What’s The Best Home Theater Projector In 2021?

Home theaters are changing. The days of big, heavy flat-screens are done. It’s either light computer-inspired, tech-heavy flat-screens that are more like monitors or projector screens.

A projector is a unique alternative to a flat-screen. To a degree, it’s more adaptable. You can achieve a larger picture with a home theater projector and it’s less costly compared to a similar size in a flat-screen.

There are also many types of projectors available, from classic home theater models to mini and portables. Here are some of the best projectors in 2021 in the home theater space, well worth spending on.

BenQ Wireless Smart Projector

The BenQ wireless smart projector is one of the best on the market. It’s totally wireless so an easy setup. It’s also equipped with hassle-free wireless streaming and comes with built-in apps as well as a Bluetooth speaker. This has got to be one of our favourites by far.

Epson PowerLite Wireless LCD Projector

The Epson PowerLite Wireless LCD projector is similar to the BenQ model and offers Miracast streaming. You have that same wireless connection as well as Full HD 1080P image quality. In design, it’s a little thinner than the BenQ projector but both are easily portable. This Epson home theater projector includes an HDMI port and 3200 lumens. A very impressive model.

BenQ PowerLite LCD Large-Venue Projector

If you have a very large room – like we’re talking the size of a classroom or even larger – a projector’s got to be equipped with the best picture quality, lens shifting, and connectivity to guarantee there won’t be any issues. That’s what this BenQ LCD large-venue projector is for.

The price is a little steep for the average home theater enthusiast but for those looking for a high-end projector, this is it. 5500 lumens. 1080p. 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Stream HD content. Android screen mirroring is also possible. It’s all there in this BenQ projector, a fine addition to a luxury entertainment and home theater system.

1080P Mini Projector

The 1080p mini projector is portable and operates via Bluetooth. It is really made for outdoors, portable use, and not necessarily at-home entertainment units.

That isn’t to say you can’t use it like that. If you’re looking for some adaptability, this might be the model for you.

Do away with your TV! Switch to an HD 1080p projector. You won’t regret it. If you love large HD image quality, a projector is definitely where you want to put your wallet. It will take your home theater to the next level. Shop all sorts of home theater projectors and more at PrimeCables.ca today.

Use A Laptop Stand To Turn Anywhere Into The Ultimate Ergonomic Home Office

Did you know you can turn any space into an ergonomic work-from-home office – it’s true!

Anywhere. From dining room tables to countertops, sitting up in bed, living room couches, backseat in your car, sitting on a bench waiting for the bus, and more. It can all be transformed into a home office in a matter of seconds.

An ergonomic laptop stand is how. Adjustable to the position you need, you can relieve any difficulty there is around typing or watching. Here’s everything you need to know about ergonomics and how they work with a portable laptop stand.

Why Our Laptops Are A Problem

You may look at a laptop and think, “There’s no problem here!” Oftentimes, there isn’t… in an office.

When you’re on your bed, you’re craning your neck. When you’re at the dining room table, leaning over is common. If you’re working standing up at a kitchen counter, getting into a comfortable position is a struggle.

Laptops can be too low, too high, not have enough tilt, or be at the wrong angle for optimum productivity. A height adjustable laptop stand changes all that. The adjustability of it is key. That’s what ergonomics is all about.

How A Laptop Stand Works

A laptop stand can work in several ways. A more high-tech model, such as the 360-degree rotating laptop stand from PrimeCables.ca is priced well and offers all the ergonomic benefits you’ll want.

A laptop stand sits on your lap, tabletop, or any flat surface. It allows you to raise and angle a laptop according to what best suits your posture. This prevents unhealthy postures or having to deal with the after-effects of working in a non-traditional workspace.

Do you have regular discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, and even vision trouble after a session at your laptop – try a portable laptop stand! You will likely come to find you no longer struggle post-work like you once did.

With an ergonomic laptop desk, there’s no more reaching over the keyboard to type, no more straining, and no struggle in working.

You can set up a laptop stand like this anywhere you like. It’ll even work on your lap. It’s also portable and lightweight so carrying it with you or putting it in your bag is not a problem. This provides you with equipment to turn wherever you are into a comfortable, ergonomic office space.

Don’t settle. This is an easy-to-buy, affordable laptop stand that can drastically change your experience for the better. Work longer, faster, and more efficiently. Shop 360-degree rotating adjustable laptop stands and portable laptop tables at PrimeCables.ca today.

The Best Monitors For A Home Office

For anyone serious about having a strong, solid work-from-home setup, they understand the importance of computer monitors. What monitor you use definitely has an impact on how enjoyable your experience is.

