Why iPhone Users Still Need MFI-Certified Lighting to USB Cables

When Apple first came up with the iPhone lightning cable, it was done for a few reasons. It established a sort of exclusivity in the sense that it was a proprietary design and users would be required to go through Apple for additional cables. Also, lightning cables were argued to be superior technology.

In the years since the MFI-certified lightning cable first came into being with iPhones and iPads, USB Type-C has risen up as the ultimate standard in smartphone cables and sync-and-charge cables. At the same time, Apple iPhone lightning cables have been met with an increasingly mixed response.

While there are rumours Apple is phasing out the lightning cable in favor of wireless charging and/or USB Type-C ports, there are still lots of reasons to have and buy lightning to USB cables online.

You Own An Older Apple Device. How Do You Charge It?

For years, Apple has made high-quality iPhones and devices that could last decades being exchanged in the marketplace. There’s going to be a need for lightning cables for a long time even if they were phased out tomorrow.

The technology is also still very top-notch. There is no better iPhone charging cable than a USB lightning cable. It’s fast. It works.

Especially if you get a Nylon-braided design, they can go on potentially indefinitely. USB Type-C is not a significant upgrade over lightning cables in terms of technology nor is wireless charging. Where USB-C and Qi-certified wireless charging are improvements is that they have become preferred by consumers and manufacturers alike, as opposed to having an Apple-exclusive cable product.

Where Can You Buy An MFI-Certified Apple USB Lightning Cable in Canada?

If you’re an iPhone user in Canada, buying a lightning cable is easy with PrimeCables.ca. They provide Apple-certified MFI lightning cables for iPhones, iPads, and more. Sync-and-charge devices using Apple- official lightning cables.

The benefits of buying USB to lightning cables in this manner is that, first off, it’s easy. You order online. Secondly, you get a lifetime warranty and guarantee on a lot of the USB lightning cables from PrimeCables.ca. This means should your lightning cable suddenly stop working or if there’s damage that you didn’t cause on the wire, such as wear-and-tear, replacing it with a new one isn’t difficult.

If you’re reading the news and see that lightning cables are being phased out, a lot of Apple customers are still going to need them for a long time to come. Shop USB lightning cables in Canada from PrimeCables.ca today.

How to Get the Best Home Theater System With What You Already Have For Under $100

A cheap home theater system, in a lot of cases, can be easily achieved with what you already have. All it takes is a few simple adjustments, some recalibrating, and perhaps some creativity depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s how to get your TV, audio, and home theater accessories just right.

Microfiber Cloth

Buy a microfiber cloth. Once a month, give the TV screen a dusting. If there’s one thing that’ll make your home theater look pristine, it’s a lack of dust. From dust to fingerprints, a microfiber cleaning cloth will take care of everything.

Have 1 Remote

Buy a multi-use multimedia remote that can span across all devices. This will make it much less problematic to find which remote to use for what. A multimedia keyboard is also very easy to set up.

Consider Ethernet

You are probably using Internet on your TV in some way. If the connection’s ever dropped or has been unstable, an alternative to using WiFi is setting up a wired Internet connection. All that’s required for that is an Ethernet cable.

Mount Your TV

This is what will make the most visual difference in achieving a better home theater vibe. Buy a TV wall mount. By mounting a TV, you save on space, create a more theatrical presentation, and achieve a cleaner-looking TV room.

Eda94 tv wall mounts stands tv wall mounts stands

Recalibrate Picture And Sound

It doesn’t hurt to occasionally recalibrate your picture and sound settings. In some cases, you’ll drastically improve picture quality. When it comes to speakers, adjusting their positioning even by a few inches can alter what you’re hearing and define for you where to place what, from subwoofers to surround sound speakers.

Tidy And/or Hide Cables

Home theater cables are a tough bunch. They are necessary but very much in the way at the same time. There are lots of ways to tidy them up, from using cable tires to using cable management channels and the like.

Consider Some New Accessories

Splurge on one thing. It can be anything. An Android smart TV box. An HDTV antenna. Go for something that speaks to you and that will get you excited about your home theater area again. Make a commitment to buy yourself one new thing as a gift every year. This way, you’re continually freshening up your entertainment area.

