What To Look For In The Best Height Adjustable Desk

The ups and downs of working from home and trying to remain focused is easier with the best height adjustable desk in front of you.

A height adjustable desk is a unique type of desk design that can be adjusted from sitting to standing and back down. This allows someone working to switch up their posture and keep concentrated on the work in front of you.

If you are stuck sitting at a desk for hours on end, don’t let that keep you unhealthy. Here is everything to look for when looking to buy a height adjustable desk online.

Desk Surface

Some of the best height adjustable desks are those with large desk surfaces. Some of these sit-standing desks do not have not much area on top. A large-enough desk surface will ensure you have enough space to comfortably put your things.

Height Settings

Every sit-stand desk has specific height settings. This may be something to look at if you have a desired height you need the desk to reach, such as if you’re exceptionally tall or have an alternative work setup already in your home office.


If you sit for long stretches with no break, your metabolism slows. On top of that, a lot of us have bad posture when working at a desk. You don’t want to give yourself any excuses to not use your height adjustable desk. Have it be high-quality and built well.

Weight Capacity

Due to the mechanism that raises and lowers the desktop, there is a weight capacity on it. This is regardless of whether it’s a vari electric standing desk, a standing desk converter, or a more traditional sit-stand desk.

Price Point

Height adjustable desks are in high demand. They’re very trendy and some can get pricey. Fortunately, you have lots of affordable home office accessories and inexpensive sit-stand desk options through platforms such as PrimeCables.ca which make it easy to buy home office furniture.

Electric V. Manual

A major difference between models of height adjustable desks is that some are manual and others electric. For the easiest and most convenient, sit-stand desk experience, go electric. If you’re looking to trim off some cost and don’t mind manually adjusting the height, try manual.


There are lots of features you can have on your height adjustable desk beyond simply being electric. Keyboard trays, reclaimed wood desktops, memory presets, and monitor arms are additions you may look at when looking at this desk alternative.

A height-adjustable means you can sit comfortably when you feel like it and stand and stretch when you have it. You don’t have to walk away from your desk to do it. Check out high-quality sit-stand desks at PrimeCables.ca today.

What Is The Best Overall Electric Sit Stand Desk In Canada?

Electric sit stand desks in Canada have proven tremendously popular in the work-from-home revolution these past few years. When speaking on the best overall sit-stand desk, electric is exactly where to look. So convenient for someone searching for that sit-standing working environment, here are some sit-to-stand features to look for in your home office desk.

Ample Workspace

Decide how much tabletop you want. An ample workspace can be handy but so can a small tabletop.

Keyboard Tray

People underestimate the importance of a keyboard tray but this can also help with arm placement and overall comfort, particularly as you maintain a standing position. You can also put on this tray any items to keep them out of the way when not in use.

How Ergonomic Is It?

An ergonomic height adjustable desk should be accommodating to the heights you need the desktop to be at, both from a sitting position and standing. Ensure your ergonomic sit standing desk’s height range matches your expectation.

Electric Sit Stand Desk Warranty

An electric sit stand desk in Canada relies on the motor to function. If it gives out or there’s an issue, a warranty can resolve that. A warranty gives you peace of mind in knowing you can get a fix or replacement when you need it. Ideally, a 1-year warranty is good. The best overall electric sit stand desk at PrimeCables.ca is offering a 3-year warranty.

An Easy Assembly Process

Through sites like PrimeCables.ca, you can find easy-to-assemble affordable electric standing desks.

Strong, Sturdy Weight Capacity

The larger an electric sit-stand desk is, the more weight it will likely carry. Ensure a work surface’s weight isn’t restricted to the point where it would be uncomfortable for you to use or pose challenges.

Easily-Accessible Motor Button

The whole point of an electric ergonomic desk is to make it easy to raise and lower. The motor button shouldn’t be somewhere out of reach. It should be easy-touch and allow you to easily manipulate the height.

An Attractive Tabletop

Some stand up desks and standing desks in Canada do not come with tabletops while others do. Whether you add your own or select from what’s already available, make sure the look and texture is appealing to you.

Cable Management Design

Cables and wires can get very messy. Especially with ergonomic electric desks, an organized cable system is a necessity. You do not want a computer cable getting tangled or caught while the desk is being raised or lowered.

From extra features to basic premium-grade functionality, find the best electric sit stand desk in Canada at PrimeCables.ca today.