Like an office ergonomic desk or the type of office chair you choose, your monitor matters. PrimeCables.ca is a go-to source for office essentials and accessories that Canadians have explored throughout the pandemic, delivering only the best in monitors and ergonomic office design.

Here are the best computer monitors in 2021 for your work-from-home office.

27” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The 27” 4K monitor is fairly high-tech. It’s optimized for gaming and is great for any sort of image editing, video editing, and graphic design. If your work isn’t very graphic-intensive, you can certainly find a cheaper priced monitor on this list than this one.

27” 1080P 144 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Though the 27” 1080p curved monitor is more tailored towards gamers than home office setups, some home office folks will certainly appreciate the curved design and speedy tech. For a computer monitor that’s multi-purpose and curved, this is a great choice.

ViewSonic 1080P Monitor

A ViewSonic 1080p monitor is a fine upgrade for a lot of people who may still be stuck with something 720p. If your current setup isn’t up to par and you want a faster monitor with more colorful graphics, enjoy lightning-fast picture clarity with anything from ViewSonic in the 1080p range.

Monoprice 15” Touchscreen

Though smaller in size, the Monoprice 15” touchscreen is a great accessory to any office setup where multiple monitors are needed. If you enjoy having several screens or are required to, a touchscreen is an addition hard to pass up.

Monoprice 27” 4k Monitor

The Monoprice 27” 4K monitor is designed for people who are looking for something high-end. Monitors that are 4K at this size provide a lot of power and speed which isn’t wholly necessary when dealing with day-to-day routine office work. It makes this list, however, because when it comes to high-end monitors, Monoprice is a fine introduction.

CrystalPro 28” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The CrystalPro 28” 4K monitor is a high-end monitor with a lot of advantages. For the person who wants more than average, the CrystalPro 4K monitor soars above other models and delivers a performance that you can rely on.

24” 1080P 75 Hz Monitor

Enjoy a 1080p 24” monitor with advanced image tech, modern-minimalist design, and a comfortable ergonomic setup that’s sure to please anyone with a home office. This is arguably the best monitor in Canada and is currently offered at a very fair discount this summer-only.

Shop these computer monitors and others for your work-from-home setup and home office. PrimeCables.ca has exclusive deals and discounts all summer long on the best monitors in Canada. Visit us today.

How To Install A GFCI Outlet

If you have recently bought a GFCI outlet self-testing and tamper-resistant, the next step is the installation. Here is everything you need to know about how to do it safely and turn a regular receptacle outlet into a GFCI outlet.

Turn The Outlet Off

Before you install a GFCI outlet, use an outlet tester to verify there is no electricity in the outlet. You don’t want to be replacing anything with the electricity on. You can turn it off at the circuit breaker box, with the corresponding circuit.

Remove The Old Outlet

Next, take off the electrical plate using a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the outlet from the box. Pop it out.

Remove Old Wires

Once the outlet is out of its box and hanging there, you will need to disconnect the wires. If you have more than three wires, you’ll need an electrician to move forward. Cease the install. Schedule a professional-grade installation instead.

How To Disconnect Outlet Wires

If you do have three wires in your outlet, first disconnect the hot wire.

This will be on the far right. The hot wire is what brings electricity to the outlet. It should be black in color and connected with a screw. You can do this with a flathead screwdriver.

Next, do the same with the neutral wire on the far left side which connects the electrical circuit and sends the signal back to the box. This should be a white wire.

Lastly, remove the grounding wire which will be connected to the bottom of the outlet, typically in green or bare.

Rewire Your GFCI Outlet To The Circuit

Use your pliers or wire cutters to make sure the wires are straight in the wall and ready to be plugged into a GFCI outlet. Your GFCI outlet will have line screws and load screws. You’re exclusively rewiring the line the GFCI outlet to the line screws. The load screws are strictly for electricians. Only proceed to rewire if you know where your line screws are.

Unscrew the screws and insert the wires into the holes of the outlet. Start with the grounding wire and then tighten the screw. Next, do the neutral. Lastly, the hot wire.

Finish Up

Screw the GFCI into the outlet box carefully bending the wires so that they do not teach one another.

You will need to replace the outlet plate as the older plate is probably not going to fit. They generally don’t when switching from a standard outlet to a GFCI. Lastly, turn on the electricity and test it.

Buy a GFCI outlet today at PrimeCables.ca and do the installation yourself. It’s easy, quick, and straightforward. You’ll be happy to make the switch to GFCI outlets which are often more dynamic and of a higher quality.