There are all sorts of great cheap ways to upgrade your home theater system for under $100. PrimeCables.ca is the place to shop. Visit us today to find the best home theater deals in Canada.

How Do I Keep My Computer Cables More Organized?

A computer desk can quickly end up with half a dozen to a full dozen cables that don’t have a route to take. These cables and wires often end up sprawled all over the place. Cables hanging down from your desk. Computer cables on the floor. They’re everywhere and it doesn’t look particularly motivating, tidy, or inspiring. To fix this trouble, fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

Use Less Devices

Although it’s probably not the way you want to go, you can always use less devices and will thereby have less cables on your hands.

Move Your Desktop Computer Tower

If you have a desktop computer tower on top of your desk, it’s taking up space and also is centralizing where your cables are leading. Do yourself a big favor and move it into an under-desk CPU mount.

This redirects where cables are leading to, reducing the mess or at least removing it from your immediate sightline.

Put Any Cables Not In Use Away

If there are cables, such as USB cables, that you use sometimes but not often, set aside a drawer or storage spot to put them in.

Any cables you find yourself not using day-to-day, put them somewhere close by so that they are accessible but not participating in the mess in front of you.

Use An Under Desk Cord Management Tray

An under-desk cord management tray is a hidden tray that sits at the back of your table for cables, surge protectors, or power strips to rest on.

If you are using an outlet-expanding surge protector, this is exactly the sort of thing you can use to move the mess from off your table. This tray’s designed to take your power strip or surge protector and keep it out of sight.

Buy A Few Magnetic Cable Management Channel

This is perhaps the most effective way to get a mess under control. One or two magnetic cable management channels can be put anywhere and are used as a filter down which you can feed wires and cables.

This sort of acts as a very loose cable tie. If you find cable ties unappealing or aren’t interested in removing the amount of cables you are using, use a cable management channel like this. You won’t regret deciding on it.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep your desk and cables a little more organized regardless of how many cables you’re using, the devices you need around, and any other variables that could be restricting the tidiness of your work area. For more cable management accessories and office help, shop all these at PrimeCables.ca today.

How To Mount My TV

There are lots of creative ways to mount a TV. If you really want to bring out the charm of your home décor, mounting a TV needs to be treated like any other aspect of interior design. TV mounting ideas can be fairly diverse. Here are a few of them that have caught our eye over several years of helping families and homeowners set up their home theaters.

Build It In-Wall

You may have seen in-wall speakers. What about an in-wall TV – you can do it! Create an add-on. Mount your TV and then build a large encasing around it. If you have shelving, this is also something you can blend in around it.

Over The Fireplace

A TV wall mount over the fireplace can be pulled down or pulled up and put back into a safe position. This will require a premium TV wall mount but is a great feature of any home’s interior design.

Do A Ceiling Mount Instead

If a wall mount isn’t quite working in your head, try a ceiling TV mount instead. This mounts your screen from – you guessed it! – your ceiling. It’s a workaround if you can’t use your wall for whatever reason or you want to position a TV centrally or in a part of the room where a wall is unavailable.

Put In Décor On Shelves

Hide your TV in amongst shelving and décor of your favourite art, plants, or using other forms of décor. You’re creating a whole entertainment unit, all mounted and positioned in the immediate surroundings of your TV wall mount. There are lots and lots of options with this. Even using movie posters or memorabilia works.

Use Paint For Patterns

Paint can be used in a number of ways to paint the wall you are about to mount your TV on. Create rhythms, atmosphere, and experiment with different finishes to try and come up with a unique home theater room that works with your personality and interests.

Wallpaper Instead of Paint

If you aren’t crazy about using paint, try wallpaper or wall decals instead. Create a unique backdrop. A set of LED lights backlighting your screen can also work to give it a theatrical atmosphere.

Change The Room

You can put a TV wall mount anywhere. Don’t discount trying it in a master bedroom, on your summer patio, in your dining room, or even in the bathroom if the electronics are appropriately protected from moisture.

Shop the best in TV wall mounts in Canada at rock-bottom prices at PrimeCables.ca today.

7 Reasons To Buy An Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

An anti-fatigue standing mat is a multi-facet home and work accessory with lots of surprising advantages.