How To Choose The Right 65-Inch TV Wall Mount For Your Flat-Screen

For large flat-screens, a heavy-duty 65-inch TV wall mount will safely affix the screen to the wall and bring it to a more theatrical height. Using a mount is far more aesthetically pleasing than sitting your TV on a stand or a table. It also prevents tip-overs so long as the mount is correctly installed.

Here is what you need to know about finding the right 65-inch TV wall mount for your screen.

Match To The Screen Size

Every TV wall mount is designed for specific sizes and VESA measurements. Ensure that what you are purchasing is in line with your flat-screen’s specifications, in size, weight, and VESA specs. Otherwise, you can risk damaging your wall and screen.

What Are VESA Specifications?

You can find your VESA specifications in the instruction manual, online, or under its product specifications. For most screens above 60 inches, they go by VESA 600 x 400. For screens above 32 inches and under 60 inches, you’re likely looking at VESA 400 x 400. Do verify these numbers in the specifications.

Type Of TV Wall Mount – Full Motion, Fixed, Tilt And Swivel

A 65-inch TV wall mount is available in a few different configurations.

  • A fixed, basic TV wall mount is your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive mount that will lift your screen but not offer much advanced functionality beyond that.
  • A tilt and swivel TV wall mount may incorporate an articulating arm and additional supports that allow you to tilt the screen and reduce glare, as well as adjust its positioning from side to side.
  • A full motion 65-inch TV wall mount offers a lot more functionality, allowing you to tilt and swivel, and is the preferred mount for most home theater enthusiasts.

Understand Where You Will Be Installing Your TV Wall Mount

In a small single-bedroom apartment where you’re close to the wall and sitting in front of your screen, you don’t necessarily need a lot of motion to your wall mount. You just need the screen mounted. Alternatively, if you are further away and/or are expecting to watch sometimes with friends, family, or guests, you may want to opt for a full motion TV wall mount. This can help adjusting the perspective to meet the optimum viewing angle.

How A Tilt And Swivel TV Wall Mount Can Help With Glare

Glare is a big problem with basic, fixed TV wall mounts. If the mount is installed across from a window, the sun comes in and reflects off the screen. There’s no way around it… unless you can tilt the screen. A slight tilt or a swivel can reduce glare bouncing off the screen and just makes sense.

See TV mounts of all types and prices at PrimeCables.ca and affordably redesign your home theater system today.

How An Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame Is A Great Gift To Your Office

At the top of the list of must-have ergonomic work-from-home essentials is an electric height-adjustable desk frame.

If you’ve always wanted to have an electric sit-stand desk, here is your opportunity. Available through PrimeCables.ca, this all-in-one desk makes for an ideal corner desk or one for small spaces. Packed with features, this one desk makes the day-to-day so much easier and more productive for the average person.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something nice, here is how an electric ergonomic desk is perfect for you.

It’s Electric

Instead of having to manually adjust your sit-standing desk, the electric function makes it an adjustment anyone can do with the press of a button.

Fits Easy In Any Room

An electric sit-stand ergonomic desk can be fit into any home office and doesn’t require any heavy lifting or sizeable area.

It Gets You Excited

It’s always fun to renovate, buy new furniture, and get an upgrade in a space that you use frequently. Through simple add-ons like an electric sit-stand desk frame, it’s natural to be more excited about getting to work and hanging out in your home office.

Tabletop Is Included

Some sit stand dual motor height adjustable desks offer you just the up-down mechanism and don’t come with any tabletop. If you want to make it easy, there are a few desk models at PrimeCables.ca that come with the tabletop included. It’s perfect.

Sit Or Stand Whenever You Want

Switch between sitting and standing whenever you like. You can even set a sit-stand time reminder, to keep up with your day-to-day sit-stand objectives. It’s a smooth electric up-and-down, with a motor ready to kick in at your leisure.

Prioritize Your Health

More than any other reason arguably as to why a electric height adjustable desk is a great purchase is how it reduces sedentary behaviour. Prolonged sitting is hazardous to one’s long-term health, with increased rates of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality among people who sit for the majority of their day. An electric sit-stand desk frame attacks that, with a sitting and standing adjustment you can make as needed.

Memory Controller With Presets

A height adjustable desk frame has a memory controller that allows you to put in a mix of presets at different heights. The height range allows you to customize where your sitting and standing positions are.

