Why This MFI-Certified Lightning Cable Is The Best USB Cable You Can Buy

What makes a lightning cable ‘the best lightning cable’? Well, you might think it’s pretty straightforward what a cable is supposed to do. It plugs into a port. It syncs and charges the iPhone. End of story.

That’s definitely true but there’s a lot more to the cable that charges your iPhone than this. The speed, for example, matters. Speed can be compromised if the tech inside the lightning cable gets compromised through wear-and-tear or poor design. There’s also safety. That is, overcharging can fry your device. This isn’t a concern if you buy an MFI-certified lightning cable. A cheap imitation cable though can wreck a device.

Needless to say, you have some options when it comes to what to charge your iPhone with. Lightning cables are known for their quickness and quality but that’s restricted to only true and certified designs. In this article, we give you some notes on lightning cable and make the argument that the PrimeCables.ca Apple MFI certified lightning to USB cable is 2021’s best USB cable.

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It’s Not A Cheap Lightning Cable

Cheap cables are fire hazards. They can be a lot of trouble. This cable is available at a cheap cost but the design and technology itself are as high quality as anything else. It charges your smartphone quickly and effectively.

It’s Durable, Built For The Long-Term

Like any Apple iPhone USB cable, this lightning cable is equipped with a classic Apple-style casing which ensures it’s ready to be wrapped, tossed into your bag, and taken with you or set up at home.

It’s An Apple-Certified Cable

Apple signed off on the PrimeCables.ca design which makes it equal in our books to any other lightning cable on the market. Apple’s MFI certification process isn’t an easy pass. It requires several quality standards to be met.

Excellent Warranty, Easy Replacements

If your lightning cable breaks for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Send it into PrimeCables.ca and they’ll replace it so long that it falls under the lifetime guarantee. That’s a lifetime warranty!

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

You Get Three For The Price Of One

Buy MFI-certified lightning cables online from PrimeCables.ca and they won’t just give you one. You’ll have three cables coming for the price of one. Even better, they all carry that lifetime guarantee. Bonus!

Optimized Design With Every Advantage

This simple lightning cable has also got some bells and whistles deep In its design, including a 4,000+ bend lifespan, aluminum foil shielding inside the cable, and a tested structure that’s guaranteed to last.

You will find nothing short of quality in the pages of PrimeCables.ca. Search out MFI-certified lightning cables and other Apple USB accessories for your iPhone and Apple devices at PrimeCables.ca today.

The Best Budget TV For Your Home Theater In 2021

Any sort of home theater system or home entertainment rig is really only complete with a fast, premium, high-tech flat-screen that’s equipped with the ports you need to connect all your favourite devices.

Think of how crucial a flat-screen is. It defines the viewing experience more than anything else. Sadly, the latest in TV tech can be insanely expensive and cost $1,000s. The good thing is you probably don’t need it. You can find some pretty cutting-edge TVs and screens on sale at PrimeCables.ca for $350 or under and sometimes much cheaper.

Here are the best cheap televisions to buy in 2021 for your home setup.

32” LED TV 720p

The 32” LED TV 720p is an excellent choice for small TV rooms, condos, bedrooms, and where the distance between the viewer and the screen is limited. HD images. High-quality color. And a premium model design.

43” 1080p LCD TV

The 42” 1080p LCD TV carries with it a little extra oomph. It’s large but affordable and perfect for family home theater rooms.

Unless you’re aiming to get a 4K TV which is almost never in an affordable price range, this 42”1080p flat-screen is one of the best deals going.

55” 4K LED TV

Yes, we thought we’d throw in at least one 4K LED TV onto this list. As a budget TV, it’s highly debatable whether this is that but for under $475, this is one of the cheapest 4K TVs in Canada.

Large, backlit, and equipped with the best 4K tech, for those that can raise their budgets, purchasing a 4K TV like this is a great investment.

