What Is Better For Gaming, DisplayPort Or HDMI? – Read Here

DisplayPort or HDMI. When it comes to PC gaming or gaming consoles, you may be wondering what’s better. They look alike. They, in some cases, offer a very similar audio-video experience. There are some important differences between DisplayPort and HDMI, however, to note.

DisplayPort Is Video Only

DisplayPort cables are video-only the vast majority of the time. HDMI is audio and video. If convenience is your main priority, you may choose HDMI over DisplayPort for this reason alone.

HDMI Is Easy And Offers HD Video

HDMI cables are easily accessible. HDMI 2.0 cables or 2.1 cables are recommended for any gaming. They will give you at least 14.4 Gbps of bandwidth, support 4K video and up, and have higher frame rates for 4K gaming.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy HDMI or DisplayPort, you can trust most buyers will choose an HDMI. At least, until the reasons why DisplayPort is preferred become apparent.

DisplayPort 1.4 Cables Have Audio Support

Any DisplayPort 1.4 cables and up have audio support built in. This equates it to the HDMI standard. You can also enjoy specs like 60 Hz refresh rates, 8K support, HDR capability, and more. DisplayPort 2.0 cables are also on the docket to be introduced into the marketplace in late 2021, with bandwidth up to 77.47 Gbps, up to 16K support, and the ability to handle multiple 8K gaming monitors with ease.

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What Do The Different Connector Types Mean?

Connector-wise, the 19-pin HDMI connector can wiggle loose over time if you regularly plug and unplug. A DisplayPort connector always latches which reduces this risk. This is perhaps only applicable to those that are routinely moving their gaming console around though.

DisplayPort For Gaming Or HDMI Cables

HDMI 2.1 cables have a lot going for them. They can handle eARC or enhanced audio return channel, variable refresh rates, and automatic low-latency mode. They are the preferred connection type for game consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, and others.

Maybe you don’t have a traditional console though. A lot of people love PC gaming and computer gaming.

For those people, DisplayPort cables for gaming get you a better resolution and frame rate support. The techs are higher in DisplayPort cables in general. They’re relied on for photo and video editing by the top professionals in the world. Even with HDMI 2.1 being what it is, for PC gaming, DisplayPort is far and away the superior cable.

Fortunately, at PrimeCables.ca, we offer both HDMI and DisplayPort cables as well as dozens of gaming accessories that would serve to benefit any dedicated gamer. Visit PrimeCables.ca today to catch cables and more on sale at the best prices in Canada.

How To Use Your Power Tools Safely

It’s hard to imagine doing renos and repairs without power tools. They are so integral to getting work done quickly and safely. Not everyone is so safe though when it comes to power tools. Beginners and professionals alike can put themselves and others at risk by misusing power tools.

Injuries happen. So do fatalities in some cases. If you are going to use power tools, here is how to use them safely.

Wear Your PPE

Every power tool comes with a short list of personal protective equipment that should be worn. Safety goggles and gloves are the usual. You may also want to wear a mask depending on the project you’re working on.

Watch Out For Trip Hazards

A lot of power tools come with cords, cables, or hoses. Unless you have conveniently-made cordless power tools, you will want to be aware it is attached to the plug. Furthermore, never carry the tool by its cord or pull on the cord from the outlet.

Unplug As Soon As You’re Done

Don’t wait to unplug your power tool. Do it as soon as you are done a task to ensure there are no accidental starts. Any time you are cleaning or servicing a power tool, you will also want to verify it’s unplugged and has no power source.

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Keep Your Perimeter Clean

Where you are working should be kept clean and dry at all times. As you make a mess in your work, clean it. Injuries occur even to the most experienced of workers in cluttered, slippery, unclean areas.

Don’t Use A Damaged Tool

If your tool is old and still functioning like it did on day 1, use it! If it’s starting to fall apart, don’t. Power tools eventually start to break down, even the more high-end tools. When they do, it’s important to replace them. Do not continue using a partially broken tool.

Do Not Allow Others On-Site

Anyone inexperienced or who isn’t working with you on a project shouldn’t be near power tools, joking around your work area or job site, and/or behaving in a way that isn’t less than serious.

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Always Check Before Using

Before you start using a power tool, give it a look-over to make sure it’s still in good condition. Examine the handles and body for cracks, the cord for cracks, or anything suspicious. If something’s wrong, do not use it.

