Are Standing Desks Good For Your Health?

Before buying a standing desk, you might wonder about the health benefits of a sit and stand workstation. Upgrading to a sit stand desk can have a very positive effect on one’s overall condition, although you’ve got to play it smart and know your limits. Here is what you need to know about sitting, standing, and moving your desk up and down as you go along your day.

Reduce Neck Pain

You can eliminate neck pain and upper back pain associated with straining and poor posture switching to an ergonomic work desk.

Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow helps the body in so many ways. As you stand, you engage your muscles, more circulation passes through, you get stronger, and you feel overall more engaged from a physical standpoint.

Improve Your Energy

As you stand up at your desk, you get energy moving and that helps with energy production as well as mood. More energy helps to keep away those feelings of fatigue and tiredness that can plague one’s day.

Mental Health Benefits

It’s easy for some to get caught up in a pattern of negative thoughts, anxiety, and even depression when working in an office. A sit stand desk engages your body and therefore your mind. A lot of people report feeling more focused, have more productivity, and feelings of anxiousness and depression can lower as well.

Break Up Long Periods Of Time

If you move from sitting all day to standing all day, you’re going to hurt. It’s not going to be pleasant. You could end up with more aches and pains if you stand all day, just like sitting. Be sure to listen to your body, switch it up, and keep in mind that prolonged standing can hurt.

You Motivate Weight Loss

You’re burning more calories when you’re standing as opposed to sitting all day. Prolonged sitting slows your metabolism down but moving from standing to sitting and vice versa as needed will stimulate weight loss and increase your energy expenditure.

Keep In Mind It Is Not Exercise

Let’s be clear about the health benefits of standing desks: it doesn’t replace exercise. While standing burns more calories than sitting, it isn’t a weight loss plan by any means. It is no doubt a healthier choice though.

Your Long-Term Health Numbers Improve

If you look at long-term studies of sit stand desks, you will discover all sorts of benefits. Less risk of cardiovascular disease. Less risk of chronic conditions. Less risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions. These are real benefits that exist long-term for people who aren’t caught sitting all day.

There are real benefits to a standing desk and so long as you’re realistic about how you use a standing desk, they are good for your health. Get your ergonomic office desk today at and see the advantages of this useful, versatile office furniture.

What Is The Difference Between Cat5e And Cat6 Ethernet Cables?

Ethernet cables promise a wired Internet connection, unbreakable, un-hackable, and fast and efficient. Looking at different types of Ethernet cables though and eventually you run into the difference between Cat5e and Cat6. Both feature exceptional bandwidth speed and noise reduction, however, either or is appropriate for very specific scenarios.

Benefits Of A Cat5e Cable

Future-proof your networking with a Cat5e cable. First introduced in 1999, Cat5e is still used to this day.

At the time of its release, it increased Internet speeds up to 10 times over compared to Cat5 cables. It delivered a more efficient performance, usually with 24-gauge twisted pair wires, supporting gigabit Ethernet for up to 100 metres. An all-around excellent Ethernet cable.

Like Cat6, Cat5e cables use copper, typically twisted four over per cable.

Benefits Of A Cat6 Cable

A Cat6 cable was considered an upgrade over Cat5e in a lot of ways, first released in the early 2000s.

Cat6 Ethernet cables are backwards-compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat3 standards. Cat6 supports gigabit Ethernet for up to 100 metres but also has the ability to maintain 10-gigabit Ethernet albeit over a very limited distance.

If you decide to tap into 10-gigabit connections, expect the distance to drop to 50-55 metres.

Cat5e or Cat6, Which Is Better?

Both Cat5e and Cat6 are similar in the speed the cable can deliver which is 1,000 Mbps. Most connections are under 500 Mbsp. Having a Cat5e cable is no faster than Cat6.

There is a difference though in the bandwidth. Cat6 supports frequencies up to 250 MHz. Cat5e supports frequencies up to 100 MHz. A Cat6 cable can process more data simultaneously, handling more traffic.

If you are trying to choose an Ethernet cable for a home office, work-from-home space, or a commercial office, something like a Cat5e 24AWG UTP Solid Bulk Cable is an excellent and recommended buy.

Why we’d opt for a Cat5e cable over a Cat6 is simple. Cat6 is often priced higher than Cat5e, unnecessarily so as well when most properties’ networks wouldn’t ever exceed the limitations of Cat5e. While it can seem like a nice thought to invest in a more premium, longer-lasting Ethernet cable, unless you’re running a very big office where there is hardware, infrastructure, and performance that justifies a Cat6 cable, going with a Cat5e cable will knock off a few bucks and show no difference in overall Internet performance.

Buying Ethernet cable for you, have a close look at the difference between Cat5e and Cat6. Choose Ethernet over WiFi for faster, more reliable Internet and buy your cables at today.

Upgrade To A Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer To Work Fast At The Sink

Most homes only have one kitchen sink. The sink faucet you choose matters a lot, considering kitchen sinks get used multiple times a day. Imagine being able to work a little faster and more efficiently, especially when it comes to doing things like washing dishes, rinsing off bulky kitchen pans and pots, filling jugs and pots up with water, and washing vegetables.

This is what you get with a kitchen faucet with sprayer. An overall improved experience.

Why Updating Your Sink Faucet Makes Sense

It’s easy to take a kitchen faucet for granted but we use ours every day. Your faucet should be equipped for all of its uses.

Every sink faucet is a little different, depending on the size of the sink, the room (i.e. kitchen or bathroom), if it’s a large commercial kitchen or a simple home kitchen, and other factors. Without question, a pull-down faucet can be an essential for a lot of home kitchens.