Loaded With Features

Electric sit-stand desks are often packed with all sorts of helpful features. As the electric height adjustable desk has an electricity source, some designs incorporate multiple USB inputs, lock/unlock settings, cord management under-desk accommodations, lined partitioned drawers, and more.

Find an electric height adjustable desk frame that is programmable to your work preferences at PrimeCables.ca.

Why Buy A Sit-Stand Desk Frame Over A Sit-Stand Desk

A sit-stand desk frame, for some people, can seem like half a table. Like it’s an incomplete workstation. That’s sort of the beauty of it. A dual motor sitting and standing desk frame can be customized to your preferences.

Imagine your work-from-home office redesigned. An adjustable standing desk can seem like a nice idea but you may struggle to find the right desk for you. For remote workers, your desk is understandably quite important. It can really impact your productivity and forms so much of your day-to-day work experience.

Here are a few of the reasons why some people choose a sit-stand desk frame over a sit-stand desk.

Custom Tabletop

You can totally choose the material that goes over top your desk frame. Be it wood, glass, or something else, you can choose the color and design you want. Secure it with eases to the underlying sit-stand height-adjustable frame.

Quality Desk Base

Searching out a sit-stand desk frame from a source like PrimeCables.ca, you can guarantee you’re getting a quality desk base. From this, you can build the ultimate standing desk with amazing ergonomic benefits.

Reduced Shipping Costs

When you buy an electric height adjustable desk frame, you save on shipping costs and overall expenses. A fully-equipped standing desk is expensive, in comparison. By choosing singularly the desk frame, you receive the motor and functionality only.

High-Quality, Heavy-Duty Build

By opting to buy a desk frame, you ensure the most important part of your desk is built from premium materials and in a high-quality design. There are no flaws or errors that could possibly compromise your table.

Choose Your Home Office Functionality

With a sit-stand desk, you’re locked into a certain look and functionality. A desk frame though allows you to build around it. So long as it can handle the weight capacity, you can add your monitor mounts, keyboard trays, and more. You can really customize the work environment surrounding you.

Repurpose Your Table For Multiple Uses

An ergonomic height adjustable desk frame can be utilized in a variety of situations. It’s not singularly an office or computer desk. You can design it as a gaming table, for use in school or research situations, in science, for art projects where you need a desk that can adjust height, as well as various other purposes.

If you’d like to put together your own sit-stand desk with a tabletop of your choosing, at PrimeCables.ca, see how a sit-stand desk frame can suit your needs.

How An L-Shape Sit Stand Desk Makes For The Ultimate Gaming Setup

To make gaming more fun, something like an L-shape sit stand desk can help you get the most from your tools and accessories.

Lots of gaming accessories and products exist. If you don’t have a comfortable gaming desk though, you’re at a disadvantage. For first-time buyers of ergonomic gaming desks or if you’re confused about why an L-shape height adjustable desk makes sense for gaming, here’s the truth.

Gaming Desks Aren’t Cheap

A lot of gaming desks can get quite advanced with features and all sorts of bits and bobs. Anything but affordable, most people don’t need these sort of high-tech tabletops. An L-shape standing desk is an alternative, far more inexpensive and offering lots of benefits.

Select Your Own Tabletop

With an L-shape gaming desk, you can build your own tabletop or buy your own and totally customize your gaming desk. It’s a big opportunity to get the best gaming table based on your interests and preferences.

Set It To Your Desired Height

Being height-adjustable, your sit stand desk you can move up to stand or down to a sit. At an optimum height, you make it easier on your posture, and can stay engaged and focused for longer.

Put In A Monitor Arm

To take your gaming desk to the next level, use a monitor arm to mount your screen. An L-shape desk has plenty of space to set up a monitor and optimize the ergonomics of your day-to-day gaming setup.

More Than Enough Desk Space

The top reason gamers buy L-shape sit-stand desks is for the additional desk space that a computer desk doesn’t have. You have lots of places to put controllers, snacks, speakers, headphones, chargers, and whatever you need.

Maximize Your Room’s Available Area

A desk that doesn’t quite fit in your room can take up more space than is needed. Put your L-shape electric standing desk in the corner. It fits there perfectly. As a corner standing desk, you make the most of the available space you have.

Repurpose It As A Work Area

When you aren’t gaming, an L-shape desk can be repurposed as a work area when you need it. A budget-friendly home office table like this meets all the expectations for a gaming station in addition to being a great place to host a FaceTime meeting, do the occasional work-from-home gig, or pursue a passion project.Pick up your L-shape sit stand desk with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada from PrimeCables.ca.

