficiently quality. Equalization built-in balances the frequencies across the lows, mids, and highs. They are a great set of USB gaming speakers.

Stereo-Powered Speaker And Subwoofer Set

Priced just under $35 for the set, this stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer is a top pick for gaming.

Connect it to Bluetooth. Use its 3.5mm jack for headphones or earbuds. Set them up as desktop speakers you can use during non-gaming hours. Featuring 10 watts of power and 2.1 sound, everything’s here to make up detailed, in-the-moment sound.

2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo Powered Speaker and Subwoofer Set – PrimeCables®

6.5-Inch High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers

Further up on the price list comes these high-performance bookshelf speakers, perfect for apartments, condos, dorm rooms, and offices.

Still quite small in design, the power is undeniable with these. Easy to connect and less bulky compared to similar speakers, bookshelf speakers won’t let you down. They’re easy to place and deliver function that’ll last a lifetime.

6.5 Inch 2 Way High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers Pair – PrimeCables®

50-Watt Multimedia Desktop-Powered Speakers

Though on the expensive side, this 50-watt multimedia desktop-powered speaker set from Monoprice is loud, proud, and delivers a strongly packed audio performance.

Monoprice has made a name for itself in the speaker world because of their affordability, outstanding performance, and adaptability to different environments. A simple speaker set, the sound quality is excellent.

You can use these for home theater audio, gaming, concerts, sports, and plenty more.

The best speaker sets for gaming are those that are really going to surround yourself in the beautifully-designed sound that so many games are filled in. Fit any of these around your monitor or flat-screen with ease. From USB to 3.5mm jacks and Bluetooth, you’ve got lots of potential connectivity. Search out PC speakers, home theater speaker systems, and more at PrimeCables.ca.

Time To Use A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard For Your Home Theater System – Read Here!

For home theater lovers, PC users, and mobile devices, one can easily accumulate multiple remotes. Every console has a remote, as does every Android box, HD player, cable box, and screen. You’ll need a basket to carry all those!

A wireless multimedia keyboard is a cheap alternative, aligning the uses of various devices in a single remote.

These are a go-to when you’re operating a home theater PC, aka HTPC. For systems where browsing the Internet, controlling a smart TV or Android media player, and gaming consoles are mixed together in the same room, an HTPC keyboard is a necessity.

The best wireless home theater keyboards are, fortunately, those that are cheap, simple, and efficient.

What Are the Different Parts Of An HTPC Keyboard?

An HTPC keyboard is made up of several different components. You have a keyboard just like what you use for your computer. You also have a multi-touch touchpad that allows you to manipulate your flat-screen similar to a touchscreen.

You also have navigational controls for up, down, left, and right, and of course ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘rewind’, and ‘forward’.

Mini 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch Touchpad Mouse – PrimeCables®

What Can You Use With A Wireless Multimedia Keyboard?

A mini 2.4GHz wireless keyboard works with a variety of devices, including the following.

– XBOX360
– PS3
– HD Players
– Blu-Ray Players
– Android TV Boxes
– Smart TVs
– HTPC Systems
– IPTV Systems
– PCs
– MacOS

What to Look For In A Home Theater Keyboard

A keyboard for a home theater system comes in various sizes and specifications. A mini 2.4GHz keyboard is preferred by many because of its high functionality but also for its pocket size. Comparatively, there are full-size remotes that are similar in design.

You may also have some preference in the shape of the HTPC keyboard. An integrated touchpad’s something that isn’t included in every wireless keyboard. Eliminating this cuts down on size, however, means you will need a mouse to complete the same home theater maneuvers.

Battery type matters. Being wireless, you don’t want to be replacing batteries regularly or recharging your keyboard after every use.

A mini wireless keyboard requires either 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. You want effective connectivity. Some want a backlit keyboard so that they can use it in the dark. Some remotes do not have this functionality.

Upgrade your home theater system with a mini wireless HTPC keyboard from PrimeCables.ca. Complete with keyboard, touchpad, and mouse, you have everything you need to enjoy full control over your screen. Plug and play, get yours today.