Use The Right Tool

Ensure you have the right tool for the work you’re doing. Using the wrong tool or using the tool in a way it was not designed to be used is a recipe for disaster. You can damage what you’re working on and/or cause an injury.

Power tools are essential to many DIY projects, home repairs, and handyman work. A miscalculation, damage, or improper use of a tool, however, can have serious ramifications. Always practice safety. Shop power tools on sale in Canada from PrimeCables.ca.

How To Build A Home Theater On A Budget – See Here

We all want a fairly decent home theater room. Even if all we have space for is a very small entertainment setup, it’s a luxury to have a home theater space and on a budget, you can certainly have that. It’s all about understanding where to spend and what your priorities are in terms of what type of content you like to watch.

You Will Spend The Most On Your Screen

Video quality is key. A cheap home theater system must have minimum a high-quality screen. A flat-screen. A monitor. A projector screen. Something like this will probably be the most expensive thing you spend money on in a home theater.

Mount Your Screen, Add Lights

For a real theatrical look that doesn’t take a lot, add a TV wall mount to lift your screen and lighting’s the next thing. A real impressive LED-style light setup will blow guests away when they come to join you in your home theater space.

Audio Quality Is Not To Be Forgotten

Audio is equal to video. You want very good audio quality. That said, audio is a lot cheaper comparatively. There are some very high-quality Bluetooth soundbars and home theater sound systems very affordable.

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Buy A Smart TV Box

If you don’t have a smart TV, don’t worry. You just need an Android smart TV box. They can connect you to wireless internet and add all the features of a smart TV to any stream. They’ll immediately increase what you can watch and connect you to all the top streaming services.

Local TV From An HDTV Antenna

You don’t need a cable TV connection to enjoy local TV. Try an HDTV antenna instead. To go all the way with it, you may want an outdoor TV antenna but you don’t necessarily need one. An indoor HDTV antenna can stretch about just as far as most outdoor antennas do.

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Connect To Ethernet, Not WiFi

Ethernet networking cables offer wired Internet. No slow speeds. No buffering. No interruptions. Maximum internet, 24/7. If your home theater is in a place where you’re concerned about buffering and speed, set up a wired connection. You won’t regret it and it’s very inexpensive.

Surge Protectors And Power Strips

Don’t be struggling to find plugs. A surge protector or a high-quality multi-outlet power strip is an added cost but it’s worth it. There are also some unique ways for you to disguise cabling and attempt to make things look a little more presentable if that’s also a concern. A surge protector plays into that. It cleans up the presentation.

THAT’s just a little glimpse into how you can build a home theater room on a budget. It’s about creativity as well. You can do a lot with a creative mind. Come and shop at PrimeCables.ca for home theater accessories and more.

7 Situations Where Over-The-Ear Headphones Can Help You Relax

Wired and wireless earbuds are a very popular phone accessory, second in sales only to USB cables. Unfortunately, headphones don’t get the same love. That’s despite being a great investment for a lot of very common situations.

Over-the-ear headphones provide a lot more noise cancellation than earbuds, even those not noise cancellation-specific. They fit comfortably, often have better sound quality at more affordable price points, and can aid in focus and concentration when there are a lot of distractions around you.

Here are 7 situations where over-the-ear headphones can help you relax.


If you’re a gamer, earbuds aren’t the most reliable in reproducing the sort of immersive sound most want. Note every serious gamer and what they’re wearing for sound. It’s always DJ-style headphones.


A work-from-home office is not always the neatest and most convenient of places in a multi-person household. When you need to block out the noise around you, nothing does it like a premium set of headphones.

Watching A Concert

When you are watching a concert, you want to hear it as if you were there. The best music headphones put you in the room as an audience member, allowing you to hear the warmth of the bass, the pretty highs, and the movement of the music.

Zoom Calls

If you can get a pair of headphones with a mic or are concerned about missing speech or dialogue, the right headphones can make it a lot easier to listen in and hear everything that’s being said.

Noisy Roommates

Roommates can get noisy. Loud arguments. Parties. Watching television a little louder than preferred. For all these situations where you don’t want to be constantly harping on them, headphones can help block out those sounds and put you in a calmer state of mind.

Sound Editing

Any sort of sound editing, i.e. music, video editing, or animation, should be done on a set of headphones. Earbuds are built for convenience. They’re great at the gym. For accurate and detailed sound quality though, you’ve got to go with hi-fi headphones.