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27” Curved Gaming Monitor 1080p

Equip this 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p with all the home theater bells and whistles you need. This gaming monitor hits all the marks on screen size, display resolution, ports, adjustability, mountability, viewing angle, brightness, pixel density, aspect ratio, and more.

24” 1080p Flat Computer Monitor

Lastly is the cheap of the cheap. The small but affordable 24” 1080p flat monitor is a steal for under $130. It is meant for a computer as opposed to a home theater system and is rather small. For a 1-bedroom apartment, small condo, or bachelor suite though, this 24” flat monitor will more than do the trick allowing you to watch 1080p quality images on a home theater screen for a low, low price.

Shop budget TVs, monitors, and more at PrimeCables.ca. Buy for your home theater quality accessories as well, including wall mounts, HD TV antennas, speaker systems, HDMI cables, and more. Do it all this season at PrimeCables.ca. Buy in bulk and get the best deals.

Top USB Travel Accessories For 2021

Even in travel, each one of us carries a lot of tech with us. Our smartphones alone are music players, email servers, internet browsers, gaming consoles, banking machines, and yes, you can make calls with them!

Of course, you want your smartphone to keep its charge as well as any other devices you’re holding on your person while travelling. Here are the top USB travel accessories for 2021 to remember to pack with you for car road trips, plane travel, and hotel rooms.

Power Banks

The #1 travel accessory used by commuters in Canada are external power banks. You charge them at home and then you have a battery wherever you go. Just remember to bring your best USB cable with you!

USB Adapters

If you have multiple USB sync and charge devices, instead of packing two or three USB cables, use an adapter instead. USB adapters attach onto the end of a USB cable and can convert the connection into the indicated USB standard.

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether you’re on the plane and you just want to close your eyes and zone out, or you’re commuting and you want to catch up on the latest podcast, wireless Bluetooth earbuds are freeing, easy to wear, and let you customize travel that isn’t always ideal.

Car Mount Or Laptop Stand

You don’t want your smartphone rolling around your car while you drive. If you bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with you, consider a phone mount for your car or a smartphone stand. Angle your devices to your line of view. Never have to compromise your body’s positioning or comfort again.

Nylon Braided USB Cable

Have a high-quality reliable Nylon braided USB cable with you. For iPhone users, this will be an Apple-certified lightning cable. For Android users, depending on the year the phone was manufactured, it’s probably a USB Type-C cable. Regardless, you may even want to pack an extra for longer journeys.

Ae4f7 primecables cab s2 w usb 2 0 buy 1 apple 1m certified lightning cable get 1 free dual port usb smart wall charger primecables

Dual Port USB Wall Charger

You’re going to arrive at your destination, be it hotel, cabin, or wherever. Conserve your smartphone charge. Take your USB cable and plug it into a dual-port USB wall charger for fast charging and watch your battery percentage shoot up in minutes.

E841f primecables cab w05210du lightning apple charger cables universal usb dual ports wall charger 10w 5v 2 1a foldable plug white primecables

This season, don’t walk out of the house without packing a USB cable and the necessary USB accessories to ensure whatever happens, you always have a way to tap into a charge. PrimeCables.ca has fast-charging USB Type-C cables, lightning cables, USB wall chargers, and more on sale today. Shop all your USB accessories today and buy in bulk!

Differences Between A Curved Monitor And A Flat Monitor

In 2012, if you had asked anyone what was better, a curved monitor or a flat monitor, the seemingly obvious answer was curved. These days, with consumers are a lot better educated, debates around curved v. flat monitors have intensified with the answer being a little blurrier compared to before. What’s better – you decide. Here are the main differences between a curved monitor and a flat monitor.

Flat TVs Outsell Curved TVs

Flat TVs continue to thrive. Curved TVs have stalled for years, with consumers not showing any interest in paying a premium for what’s being marketed to them as a ‘more immersive watch experience’.