Why A Dual Monitor Desk Mount Is Better For Your Work Setup

A single monitor is limiting. For some work, two monitors are unquestionably better than one. Providing double the visual space, you can move what you’re working on around, reduce the clutter, and relax a bit more.

Two monitors can take up a lot of room. This can be disastrous for small workstations. A dual monitor desk mount is your best bet at having a two-monitor work setup. Here are some of the reasons why.

More Desktop Space

You instantly double your monitor area while reducing the desktop space that would otherwise be taken by the placement of monitors. This provides you more place to put devices, work accessories, paperwork, and more.

Work Faster, Be Productive

Instead of struggling to get done what you need on a single monitor, you can work at a faster pace. You can segment work, place what you need to see where, and assign monitors specific tasks or purposes.

Easy To Install

Although some desk mounts are different, many of the best dual monitor desk mounts install through desk clamps. They’re very easy to put on, without any issue. It can be done in a few minutes or less.

Full Motion Moves Your Screen

A monitor desk mount with full motion features means you can adjust the viewing angle and optimize your work in a way that’s not possible if the monitor’s flat on the desktop. A full motion articulating arm and similar design additions vastly expands what you can do at your workstation.

Turn To Ergonomics

As you rotate, swivel, tilt, or adjust the position of your computer monitors, you create a more ergonomic work setup. As you prioritize ergonomics, you will start to discover you can work for extended periods of time, more efficiently, and walk away with fewer aches and pains.

Provides Easier Cable Management

A computer has lots of cables. That’s no secret. A monitor mount takes those cables up and off your desk, and hangs them down the back of the desk instead. This improves the look of your workstation and helps make things a little more organized.

Use It On A Sit-Stand Desk

A dual monitor desk mount can be used on a sit-stand desk, standing desk, height adjustable desk, or on more or less any desk. As it’s a screw-on clamp, you can use it on wood, glass, or largely any material.

It’s so much more fun with two monitors! A dual monitor desk mount allows you to grow your workstation effectively and safely hold your monitors up at an ergonomic position. Check out monitor mounts for multiple monitors at PrimeCables.ca today.

What’s The Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For My Living Room?

There are some very obvious considerations to make when searching for the best full motion TV wall mount. Of course, you want your TV mount to be able to handle the weight and TV size. It should be in line with a screen’s mounting holes. You also want to know how many inches from the wall the mounting bracket is.

The best TV wall mount for your living room also will rely on having the right type of mount and additional features.

Why To Choose Full Motion Mounts

Full motion mounts offer so much functionality, from tilt to swivel, and adjustments left, right, up, and down. For a living room, where you could be sitting in several locations, you can make modifications to the exact viewing angle of your screen.

What Range Of Motion Your TV Wall Mount Has

The best full motion TV wall mount for you has the range of motion you want. Not all brands are alike, however. The degree of the tilt and swivel can differ. Be sure to verify your TV mount has the type of motion you want.

How Many Inches From The Wall Your Mount Is

A basic TV mount is thin and can go flat against the wall. With a full motion TV wall mount, the design can get bulky very quickly. Having it some inches from the wall can provide wide side angles but some home theater lovers don’t like it. You will want to measure out before the largeness of a mount on your wall with where you place it.

Have Your TV Mount Heavy-Duty And Easy To Install

You don’t want to have doubts about mounting your TV and having it remain on the wall. A full motion TV wall mount should be easily installed and heavy duty built. Even if it’s a lightweight screen, you can still cause damage when/if the full motion mount has been improperly installed or is low-quality in its build.

Make Sure Your TV Wall Mount Can Handle The Weight

With larger flat-screens, verify that the full motion mount can handle what you’re putting on it. Some full-motion mounts are built with more than one arm or have some extra mechanics included to support the sort of weight that a lot of these flat-panel TV screens have.

Where You’re Installing Your Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Understandably, you want the space where you’re putting the full motion mount to be large enough to accommodate it. If it isn’t, you may need a smaller mount or adjust where you’re wall mounting.

For the top brands in heavy-duty and full motion TV wall mounts for your living room and home theater, visit PrimeCables.ca today.

Is An Articulating TV Wall Mount The Right Pick For My Home Theater?