Home Theater Application

It’s late at night. You want to watch a quick episode of your favourite show but don’t want to wake anyone up. Plug in your headphones. It’s a simple and easy fix. You can turn it up as loud as you want.

Unless you’re on the move, you can’t go wrong with premium headphones DJ-style that fit over the ear with a mic included. They will serve you well in all sorts of situations. Shop your best headphones on sale at PrimeCables.ca today.

7 Must-Have Power Tools To Have In Your Home

Power tool deals in 2021 are at their best right around this time of year. If you’re shopping for quality-made power tools on sale, now’s the time to buy. This article is all about the best power tools for home repairs, outlining a few tools you may not know you needed and a few you probably already have.

Upgrade to new power tools or fill out your collection of tools with these must-have buys from PrimeCables.ca.

Rotary Tool

A cordless rotary tool is for carving, engraving, and cutting. For small crafting projects and Michaels-style DIY projects, this is a power tool that you will love to work with.

Cordless Power Drill

A cordless power drill should be one of the first power tools you buy. It helps to drive in and remove screws, and can be used on a wide variety of materials with ease. So long as it’s fully charged, power drills are needed no matter the project.

Cordless Circular Saw

Alongside a power drill, what else you want to buy if you’re working with wood is a cordless circular saw. You may be using a handsaw. That’s totally unnecessary. It’s only going to tire you out. Circular saws speed things up and often give you a better cut. Try one.

Angle Grinder

If you’re working with more than wood, an angle grinder is a power tool you want. It cuts metal, tile, stucco, and pavers. An angle grinder can sand, polish, and sharpen these materials as well. A very diverse tool, any sort of work with steel or the materials mentioned can prove easy work when you have an angle grinder in hand.

Impact Driver

An impact driver drives in fasteners quicker than any other tool. It doesn’t tire out your hands and wrists, and helps to speed up your project beyond what’s possible with a drill. As a bonus, an impact driver also is less likely to strip screws. This is an easy must-buy.

Digital Clamp Multimeter

A digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage and allows you to connect electric wire safely. If you’re working with electric current, you want to make sure you’re receiving the current you’re expecting.

Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

An oscillating multi-tool kit delivers fast cutting action at variable speeds from 5,000 to 20,000 OPM. If you are working with a lot of different materials and have to do some cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding, and other forms of material prep, a multi-tool kit can help you complete all these actions.

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These are all important power tools with unique purposes on various DIY-style home projects. If you’re looking to do some repairs and construction work this summer around the house, visit PrimeCables.ca for cordless power tools on sale and more.

Tech To Take With You On A Camping Trip

Camping is all about getting away. Shut off the phone. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness. Forget about everything that’s tying you down or holding you back and just take a breath.

As fun as it is, you still have to bring at least one or two things with you on a camping trip for technology’s sake.

USB Cables

Bring an extra USB cable with you. You don’t know when you might need it, whether an existing cable breaks or gets lost. Just toss it in your bag with you in case the worst-case scenario does play out.

USB Power Bank

You may not have electricity where you are staying or while traveling. A USB power bank fully charged provides a way to keep life on your smartphone and other devices when you need it most. If you just want to have it in case of emergencies, that’s ok too. Either way, it’s a camping must-have.

Car Mount

A great tool if you’re going camping road trip-style, a smartphone car mount keeps a phone safely positioned in full view. You won’t have to go reaching for it and you can keep directions open at all times.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a great way to enjoy your favourite podcasts, music, and movies while out camping. It also can hook onto your backpack if you are hiking or doing any traveling on foot. All in all, a solid tech accessory to have.

Magnetic Shockproof Phone Case

If you’re going over rough terrain or are going to be out there longer than a few days, buy a magnetic shockproof phone case. This way, you know nothing’s happening to your phone. Even if the plan is to keep it off the whole time, you still need some place to put it in case of emergencies. A shockproof case is your best bet.

Portable Tire Inflator

This one is really for if you’re traveling in a vehicle. A portable air compressor and tire inflator’s going to keep you on the road to where you need to get to. Please note, it can also be used on a bicycle. Although power tools can add weight to what you’re carrying, we say it’s definitely recommended if you’re on a tire.

None of this tech is going to take away from the camping experience. A lot of it plans for the worst, some of it’s for fun, and some of it’s just to help you along. Shop all these camping tech accessories in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today and set yourself up proper for your next trip.