Benefits Of A Smart Outlet For A Home Office

It’s all about focus and productivity in a home office. You don’t want any distractions or technology taking you away from your work.

A smart outlet in a home office has multiple uses, facilitating an easier experience without distraction. If you work from home and are looking at ways to upgrade your work-from-home setup, try a smart plug on for size. Here are a few of the reasons why.


A smart plug can be controlled remotely and by voice through Alexa, Google Home, and other programs.


If you want to set something on a timer to shut off, such as if you’re broadcasting a signal or downloading files, you can set it up remotely with a smart plug.

Use It On Breaks

When you come to take a break in between work, hit your smart outlet button. This can turn on music, TV, a timer, an essential oil diffuser, or whatever you need to relax and decompress for break time. This is a top-of-the-line smart home accessory for home offices, for this reason alone. Highly adaptable.

See If Someone’s Using It

See on your smartphone if someone’s using your devices. Anything that’s plugged into your outlet, you can monitor. If it’s been unplugged, you’ll know. If the tech has been turned on, you’ll be notified as well. This is a fine way to monitor usage and see if someone unauthorized inside your home is accessing data.

Control Your Office From Anywhere

You can shut down power or turn on power from anywhere in the world so long as you have Internet on your smartphone. Whatever is plugged into a smart outlet is fully controlled by you wherever you happen to be.

Welcome Home Features

Set up your smart outlet WiFi socket with ‘Welcome Home’ features and sync them up with other accessories in your work-from-home setup.

Turn Off/Turn On

Set up your home office the night before and then, ten minutes before your shift, hit your smartphone button. Instantly, you can turn on your laptop or computer, coffee maker to prep a fresh cup, and more.

Check out office smart home accessories at PrimeCables.ca today, including smart plugs and smart outlets which do not require a hub to work. It’s as easy as plugging it in and installing an app. A win-win! From setting up your coffee maker to monitoring your laptop, adding a little technology to your home office has never been easier.

Why A Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control Is Better Than A Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are cute and trendy. A wireless way to capture photos and get optimum angles for selfies and other photographs, for those looking at getting better images, they naturally will gravitate towards a selfie stick. Here’s why that’s wrong.

A selfie stick is fine. Sure, it helps to extend outward your angle and with that, you can get an optimized perspective for selfies. That’s more or less all they do. Selfie sticks are literally a stick on which hangs your smartphone. For a high-tech product, they sure are very basic and don’t provide much value beyond what we’ve already mentioned. Needless to say, they kind of get old fast.

A Bluetooth selfie remote control may be a better option long-term, especially if you’re a skilled photographer.

It’s Wireless

A Bluetooth remote isn’t connected to your smartphone with a stick. This vastly opens up the photos you can capture and makes things a little easier on the person taking the photos.

You Can Control Your Camera Remotely

Let’s say you are looking to capture a specific shot but don’t know when the event is going to happen. That’s easy. Set up the camera and wait. When the time comes, press down on the button and you’ve got your photo.

Less Shake In Your Photos

Although a selfie stick can stabilize your camera to a degree, there is still a risk of shake. A Bluetooth smartphone remote control, by comparison, doesn’t touch your device. There’s no risk of dropping the smartphone or taking a photo while accidentally shaking it.

No Arm Fatigue, No Asking For Help

Your arm won’t get tired holding up a selfie stick. You won’t need to ask anyone for help taking a photo. With a remote, it’s easy. All you need is a Bluetooth connection.

Capture Movement

What a selfie stick can’t do is capture your movement. That’s because as you’re moving, the smartphone will as well. This creates shake. By positioning your smartphone on a stable tripod, using the Bluetooth remote, you can capture these difficult-to-take moving images with ease.

No Hardware In The Shot

With a selfie stick, you often see the selfie stick in the shot. When you don’t see the stick, you at least see the arm or posture of the person holding it. It’s very obvious. With a selfie remote, you don’t get that same issue at all. You can hide the remote fully out of view.

If You Want A Wider Shot, You Can Have It

With a selfie Bluetooth remote, you aren’t connected to your smartphone via stick. It’s totally wireless. This means you can move the camera back even further. You can stand six feet away and more, and get an even better angle.

They’re A Lot Cheaper

A selfie Bluetooth smartphone remote is also way less expensive than a Bluetooth selfie stick.

Shop high-quality smartphone accessories like the Bluetooth selfie remote control and more at PrimeCables.ca.