On first glance, it’s understandable why someone who’s never had an anti-fatigue mat would question whether they are useful or not. Here are 7 reasons to buy an anti-fatigue standing mat for your home.

Better Endurance

The biggest benefit to a standing mat is you can stand on one for hours on-end with no issue. At a standing desk, when you’re standing for hours at a time, you may notice pain and aches in your legs or lower back. Standing mats can partially or totally eliminate that, providing support to maximize your endurance.

Less Fatigue

Some ergonomic anti-fatigue mats are shown to reduce fatigue by up to 50%. This lets you maintain a standing position for longer periods of time and walk away at the end of the day with less discomfort.

Relieves Pressure On The Spine

We don’t realize the pressure we can put on our spinal column day-in and day-out just by maintaining a standing position. An anti-fatigue standing mat takes strain off the spine and thereby minimizes the stresses that begin in this area of the body.

They’re Adaptive

We all not only have different sizes in feet but the shape of our feet can be quite a bit different. The soft foam of a standing mat adapts to the contour of your feet and will provide the same support no matter the size or shape.

Use It For Work, In The Kitchen, And Everywhere

Don’t forget that this is a multi-purpose comfort mat. You can use it at your work desk, of course. It’s also able to have a role in the kitchen for food prep or doing dishes. You can use it in a garage if you’re at a workbench and have to stand in the same place for extended periods. It’s also been used in various work settings if a worker is stationed in the same place for long amounts of time.

Long-Term Benefits

You might notice a lot of immediate benefits to an anti-fatigue standing mat but long-term is where it shines. As you slowly take away these aches and pains, you’re going to build strength and physically feel better. Not being in so much pain, this can also help with moods and have other positive consequences.

They’re Non-Slip

Though this depends on the type of anti-fatigue mat, a lot of them are anti-slip. This turns a hazardous work area into one that’s a lot safer. This is why they’re perfect for warehouses or environments where there’s even a small, small chance of a slide or slip.

Invest in an anti-fatigue standing mat for your work area. Buy a multi-purpose standing mat at PrimeCables.ca today.

What Cables Are You Missing For Your Home Musician Instrument Setup? – Read here

If you’re a musician and you enjoy having your friends over to play or simply want a nice performance space for parties, you need the right music cables to back you up.

Let’s face it. No one loves cables. They’re always in the way. They get tangled. It can get real messy…But for a music space or instrument area, you need cables. You can’t do home performances without them. Here are a few of the cables you may need for your instrument space.

USB Cables

Music has progressed to such a degree that it’s inevitable you will be using some form of technology to make it. USB cables are necessary for everything from charging a smartphone and similar mobile devices to connecting devices to sync or power up.

There are many types of USB cables available, with many adapters as well. Be sure to take stock of what you need.

3.5mm Audio Cables

3.5mm audio cables offer professional-grade audio and are used on everything from speakers to headphones. They aren’t as popular as they once were, replaced by other types of cables, however, some devices and instruments still make a point to use them. Take note if you have any musical instruments that need a 3.5mm audio cable or 3.5mm audio connector.

7530f 3 5mm 2 5mm audio cables 3 5mm 2 5mm audio cables

XLR Cables

XLR cables are used most often on microphones. When someone asks for a microphone cable, they’re most likely wanting an XLR. There is a male and female end on an XLR cable which understandably means you have a few different kinds of XLR cable to choose from. If you work with microphones or a PA system, absolutely, have some extra XLR cables at the ready.

1b122 professional audio cables professional audio cables

1/4 Inch Cables

1/4 inch cables are also very, very popular and may be the #1 music cable you need. Quarter-inch cables are used for guitars, basses, electric pianos, pedals, recording gear, consoles, and lots. If you have a recording room or live performance area in your home or if it’s in a place of business, such as a bar or restaurant, you can never have enough 1/4 inch cables.

1/4 inch cables also come in lots of lengths so extremely long or extremely short cables are also available.

You may need other music cables, of course, but these four will generally be the types that you definitely want. For all of your cable needs, buy them in Canada for the best prices at PrimeCables.ca today.