What Do I Need For An Ergonomic PC Gaming Desk? – See Here

A gaming desk is any serious gamer’s home base. It’s the platform on which they build their gaming setup, complete with the accessories they need, foods and beverages they enjoy, and all the tech that puts them in the game.

Normally, we don’t necessarily associate the term ‘ergonomics’ with PC gaming desks. Most gamers tend to lean more towards the latest in tech rather than the latest in ergonomic desk design.

There are a lot of reasons to adjust that mindset. An ergonomic PC gaming desk is impressive to look at. An ergonomic desk will keep you comfortable, allowing you to play for an extended period.

A desk like this also fine-tunes placement of the accessories you like, puts them in convenient locations, and heightens your overall gaming experience.

What Do You Want In A Gaming Desk?

An ergonomic gaming desk carries several elements to it that make it such a perfect gift for any gamer.

  • A beverage holder to put your favourite cup of soda, water, or beverage in.
  • A gaming headset hook to always have a safe place to station your headset when it’s not in use.
  • A large gaming mouse pad that allows a gamer to place their mouse anywhere on their desk.
  • A small metal shelf where you can store discs, gaming accessories, or controllers.
  • Cable management holes are incorporated into the design of the desk to make it easy to move USB cables, HDMI cables, and gaming cables through.

That’s a basic gaming desk setup. If you want to take things further from there, there are LED lighting setups, multi-monitor desk mounts, under-desk PC desktop mounts, ergonomic gaming chairs, and more.

Needless to say, this can all get quite expensive and fairly quickly at that. This makes it all the more important to shop with brands with PrimeCables.ca where you know you’re getting the best gaming accessories and the best desks at the best prices.

Every gamer is a little different with what they prefer at their desk. A lot of it comes down to aesthetics and what sort of games the person likes to play. For example, you wouldn’t have a large setup complete with all the bells and whistles if all you enjoyed was playing old Super Nintendo games.

You can also do a lot without spending a lot of money adjusting your space ergonomically to accommodate a gaming setup.

Shop and save with PrimeCables.ca today and find 100s of gaming products and gaming accessories at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. From ergonomic gaming desks to headsets, keyboards, mousepads, chairs, and more, shop for the budget-conscious PC gamer at PrimeCables.ca.

How To Install A Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

A full-motion dual monitor mount gives you maximum adjustability, allowing you to move your monitors with ease.

The beauty of a dual monitor mount is that you don’t need a lot of instruction to install it. So long as the specs match to your monitor, you are fully set to enjoy watching movies, gaming, working on your computer, and browsing the Internet in a whole different way.

Before You Buy A Dual Monitor Mount…

To properly install a monitor mount, the important thing is you have the right one. Mounts are divided up according to the size of monitors they hold. A dual monitor desk mount will only accommodate a certain size especially as the monitors have to sit side-by-side.

There are also weight restrictions to take into account. By putting too much weight on a mount, you compromise its integrity and run the risk of having a monitor collapse or fail to remain mounted.

A third spec to know – as if two wasn’t enough! – is the VESA specifications. A VESA pattern refers to how the mounting holes on the back of a monitor are arranged. You don’t want to drill mounting holes into your monitor, of course. The holes already have to be there. While you’re matching weight and size, do note whether the VESA pattern matches between monitor and mount.

How To Install Your Mount

Every mount is a little different but the best dual monitor desk mounts tend to use a clamp mechanism.

  1. Your dual monitor mount will install at the far edge of your desk. Tidy this area and get ready to set your mount there.
  2. Open the clamp mechanism and press the monitor mount into the width of the wood.
  3. Once you feel like it’s secure, tighten it from underneath. You may want to utilize some hand tools to ensure you’ve got it fully stable.
  4. After your mount is fully installed, the next step is to set each monitor in its mount bracket. Do the first monitor first, ensuring it’s stable and the screws fully in. Then, do the second monitor.
  5. Lastly, check to make sure your mount is strong and not struggling to keep your monitors up.
  6. As this is a full-motion dual monitor desk mount, you also will want to verify the arms are working correctly. If you notice difficulty in using the arm or are uncomfortable with its stability, check to make sure everything’s been properly installed.

It’s that easy. There’s really nothing to working with a full-motion dual monitor mount. The hardest part of installing a monitor mount is selecting the right one. You want to make sure everything’s fitting just right. Find yours at PrimeCables.ca.