Curved TVs Are Better For Gaming

A curved computer monitor is considered a better screen to game on than flat monitors. In gameplay, the more you feel like you’re in the game, the better. A gamer gets that a lot more using a curved screen.

Flat Monitors Are Better For Multiple People

Curved monitors aren’t always well suited for multi-person use. If you are buying a TV to have 6-7 people spread out across the room watching it, a flat-screen provides a more consistent perspective visually than anything curved.

Curved Monitors Have Less Distortion

On a flat screen, light is projected in a straight line outward from the display. This means some light’s moving past the viewer. A curved monitor aims all of its light outward at the viewer, guaranteeing a crisper image.

Curved Monitors Have More Depth

The main benefit of a curved monitor is depth. The curve allows a more realistic recreation of our three-dimensional world than a flat monitor can.

Flat Screens Have Less Glare

Glare is a problem. Re-positioning a flat screen easily eliminates glare. For curved monitors, the shape makes it almost impossible to overcome glare issues. This isn’t a problem if you’re using curved screens in low-light but if it’s mid-day and you’re in front of a window, good luck!

Curved V. Flat Tech Is Almost Identical

The tech inside a curved monitor and flat monitor are the same in terms of picture quality. The refresh rates are identical as are the color depth and dynamic range. Where there does exist a difference is in screen ratio. Curved monitors generally have a 21:9 ratio compared to 16:9 for screens that are flat. This equates to a curved monitor being wider compared to height than a flat screen.

There are some real benefits to curved monitors but also clear reasons as to why flat screens continue to be more popular. Shop both at PrimeCables.ca and compare. See what best resonates with you.

Buy An iPhone Cable You Don’t Need To Worry About Breaking

Have you broken your iPhone cable – it happens to the best of us! It’s annoying and frustrating and it sucks. No secret there. When our iPhone USB cable breaks, we can sync or charge our smartphones. What you can do to prevent a broken iPhone cable is simple. Buy a high-quality lighting cable.

Can You Avoid Breaking An iPhone Cable?

An iPhone cable is going to get bent, carried, stepped on, and maybe worse. It’s an inevitability something will happen that causes it to break. That’s why you need an Apple-certified MFi-certified USB lightning cable.

There are non-certified cables you can buy online. They are cheap, come in all sorts of colors, resemble very advanced designs, and did we mention they’re cheap… yeah, they don’t work well. They can be dangerous to your device and even fry the motherboard in some cases. An Apple-certified USB lightning cable does not have that same problem.

Anything Apple-certified is built well and built to last. Always start there when searching for a reliable iPhone cable.

Buy A Braided Lightning Cable For Everyday Use

A Nylon braided lightning cable can withstand almost anything. Braided equates to more protection. You protect the Apple chip inside, of course, but more importantly, you protect the wiring.

If a pet chews on it or if the USB cable gets caught in a closing door, a braided USB lightning cable’s more likely to withstand the trauma. They are the best lightning cable in 2021 in terms of design.

PrimeCables We Make Stronger Cables

Furthermore, the same applies to Android USB cables. Any sort of braided cable is unparalleled with the protection it offers. This is what will give an iPhone lover their best chance at having a lightning cable that lasts.

Where Can You Buy Braided iPhone Cables in Canada?

Shop high-quality braided iPhone cables at PrimeCables.ca and get them at the best discount possible. For any sort of USB cable in Canada, PrimeCables.ca is the best resource you’ll find.

Some people will tell you, if you want your lightning cables to last longer, use them less. Use in moderation. Don’t roll them up or too often. Don’t wrap them up. Use multiple lightning cables so you can rotate them in and out.

All of those tips are helpful but you still need an iPhone cable every day. There’s no avoiding it unless you are wirelessly charging your smartphone device. Evidently, even with that, it’s not always possible to wirelessly charge when you’re on public transportation or on the go.