Pros And Cons Of A Laptop Stand For Your Home

A laptop stand, height-adjustable laptop table, or laptop table for your bed are excellent investments that allow you to comfortably take your laptop to other places and enjoy it from various positions.

If it’s a work-from-home accessory though, a laptop stand can prove detrimental in the long run. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of laptop stands and why you should consider the different perspectives before buying one.

Pro – They Make Sit-Stand Work Possible

You can sit while browsing stuff on your laptop or stand. A laptop table, if it’s height adjustable, allows you to do that.

Pro – You Can Put Your Laptop Anywhere

A laptop on a laptop stand can be moved anywhere. To a kitchen counter. The dining room table. Your bed. In the bathroom to position somewhere safe to watch an episode of your favourite television series while you take a bath. It’s up to you.

Pro – Safe, Stable Holding

No more setting your laptop up in precarious positions. A laptop stand provides a very stable holding for your laptop. If you usually take it with you around the house, to a friend’s place, or even sometimes work in the car or in unusual places, a stand’s going to provide a consistent approach to keeping your most valuable computer device steady and safe.

Pro – It Saves Space

A laptop can take up space on your desktop. Although lifting it may not free up much, it can provide you with a way to move things around and even add a second monitor if it makes sense to do so.

Con – You May Bring Work to Bed

Although it can be a fun thing to have your laptop with you in bed, if you’re bringing work to where you sleep, it’s going to make it feel like you’re always at work. It may become more challenging to ‘shut off.’

Pro – It’s Ergonomics

No matter the position, a height adjustable laptop table or stand allows you to adjust where a laptop’s placed and have it at an optimum height for your body’s position. This prioritizes ergonomics over the usual aches and pains that come with being at a computer for extended periods of time.

Pro – You Can Watch Movies Anywhere

You can take your laptop table to anywhere you like and watch movies or other content essentially from anywhere. So convenient!

Though there are certainly a couple of things to keep in mind before buying a laptop stand, in Canada, they’re very popular for a reason. Buy a laptop table or height-adjustable laptop table from PrimeCables.ca today.

Does Your Home Need A Surge Protector?

A surge protector is more than a power strip. It’s more than outlet expansion. You safely protect your devices when you use one. Does your home need a multi-outlet surge protector – this is an easy question. Here are a few reasons why we’d answer with an enthusiastic “yes!”

It’s More Than A Power Strip

A power strip is all about giving you more outlets. It can take a single outlet and safely provide four, six, or eight in its place. If you’re buying a power strip, you might as well go for a surge protector for a little extra.

You’re Protecting Electronics

We use more electronics today than ever. We often don’t realize. Devices. TVs. Appliances. Clocks. Lights. Bathroom accessories. We use so much electricity. If a power surge occurs, it’s a risk. A surge protector redirects the unexpected increase in voltage away from any at-risk electronics.

You Extend The Life of Devices

A lot of people do not realize that there are power spikes happening all the time even when it’s not storming. Most of these are protected by the design of outlets and devices having built-in protections. That said, this does wear down devices over time. A surge protector extends the lifetime of devices.

9ce92 power strip power strip

If You Have Big Systems…

Some homes have large and expensive systems – i.e. home theaters, desktop computers and accompanying devices, audio equipment, etc. A lot can happen with these large systems, especially if they’re using older components. A surge protector provides some added peace of mind.

You Get Added USB Inputs

A lot of outlets were not built with USB outlets and so one has to normally use a USB adapter to charge devices. A lot of wall mounted surge protectors offer USB inputs. This means no more adapters. You plug directly in. It’s very handy and a major space-saver.

Takes Up No Space

Another advantage to wall-mounted surge protectors is how little space they take up. In the past, this has been a big issue with a lot of larger surge protectors. They can be fairly bulky and somewhat difficult to fit into behind a TV or in certain corners. A wall-mounted surge protector plugs in and remains flush with the wall.

Any home can use a surge protector in at least one area. The way it adds regular outlets, adds USB outlets, and, most importantly, protects your devices, makes a surge protector a certain necessity for many homes with home theater systems, appliances, and electronic equipment they can’t lose. Buy surge protectors and more today at PrimeCables.ca.