A popular option for a lot of homes, an articulating TV wall mount is a great option when you’re setting up a new TV. You reduce clutter and save space. You make your home entertainment center more immersive. With the ability to extend, tilt, swivel, and rotate, an articulating TV wall mount may be the best buy for your room. Here’s why.

You’re Creating A Real Home Theater

In a lot of ways, you can’t have a home theater without making it look theatrical. A movie theater doesn’t have their screen stationed on a table. The screen is always mounted. Always. By elevating your screen with the best TV wall mount, you create that same movie theater feel in your home.

For Bigger Flat-Screen TVs, They’re Perfect

You can run into a lot of trouble working with large flat-screens or flat-panel TVs. A common complaint is glare. The light from a lamp or a window reflects in the screen and makes it unwatchable during the day. An articulating arm allows you to make a few small adjustments, often eliminating glare altogether.

Size Of Your Flat-Screen TV

You don’t want a TV wall mount that’s incapable of holding the size or weight of your screen. Articulating TV wall mounts are notorious for being able to carry a lot of weight with the right supports.

Is The Wall Mount Bracket Safe?

This type of TV wall mount uses a wall mount bracket that is very safe so long as it’s properly fastened to the wall. You need a wall stud. This is the only safe way to install any TV wall mount.

Is Articulating TV Wall Mount Full Motion?

An articulating TV wall mount is a full motion mount, taking a screen anywhere from 37” to 70” and allowing you to tilt, swivel, and rotate it, adjusting the angle and perspective as needed. Articulating arms are what make this movement possible.

Always Have The Best Viewing Angle

Taking into account its full-motion functionality, nothing is better when you have to angle your screen downward or upward, move it to the left or right, or adjust its tilt. An articulating TV wall mount makes it possible to sit anywhere in the room and have an optimum perspective for the image on-screen.

Can You Use It With All LED, LCD, And Flat Screens?

Any TV wall mount can only carry a certain size and weight. Assuming your screen fits those specifications though, all LED, LCD, and flat screens should fit into the bracket and be mountable via an articulating arm.

For large TVs that you want to mount, a full-motion articulating TV wall mount offers the best placement options, allowing you to move it in any direction as needed. Get yours from PrimeCables.ca.

Benefits Of A DisplayPort to VGA Adapter For Your VGA Monitor or Screen

Connecting a VGA monitor to a DisplayPort-equipped PC has never been easier with a DisplayPort to VGA adapter cable.

If you’re one of the many who have VGA monitors or screens and a DisplayPort device, an adapter is a quick, inexpensive, and effective way around the problem of how to connect the two.

Here are some of the important benefits of DisplayPort adapters like this one.

HD Quality Video

You may not realize that you can transfer HD-quality 1080p images over a DisplayPort adapter heading into a VGA display but you can. The downside is if it’s not a 1080p VGA display, understandably, you won’t get the full HD experience as the screen’s not possible of that.

No Software Or Drivers

You don’t have to install a thing. It’s all plug-and-play. There’s no software involved with an adapter. It’s all hardware.

High-Quality Adapter Cable

When you buy a DisplayPort to VGA adapter through reputable sites like PrimeCables.ca, you receive a premium-built, long-lasting cable that’s not going to quit on you.

Small And Portable

For someone who is on the go, you can very easily take an adapter like this and put it in your laptop bag. The adapter is built small, is portable, and you’ll be glad to have it if you ever need the connection.

DisplayPort to VGA Adapter Supports Any Display

The beauty of a DisplayPort to VGA adapter is that it supports any VGA display. It can be a decades-old screen. As long as the VGA input port works, an adapter will work to move what’s on your DisplayPort device onto the VGA monitor.

Active Digital to Analog Conversion

The DisplayPort to VGA adapter uses an integrated chip to provide active digital to analog conversion. This is key to this adapter doing the trick as DisplayPort utilizes newer digital signal output, while VGA is analog.

Make A Secondary Display

You don’t have to use this adapter to transfer a primary display. You can use it to create a secondary display on a VGA monitor or projector, adding a second display to your setup, regardless of whether it’s for work or pleasure.

Customize Your Home Setup

A lot of us accumulate a myriad of tech over time and some of it can be incompatible. For households with legacy monitors and other tech, it’s computer adapters like this that make it possible to connect almost anything together and to create a custom workstation, a custom gaming station, or a custom computer room.

There’s no better place to pick up a high-quality DisplayPort to VGA adapter for your VGA computer monitor than PrimeCables.ca. Check it out!