What To Do If Your Home Office Is Also Your Bedroom Or Dining Room

Home offices don’t always get set up in the best of places. As convenient as it would be for everyone to have a spare room they can dedicate to a work-from-home space, let’s face it, homes and condos aren’t always built that way.

In the last year, many Canadians have been working from home in their bedrooms and dining rooms, at the kitchen table or on their beds, and making the best of an often-inconvenient situation.

If you’re still in this situation, think about this. If you don’t have a room to dedicate to work, a corner, a wall, or half a room can work. You don’t even need that much square footage. Ergonomic desks can fit anywhere.

Do You Need An Ergonomic Desk For Your Home Office?

If you’ve been using a laptop on your lap or a portable laptop desk, that’s great… for a time. Eventually, you’ll want something more. You’ll want your own workspace.

Even if it’s just a wall or a corner, having your own workstation gives you a way to turn work on and off.

If you used to work at an office, you could leave work and forget about it. When you work from home, you can’t do that. You’re essentially always at the office. This can have severe mental health consequences, including increased stress and risks of depression.

A height-adjustable ergonomic desk is small, easy to set up, and will fit almost anywhere. Do yourself a solid and set up an area that is strictly for work. When you’re on the clock, that’s where you go. When work is done, you close up shop and go elsewhere in your home, condo, or apartment.

What Are Some Accessories To Buy For My Work-From-Home Workstation?

A work-from-home desk isn’t the only thing you’ll need to create an inviting and separate home office.

  • Buy an office chair. Don’t be using no dining room table chair or anything. Get a high-quality professional-grade ergonomic office chair you can sit comfortably in for hours at a time.
  • If you use a desktop and a monitor rather than a laptop, maximize the available space atop your desk. The desktop CPU can be mounted underneath your desk with an under-table mount. Your monitor can also be mounted with a monitor mount or monitor arm at the edge of your desk.
  • Chances are you’re going to have a few things to plug in around your desk. Your smartphone should be included in that and far away from you, minimizing distractions. Search out a power bank or power strip with enough outlets, USB included.

With minimal investment, you can build an ergonomic work-from-home setup with custom accessories
and all the essentials from PrimeCables.ca.

The Benefits Of HDMI Splitters

For those who wish to divide a video signal in their home theater system and send it out to multiple outputs throughout your home, HDMI splitters come with plenty of benefits. They can be used with gaming consoles, computers, and other devices.

HDMI splitters come in handy in a variety of situations and not only for home use. They can be used in business or formal presentations, as the splitter is able to send signal from a laptop to larger monitors.

Reduce Clutter

For starters, one of the most obvious benefits is an HDMI splitter’s ability to reduce clutter. A splitter is able to provide a variety of functions, without needing multiple hookups. This means there’s no need for multiple cables. You only need the splitter. This is helpful for offices and homes anywhere as multiple cords often get in the way and can become annoying.

Send Signals Easily

A dual HDMI splitter is also useful in situations where one is using multiple monitors. The signal can be easily sent through one main connection. As mentioned above, this is a great tool for business presentations, during gaming, when doing graphic or video editing, or when you’re doing anything requiring more area than your screen allows. As long as everything is compatible between devices, it is a great tool to use.

Protected Information

Another great benefit to HDMI splitters is they will not allow copyrighted material to pass through. This can protect your personal information from theft and also protect you from potential copyright infringement. While some may see this as a problem, it really is a benefit. It ensures there is no unauthorized transfer of information if that information has an existing claim on it from a copyright holder.

Eabbf hdmi dvi splitters hdmi dvi splitters

Active Splitters

There are different types of HDMI splitters. There’s “active” and “passive”. An active HDMI splitter is a type that has its own energy source which helps to boost the original signal so all displays get a great signal. This is important so the quality of picture or video or whatever you are sending through the splitter will be good. No one likes to see a weak signal or low-quality picture.

Extend Signal Over Longer Distances

Active HDMI splitters allow signals to go further than normal (further than fifty feet). Generally, a signal degrades after travelling so far. This can be troublesome, especially in larger locations. However, an active HDMI splitter boosts the signal so that it can travel further.

Passive Splitters

Passive HDMI splitters provide a power-efficient way to send through multiple signals. It makes multiple copies then sends them through the outputs which is not only power-efficient, but also straightforward. Though not as involved as active HDMI splitters, what you get with a passive splitter is ease of use.

Shop high-quality HDMI splitters, HDMI cables, and other home theater essentials on sale at PrimeCables.ca today.

Should My Child Have Their Own Desk At Home?