Buy an iPhone cable from PrimeCables.ca and you won’t have to worry about it breaking. A Nylon-braided lightning cable is the best going. Get yours on sale this June and celebrate PrimeCables.ca’s birthday with us. All June long, it’s our biggest sale yet!

The Best USB Smart Charging Station in 2021 – Read Here

A dozen cables, wires, and cords. The average household of two people has at least 12-14 cables in use on any given day. From smartphones to devices plugged into your flat-screen, technology in need of a charge or an outlet is seemingly everywhere.

Surge protectors are a no-go as most don’t have enough or any USB ports. USB chargers also necessitate charging only one device at a time. The natural solution to having to charge a multitude of devices at any given moment is a USB smart charging station.

What Is It Like Having A USB Charging Station?

A USB charging station is kind of like a USB hub. It allows you to plug multiple devices into a centralized charging station put somewhere easily accessible to everyone. Built into the design are holders for phones and tablets. You just plug it in and your device charges. It’s easy.

  • Never have to worry about finding a USB charger again.
  • Charge up to 8 devices simultaneously with no loss in charge capability.
  • Organize smartphones, tablets, watches, and more.

It’s a mess-free way to charge everyone’s devices. With plastic dividers, you keep USB cables separated as well as the devices themselves. This prevents eyesores and messes from accumulating as you charge.

Especially in a household with roommates, family, or friends staying with you, a multi-port USB charger will ensure there’s always somewhere to fast-charge a smartphone or tablet.

Dc772 primecables cab c05132 g2 charging station 75w 8 ports usb smart charging stand station 2 usb c pd20w 6 usb a primecables

What is the Best USB Charging Station?

USB charging station models vary slightly per brand. The first thing to note is how many ports. Ensuring you have more than enough is key to making use of your USB charger.

Next up, you want to ensure the specifications are up to par. An eight-port USB station with 75 watts is enough power to charge devices simultaneously without any drop-off. Also, not every port’s likely to be PD-style fast-charging. Know how many there are and where they are located. This way, you can address any design issues before you buy.

We haven’t yet addressed the look of the station. To be honest, looks don’t matter much. Assuming the design is there to hold a device and to deliver a clean, simple look while multiple devices charge, that’s all you need really.

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to have some over-charge protection and over-current protection in the charger.

Find USB hubs, USB smart charging stations, Qi-certified wireless smartphone chargers, and fast chargers today at PrimeCables.ca. Shop them on discount and catch savings on the accessories you need to keep your favourite devices charged.

How to Optimize Online Learning While Studying From Home

A classroom at home. In a perfect world, that’s what every child has with online learning. Circumstances relating to a lack of space, lack of funds, or the type of home setting a child is living with, the basic idea of a quiet, focused classroom in the privacy of one’s home is unachievable.

…well, not entirely. Here is a quick how-to guide on how anyone can optimize their home for online learning.

Eat Breakfast

Eat breakfast. It sounds simple. It is simple, actually. The truth is by eating breakfast, you wake yourself up. The body gets some sugars and carbs, and it’s ready to face the day. Without it, sleepiness and being sluggish are the reality. Before getting set up in the room you’re using for online learning, ensure that person’s fed.

Commit To It

Just like at school, online learning has a schedule. A student or parent has to commit to it. Classrooms aren’t meant to be relaxing yet a family home is. To turn a ‘home’ into a learning environment, one must be serious about showing up on time to their lessons and ready to concentrate on the task at hand.

Have A Designated Study Desk or Study Area

Set up a study-from-home office area. Ideally, it won’t be in your bedroom. It will be somewhat quiet and somewhere you know you have your best chance at focusing. Optimize your home school online learning area with study accessories and the sorts of things you need to feel prepared for your day.

Take Breaks, De-Stress And Eat

It’s easy to be excited about the day when you first get to studying. Four hours later though, tiredness sets in and you may be struggling to keep up. You’ve got to provide your mind with everything it needs to concentrate. Be sure to take breaks. Eat throughout the day. Minimize stress.