The #1 request when it comes to kitchen faucets and sinks is the ability to angle the sprayer. Unfortunately, for a long time, residential kitchen faucets focused on anything but incorporating a spray wand. These days though, a pull-down faucet in stainless steel is a very popular faucet choice.

Benefits Of A Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

If your faucet is breaking down, if you want a replacement, or you’re looking for more function, here are some of the benefits of a pull-down spring kitchen faucet with sprayer to consider.

  • Alter the direction of water, pulling down the faucet and angling the stream to where you need it.
  • Swivel the spout for complete access over the sink, covering every inch with water as needed.
  • A high-arc spout allows you to fit more under the tap, meaning large, bulky items that might have been difficult to clean in the past no longer have to be.
  • A single lever allows you to control water temperature.
  • Choose from modern brushed nickel or matte black to match the faucet to the kitchen aesthetic.

Where To Buy Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets Online

Kitchen faucets can very easily end up costing hundreds. The more features you add in, the costlier it is, particularly when we start adding LEDs and smart tech. Instead of paying $600+ for a simple kitchen faucet, search out one that impressive functionality but no bells and whistles you aren’t going to use.

Low in price, high in quality. That’s the key at with sink faucets. Find the best kitchen faucets, including a pull-down kitchen faucet with a sprayer, at

Impact Driver Vs. Drill: Which One Is Better For Your Project?

Lots is said about a power drill, comparing a drill to an impact driver, and assuming a drill is the overall winner. While a drill is certainly an essential to any household, as you learn more about power tools, you’ll come to discover that for a lot of home improvement DIY projects, impact drivers are more beneficial.

Whether to drill or drive is ultimately dependent upon the project and what you need from your tool.

Why Cordless Drills Are Better

Why a lot of people argue cordless drills are preferable in the impact driver vs. drill debate is because of the advantages of a drill.

A drill has multiple bits that can be secured in place using a chuck. It’s a versatile tool, with adjustable speed to safely drive in fasteners such as screws.

For quick, easy projects, drills work fine. They’re mainly used to drill holes and drive in fasteners.

Another advantage that a drill has over an impact driver is that a drill can work a lot more precisely. An impact driver works more efficiently in its performance, however, when you have to be very precise with the size and placement of a hole, a drill may be the better option.

Why Impact Drivers Are Better

Now, take something like a 20V cordless hex impact driver. It is more compact than a drill and lighter in weight.

Why an impact driver is chosen over a cordless power drill is because impact drivers carry a lot more torque behind them.

Unlike a drill, an impact driver does not have a chuck. They do, however, have a clamp which holds different drill and driver bits. This slight modification in design is necessary due to the strong output of the driver.

A driver is the preferred tool when you have to direct force downward with more torque than a drill can produce or when you are working for a long period doing the same job of driving in fasteners repeatedly.

An Impact Driver For All Your Needs

A drill is a versatile and essential power tool. An impact driver is, too. You may not want to grab your impact driver for quick DIY fixes and repairs around the house. That said, when you know you’ll be driving in a large quantity of fasteners, lag bolts, or working with long screws, an impact driver works far better than a drill ever could. Work fast. Work efficiently. You’re far less likely to accidentally strip screws with an impact driver than a drill.

For all of your power tool needs, drill and impact driver both, visit today and buy online.

Earbuds Vs. Headphones: Which Do You Buy?

A guide for headphones & earbuds will typically rule in favor of one over the other but for audiophiles, there are a range of products in both categories each producing amazing quality sound. It would be very unfair to pick one over the other based on quality alone. That said, it’s usage. That’s what really matters.

When listening to music, you might have a specific setting in mind. At the gym. While you’re commuting. Around the house while doing chores. Listening to records at home. How you play music will ultimately lead a person to lean more towards either earbuds or headphones. Analyzing listening experience and other factors, here are the advantages of both.

Why Earbuds Might Be Better

There are three main types of earbuds – wired earbuds, Bluetooth wired earbuds, and Bluetooth wireless earbuds. There are, naturally, design variations, such as the feel of the earbud in the ear canal, whether there is a microphone or volume control, and how long a charge lasts for a Bluetooth set.

There is a lot of cross-over in terms of features between earbuds and headphones. For example, while True Wireless earbuds exist, so do wireless Bluetooth headphones. Why lots of people prefer earbuds is their compact size and their affordability. You can get a great pair of earbuds for under $30 easy. Whether you get the same audio quality from headphones varies by the brand.

Why Headphones Might Be Better

There are many types of headphones. Noise isolation headphones. Active noise cancelling headphones. You can find headphones at Walmart for very cheap. Of course, they aren’t very good. Then, there are headphones that cost hundreds. You don’t have to spend that for an excellent pair of headphones, thankfully.

Headphones do not fit in the ear. They go over the ear. This slight design variation helps protect hearing health in a way that earbuds do not. That said, turn up the volume loud enough and whatever pair of earbuds or headphones that you have, they will cause damage. A possible advantage for some is headphones covering the air and being overall better at blocking the outside noise from ruining your listening experience.

Which Will You Buy To Listen To Your Audio?

There are lots of deciding factors in analyzing earbuds vs. headphones. There’s the feel, the affordability of a pair, and what’s more comfortable to wear according to the activity you’re wearing them for.

If you aren’t sure what’s best for you, check out earbuds vs. headphones at today. Check out all types of headphones and high-quality earbuds, with premium sound, features, and mixes.