Do I Need Two Monitors For Gaming?

Depictions of gamers in media, films, and advertising usually have them seated in front of dual monitors.

Do they actually need two monitors to game – no, not necessarily. No games require a dual monitor setup per se.

Do two monitors make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable and easier to work – absolutely.

Browsing PC gaming accessories, consider the benefits you can get from two monitors. All you require to get set up is two monitors, of course, and a monitor mount. From there, you’re set. Everything you need comes in at under a few hundred dollars and with that, you completely change how you game.

In helping you decide whether you need two monitors for gaming, ask yourself these questions.

Do You Multitask While Playing Your Game?

If you sometimes do web browsing, watch videos, or like to have game information or walkthroughs up while you’re playing, another monitor on the table is more real estate and a much easier way to do that than with a ton of links on your desktop.

Do You Do Twitch Streaming When You Game?

If you like to do Twitch streaming while you game, a second monitor allows you to view chats, respond in real-time, and see other streaming tools. It gives you more freedom to play and communicate with other users or make changes to your settings as you go along.

Do You Enjoy Playing With Friends?

If you are indulging with multiple people on the controls, two monitors for gaming allows more visibility.

Do You Have Enough Space On Your Desk For Two Monitors?

A reason why a lot of gamers don’t get two monitors to start is because they’re worried about space. A single monitor takes up enough space. Now add in another. You don’t have a lot of area remaining.

An absolute necessity if you have two monitors for gaming is to buy a dual monitor mount. You elevate both monitors to the height you like and free up the space underneath them. It’s a massive win.

Is It Hard Getting Set Up With Two Monitors?

To set up two monitors, you just have to make sure they are connected to your computer. Afterward, in the ‘Control Panel’ settings, it is only a few clicks to get both monitors working in tandem.

If you’re looking to buy a dual monitor desk mount or shop two monitors for your gaming PC ergonomic desk, visit PrimeCables.ca today. You will have a much more balanced experience gaming at a gaming desk equipped with the accessories you want. Check out the deals at PrimeCables.ca!

5 Reasons Why Your Home Should Have A Surge Protector

Power surges are tricky buggers. In fact, you may not even notice when they occur. At any moment, your house could be hit and all it would be is a small flicker of the lights. A toaster overheating. A microwave with too much power. A cheap tech device that doesn’t safely manage its power. All these things can cause power surges.

Most of the time, with a power surge, your devices will be safe. That said, all it takes is one time. Anyone with important information on a computer, a medical device plugged in, or some expensive electronics, among other things, buying a surge protector makes a lot of sense.

Here are 5 reasons why your home should have at least one surge protector plugged in.

You May Prevent A Fire

Especially if you have old wiring or improperly installed electric cables, the right amount of electricity in a power surge can overload an outlet and cause a connected appliance to spark. Every year, thousands of fires are started from faulty and/or malfunctioning wiring like this. Surge protectors are your best bet to totally eliminate this hazard.

Some Power Surges Are Internally Generated

There are two types of voltage surges – external and internal. An external cause comes from outside your home’s electrical system. Those are much rarer than internal surges which will come from our devices. That type of surge sends power to your circuit breaker and spreads it out. This potentially damages other circuits that you may have thought were fully protected. A surge protector protects you both ways, ensuring whatever is plugged in is not subject to any malfunctioning electrical components outside of the device’s own design.

You Guarantee Protection

Most homes are wired in a way to protect devices from harm in the event of a power surge. A homeowner doesn’t have certainty though. When you use a multi-outlet surge protector, you have that certainty. You ensure whatever’s plugged in is fully protected against any sort of electrical issues that come from the breaker panel.

If You’re Already Buying A Power Bar…

If you’re already expanding the outlets you have available with a power bar, spend a few extra bucks and get a surge protector power strip instead. In some cases, they even come out to the same price. You don’t have to pay much extra and in addition to more outlets, you get surge protection. It’s a win-win.

Small Surges Degrade Performance

A home is hit by small surges every day. A few aren’t going to make a dent – most of the time. Wear and tear over the years can occur from these power surges on appliances like air conditioners, ovens, microwaves, toasters, and high-tech electronics. By using a surge protector, you guard against this gradual damage.

Shop a high-quality multi-outlet surge protector from PrimeCables.ca and protect your home, devices, and appliances.