No Distractions

Put your phone away. Let others in the home know you’re studying now and not to interrupt. Concentration is easier when one makes the effort to eliminate distractions. This isn’t easy for everyone. Sometimes, we don’t have an online learning study office at home. Even if you don’t have this luxury, eliminate any and all distractions you can.

Create A Routine

Whether you know it or not, going to work or going to school is a routine. You get dressed, travel, arrive, set up, and off you go. With online learning, it’s as easy as rolling out of bed and immediately you’re plugged into the classroom. Heck, you don’t even have to get out of bed. That’s not an optimized way to do things. Create a schedule and a routine for your mornings. Stick with it.

Find the right online learning setup for your needs and set yourself up for success. Shop online learning desks, study accessories, and more at PrimeCables.ca.

Best E-Learning Desk Accessories For Students Studying From Home

Doing school virtually through Zoom and other platforms has proven challenging for a lot of students.

We don’t all have the ideal work-from-home or study situation at home. Whether it’s for you or family, there are thankfully a few ways to make it a little easier on you and the first step is to designate an area specifically for studying.

Are you still doing school from home – upgrade your study setup with these e-learning desk accessories.

5W Wireless Charger

Use this 5W wireless charger Qi-certified to put down your smartphone while studying and charge it.

0ebcc primecables cab 7121 26 wireless chargers 5w standard wireless charger qi certified for iphone xr xs x 8 8 plus primecables

Single Monitor Desk Mount

Lift your monitor and free up space on your desk with a single monitor desk mount. Enjoy a less cluttered area in which you can study, write, research, and focus.

Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter

If you know you’re going to be at your desk for extended hours and are concerned about the lack of activity, try an electric sit-stand desk converter. This allows you to sit and stand and adjust your position throughout the day, increasing circulation and ensuring you aren’t still for the entirety.

71fc1 primecables cab pc07830 monitor desk mounts electric height adjustable sit stand desk converter primecables

Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Listen in on Zoom calls without wires. Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds are the best of the best in clarity and accuracy.

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

Some days, you may not want to get out of bed to attend school. If you can work comfortably on the couch or in bed, a 360-degree rotatable height-adjustable laptop stand can be an advantage over trying to find a way to angle your screen without it.

Ergonomic Office Chair

For days when you are at your desk and engaged – which ideally is every day! – you want ergonomics to have your office. An ergonomic office chair with armrests puts your body in a natural position to minimize aches, pains, and discomfort you may encounter during your day.

Ethernet Cables

WiFi may be touch and go in some areas of your home. If your signal is unreliable, try a wired connection
instead with an Ethernet cable. With Ethernet, fast, reliable Internet will be possible from wherever you
are in your home.

53afd network ethernet cables network ethernet cables

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

A dimmable LED desk lamp clamps onto the back of your desk and provides non-reflective lighting from an overhead perspective. This can help you work into the late hours of the day or night.

These are just a few of the e-learning desk accessories you can use to keep a student engaged and excited to get to studying. The more comfortable one is in a space that is personalized to them, the more likely they will deliver their best performance day-in and day-out. Shop PrimeCables.ca for all these products and more.

Benefits of A Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Clamp For Your Home Office

When the sun starts to go down, our bodies are trained to want to go to bed. If you’re working overnight shifts, are on overtime going into the late evening, or simply want to stay up and engaged, how you light your desk is important.

Light is visual stimulation. It keeps up awake. It allows us to see what we are doing. A premium desk lamp has many benefits. If you know you’re going to be working at night regularly, a dimmable LED swing arm lamp can be a tool that helps keep you awake, productive, and focused.

Dimmable v. Non-Dimmable

Having a dimmable light or a light with adjustable settings allows you to customize lighting. The advantage of this is you’ll never have to worry about it being too bright or not bright enough. Adjustable lighting provides you the chance to work longer hours.

