What Type Of USB Type-C Cable Do I Need?

USB-C cables are the go-to USB cable for newer devices. This cable is capable of transferring data, power, video, and audio quickly and reliably. However, not every USB-C cable is created equal. Learning the differences in USB-C cables can help protect your devices.

What Is The USB-C Connector?

The USB-C connector was created to be a universal connector, one that could be used with not only phones but also with computers, power supplies, and other accessories.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Individual manufacturers implement varying protocols for the cables, since the name USB-C simply refers only to the shape and not the manufacturing protocol. While two USB Type-C cables may look the same, they can have different functional capabilities.

What Speed Are USB-C Cables?

There are three speeds USB-C cables can run on – USB 3.1, 3.0, or 2.0.

USB 3.1 or Gen 2 cables work quickly. These cables are capable of transferring an HD movie in five seconds, which equals approximately 10 gigabits per second. If using a USB 2.0 cable for the same project, it would take about two minutes, roughly 480 megabits per second. Be sure to determine the speed of the cable before purchasing to meet your needs.

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What Is The Usability Of A USB-C Cable?

If you receive a USB-C cable with a device, in most cases, the device will dictate a lot about the specifications in the cable. For example, a USB-C cable that charges a cell phone will not be as fast as one that came with an external hard drive.

You may run into certain usage limitations with USB cables like these. While some can send video signal and be used with a second monitor, others are unable to send any video signal at all. While there are USB-C adapters, they vary in what they’re capable of. If using an adapter, there is no guarantee that it will make it so that a USB-C cable works between devices. For example, a headphone USB-C adapter that came with one phone may not work with any other phone.

USB-C Cables Must Transfer The Right Amount Of Power

Every device requires a different amount of power; some require more, some much less. While there are supposedly safeguards in place to prevent damage, some manufacturers will cut corners to save money.

It is important to be sure the USB-C cable you are using sends the correct amount of power to your device so you don’t risk ruining the charger port. It has been proven using the wrong amount of power can cause this to happen.

To avoid the chance of damage, be sure to purchase from trusted sources and brands, ensure to fully read the reviews and description, and make sure the cables are being used correctly. PrimeCables.ca is the place to shop for all that and more. Pick up your USB Type-C cable today.

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