Can A Sit-Stand Desk Improve Your Back Pain, Neck Pain, And Overall Health? – See here!

A height-adjustable desk may seem like a chore but it’s got some absolutely great benefits for your health.

A sit-stand desk is a design that you can raise to a height where you can stand while working or lower it to a seated position. The constant up and down is at your leisure, of course. If you are someone who wants to stand, sure, you can. You can also sit when you’re no longer in the headspace to stay on your two feet.

The whole philosophy behind a height-adjustable sit-stand desk is to reduce the aches that accompany office work. Aches are tied to stress we put on the body. At the office, we’re not lifting any weights or exercising per se but what we are doing is getting into postures that aren’t optimized for our bodies. This puts stress on certain areas and over the course of hours, your strength and endurance go down and your body starts to essentially injure itself trying to maintain the same posture.

That’s at a normal desk. With a height-adjustable desk, you are adjusting your posture. Those stresses are being removed. This allows someone to not only feel less pain but also to work longer.

De28e sit stand desk solutions sit stand desk solutions

Why Sitting Is So Dangerous

When we are seated, we aren’t activating any muscles. We are simply stuck sitting. At work, oftentimes, we are hunched over a computer. These are the perfect conditions for an injury to occur.

Complicating matters further, we spend so much time sitting. At work. In commute. To eat at home. On the couch. The majority of our day is sitting. If you have aches and pains from work, that’s going to be difficult to manage over time throughout all this sitting.

A sit-stand desk can improve your posture, keep your muscles strong, and reduce health risks.

Several studies suggest that when we sit all day, this increases our risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. As tempting as sit can be to stay seated, even getting up for ten minutes every hour or just stretching your legs can help so much.

Invest in an ergonomic workspace if you are looking for a different way to combat pain and improve your overall health.

Find all sorts of height-adjustable desks, work-from-home desks, and office accessories at PrimeCables.ca today. If you have to spend most of your work time in front of a desk, have what you need to feel comfortable and pain-free. Find your sit-stand desk today.

7 Home Office Gifts To Buy Yourself This Fall

Before the holiday season sets in, if you’re still working from home this fall, try any of these home office gifts for yourself. They’ll make working from a home office a little easier and may even influence you to stick it out at home instead of heading back into the world with its long commutes.

Ergonomic Desk

The best gift for a home office this season is a height-adjustable ergonomic desk. It allows you to stand and sit as you like, adjusting your posture and helping rid the sort of uncomfortableness which accompanies day-to-day sitting in an office chair.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Cda54 primecables cab edt07 c011 monitor desk mounts single monitor desk mount adjustable articulating stand primecables

An adjustable cell phone stand is perfect for Zoom calls or to have nearby when a call comes in. Any time you want to put on a podcast or some music during a break, it’s also a great ‘break’ accessory.

Single Monitor Desk Mount

If you have a monitor on your home office desk, set it up with a single monitor desk mount. You’ll free up the space and reduce the clutter hanging around your workspace. A stable mount is also safe for ergonomic desks.

Ethernet Cables

WiFi signals can be low-quality, drop unexpectedly, and cause issues on some devices. Wired Ethernet cables are your answer. If you want to get the most from your Internet, invest in a fast Ethernet networking cable. It will connect your computer directly to the modem, optimizing everything, from speed to security.

Multi-Outlet Surge Protector

A surge protector is a smart purchase for any home office. Unless you are living somewhere completely new in its build, there is a good chance a power surge could post a threat. A multi-outlet surge protector also adds outlets where you may have only had one or two before.

Lockable Under-Desk Pull-Out Drawer

101cb primecables cab pc 08259 monitor desk mounts sliding under desk pull out drawer

A lockable under-desk pull-out drawer is the sort of thing that every work desk should have. You can’t have enough storage in a home office, even if all your work is on the computer. This compartment is where you can put your pens, papers, smartphone, and similar small items.

Under-Desk Cord Management Organizer

Even as little as three cables or wires can make a home office desk look absolutely a mess. A cable organizer is not necessarily an essential in a work-from-home situation but it’s immensely helpful in keeping things looking tidy and in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Shop all these home office gifts and more from PrimeCables.ca. Buy trendy office accessories in Canada at the best prices.