Adjust the Angle of Light

In addition to the actual brightness and type of light a dimmable LED desk lamp offers, a swing arm makes it so that you can change from where the light is hitting you or what’s around you. Reduce glare. Eliminate any light in your eyes. Personalize it to you.

You Aren’t Taking Up Any Space

Desk lamps – at least the good ones – are often heavy. To keep them upright, a heavy base is required. An LED desk lamp clamp is an alternative. You have no heavy base taking up space, equal in strength and support as a heavy base would be. That’s what you get with a high-quality clamp.

Increase Your Productivity

There’s a reason why day workers tend to be more productive than night workers. The right LED office light has had a proven effect on work efficiency, focus, concentration, and overall productivity. If you are concerned you aren’t doing your best work when the sun goes down, tapping into a little more light may be just what you need.

Takes Care of Your Eyes

We strain our eyes when we can’t see something. This is most notably done at night. By having any light in the room and in front of you, it takes the strain out of seeing your keyboard and accessories around you.

Overhead Lighting Mimics Sunlight

A desk lamp typically rests slightly elevated but also at eye level. This occasionally blasts you with light and causes shadows to appear across your desk. This is a visual cue to your body that it’s night and it can slow down your productivity. An overhead LED lamp mimics the sun and subsequently maximizes the area lit.

Search out dimmable LED lights, LED office desk lamps, and more work-from-home office accessories at PrimeCables.ca today.

4 Reasons Why Buying A 1080p TV is Better Than 4K

4K is a powerful medium. 4K TVs have better tech in them than their 1080p counterparts. Surprisingly to some though, there are still many, many reasons why buying a 1080p TV is more advantageous than going with a 4K model.

1080p Is Less Expensive

The reason why most homes will buy a 1080p flat-screen online as opposed to 4K is due to the expense.

4K is a premium HD television. Premium tech equals premium cost. 1080p is still a great-quality television with crystal clear video and although 4K inevitably will come down in price, in the current landscape, 1080p is arguably equally preferable.

If You Haven’t Watched 4K, You Won’t Know What You’re Missing

Lots of people are attracted to 4K simply because it’s 4K. They don’t really know what they’re buying per se except for the fact that it’s a really great TV and a premium model. That’s fair. However, if you haven’t seen 4K, you don’t really know what you’re missing.

Let’s put it a different way. If you’ve watched HD TV before, you’ve probably only seen 720p or 1080p. Though there is a clear difference when comparing 4K side-by-side with 1080p, it’s negligible to those who aren’t accustomed to watching pure 4K signal.

You can’t miss it if you haven’t experienced it before. You’ll appreciate a 1080p flat-screen just as well, if not more.

IPS Panel can provide the best viewing angle for up to 176°, and more accurate colour reproduction

4K Programming Isn’t Widely Available

To enjoy 4K video, you need to have an actual 4K video. Most of the time, the best signal you’ll have will be a 1080p signal. This is common in live streaming, YouTube, online video, live TV broadcasts, and elsewhere.

If they aren’t capturing video in 4K, it’s not like the signal will automatically upgrade because your TV is a 4K model.

Look into what you want to watch on your flat-screen. If you aren’t receiving a 4K signal, this suggests a 1080p FHD LED TV will transmit the same signal in the same quality as a 4K screen.

4K Video Can Be Slow And Buffer Often

Any 4K downloads or live streaming requires Internet resources we don’t all have. This further exacerbates the problem of 4K. Though the picture quality is amazing, you need to have the technology to support it.

Your Internet package could be slow. You could have the wrong type of 4K video file or the wrong HDMI cable, or it could just be so much data that however it’s being transmitted to your screen, you experience buffering and degraded picture quality.

4K is a powerful video standard but 1080p is not to be discounted. Until the world makes a fast jump into adopting 4K as the new HD standard, think twice before overspending on a screen that isn’t wholly needed. Find the best 4K TVs and the best 1080p flat-screens in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today.