Is your child too young for a desk – this is a question a lot of parents ask themselves at a certain point.

A desk isn’t just a work desk. It’s a private space for a child. As adults, we desks as very work-oriented, professional areas where focus and attention are a necessity. No child has these associations. They see a desk and to them, it’s another area to play or like a toy.

There are a lot of other reasons to consider buying a children’s desk for your child’s room.

Your Child Isn’t Too Young

As parents, we like to think of our children as teeny babies. Unfortunately, they’re not anymore. They will grow and grow and grow, and with that, no child’s too young to have their own desk.

Helps To Focus Them

A children’s work desk shouldn’t be forced on them in any way. Not at all. If anything, the opposite’s true. Let them discover it on their own and let them decide how they wish to use it. A desk gives them a place to focus. Also, if your child is prone to being over-stimulated or being over-excited, a children’s desk is a safe area you can put them to color and calm down.

Your Child Has Somewhere To Do Their Work

Children may have homework to do come fall. If they do, you don’t want them doing it at the dining room table. Providing them their own quiet space can be very beneficial to getting homework done.

You Entertain A Child’s Interests

Your child may be interested in arts and crafts, drawing, writing, or painting, and have nowhere to do it. A children’s desk gives them that space. It’s somewhere that only they can touch, different from any other tabletop in your home.

Adapts With Their Age

A multi-functional children’s ergonomic desk is height-adjustable. This means a parent can change its shape and size as the child grows. This avoids you having to buy them a new desk repeatedly as they grow.

Improve Posture

By saddling up with an ergonomic desk at a young age, a child’s already getting used to maintaining good posture while at a desk. This is going to help them in the long run in relieving aches and discomforts should they ever work a desk job or have to sit through extended educational courses.

You Save Other Tables From Damage

Accidents happen, as the saying goes! A child might accidentally scribble on their table or damage it with scissors while cutting, spill some glue on it, or do something that could result in permanent imperfections. If you have a dining table you want to hold onto, you won’t want children doing arts and crafts on it.

Shop ergonomic desks for children and adults alike at PrimeCables.ca.

Overhaul Your Home Office With These Trendy Ergonomic Accessories

A home office is a beautiful thing. They can also cost a ton if you’re shopping retail. Buy office accessories online at a much better deal and give your home office a bit of a remodel!

If you know you’ll be continuing to work from home, partially or full-time, now’s the time to save. Make your office more in-tune with focus, productivity, and comfort. Ergonomics does all that. Here are some trendy accessories you may want to get your hands on.

Ethernet Cables

If your Internet is not so reliable where you have your ergonomic office setup, connect with Ethernet. A wired connection is faster and more reliable than a wireless one. Buy high-quality Ethernet cables.

53afd network ethernet cables network ethernet cables

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

An ergonomic sit-stand desk keeps your muscles moving and blood flowing throughout the day. You combat the dangers of prolonged sitting while burning calories, adjusting from sitting to standing and vice versa.

De28e sit stand desk solutions sit stand desk solutions

Power Strips And USB Banks

As we work, we want to make sure all of our electronics have adequate power, including smartphones. Charge your devices and power your computer with ergonomic office power strips.

D270a power charger adapter power charger adapter

Headphones And Earbuds

Whether you have an upcoming Zoom call or you just want to drown out the noise around you with music or white noise, buying some home office headphones or earbuds isn’t a bad decision.

8b81a headphone earbud headphones earbuds

Ergonomic Office Footrest

An ergonomic footrest helps you get a little more comfortable in your office chair. You put one leg up and it reframes your posture, taking strain off those places where you might already get aches and pains.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

Lift your monitor. Create more space. Minimize tension headaches and take some stress of the neck, shoulders, upper back, and even the eyes. A single monitor desk mount is a great home office investment.

Ring Light For Streaming

If you aren’t happy with your appearance on Zoom calls and want to appear more attractive, the desktop selfie ring light sits on a tripod and shines light directly on you from the front. This minimizes shadows and eliminates any uneven lighting you may be dealing with.

1a167 pc qftbs01 microphones accessories desktop selfie 10 ring light with tripod stand phone holder for photography live streaming

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

When productivity is starting to drag a bit mid-afternoon and you’re starting to long for the morning when you could actually focus, turn on your single-serve coffee maker. Pop in some coffee grounds or a K-Cup and enjoy.

Shop all these offers and more for your ergonomic home office at PrimeCables.ca. See Canada’s lowest prices on office desks, chairs, and more. Organize your work-from-home setup with a remodel that’ll get you hyped to come into work every morning.