The Best TV Wall Mounts in 2021 According To Home Theater Experts

A sturdy, stylish TV wall mount is not hard to find nor are they particularly difficult to install.

TV wall mounts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes though so selecting yours isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Whether you’re short on available space or are looking to upgrade your home theater to something a little more lively, here are the best TV wall mounts in Canada as selected by our home theater experts at PrimeCables.ca.

Full Motion TV Wall mount

If you’re looking for a very basic full motion TV wall mount, this is it. On sale for less than $14, a home theater system with this mount has the full motion they want in a compact design. Hang your flat-screen with confidence.

B3d56 primecables cab psw738 tv wall mounts stands full motion tv wall mount 17 to 42 inch primecables

Heavy Duty Tilt TV Wall Mount

This heavy duty tilt TV wall mount stands flush with the wall and doesn’t take up much space at all. Designed for large flat-screens, this budget-friendly mount will have your LCD firmly attached and on display ready for you to enjoy your watch on.

C7ebd primecables cab plb 33l wall mount brackets heavy duty tilting curved flat panel tv wall mount for tv 37 to 70 inch primecables

Classic Swivel And Tilt TV Wall Mount

The classic swivel and tilt TV mount is a very small and simple design but what it does it does well. Comparing to putting your screen on a stand or a table, a swivel and tilt helps to fend off problematic glare and angles everything so that it’s at an optimum place for where you’re sitting.

TV Wall Mount Articulating Arm

Some just want the ability to swing a flat-screen out and in. A TV wall mount articulating arm secures your television in a way that allows it to glide in and out of view. This is ideal if you’re watching with friends sometimes and other times sitting on your own. You can adjust where a screen is according to where you’re seated.

E04ed primecables cab 04 0510 wall mount brackets wall mount articulated arm universal led lcd plasma 13 55 slim primecables

Super Solid Large Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Here is the pièce de résistance! This super solid full-motion TV wall mount is for flat-screens 50” to 90”. You don’t need a ton of cash to splurge on this design, fortunately. A great deal! It’s a premium product that will last a lifetime.

1b40b primecables cab lpa49 686 tv wall mounts stands super solid large full motion tv wall mount 50 90 led lcd curved flat panel tvs primecables

Pull-Down TV Wall Mount

An above-fireplace TV wall mount uses a pull-down design. This way, you can store a flat-screen flush with the wall when it’s not in use but can then pull it down into view when it is. Most home theater systems won’t need this level of functionality but to some, they may really enjoy the additional pull-down mechanism.

60f23 monoprice canada cab 15618 tv wall mounts stands above fireplace pull down full motion articulating tv wall mount bracket monoprice

Catch all the best TV wall mounts in 2021 at PrimeCables.ca and find the design that’s right for your room.

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