Are Standing Desks Good For Your Health?

Before buying a standing desk, you might wonder about the health benefits of a sit and stand workstation. Upgrading to a sit stand desk can have a very positive effect on one’s overall condition, although you’ve got to play it smart and know your limits. Here is what you need to know about sitting, standing, and moving your desk up and down as you go along your day.

Reduce Neck Pain

You can eliminate neck pain and upper back pain associated with straining and poor posture switching to an ergonomic work desk.

Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow helps the body in so many ways. As you stand, you engage your muscles, more circulation passes through, you get stronger, and you feel overall more engaged from a physical standpoint.

Improve Your Energy

As you stand up at your desk, you get energy moving and that helps with energy production as well as mood. More energy helps to keep away those feelings of fatigue and tiredness that can plague one’s day.

Mental Health Benefits

It’s easy for some to get caught up in a pattern of negative thoughts, anxiety, and even depression when working in an office. A sit stand desk engages your body and therefore your mind. A lot of people report feeling more focused, have more productivity, and feelings of anxiousness and depression can lower as well.

Break Up Long Periods Of Time

If you move from sitting all day to standing all day, you’re going to hurt. It’s not going to be pleasant. You could end up with more aches and pains if you stand all day, just like sitting. Be sure to listen to your body, switch it up, and keep in mind that prolonged standing can hurt.

You Motivate Weight Loss

You’re burning more calories when you’re standing as opposed to sitting all day. Prolonged sitting slows your metabolism down but moving from standing to sitting and vice versa as needed will stimulate weight loss and increase your energy expenditure.

Keep In Mind It Is Not Exercise

Let’s be clear about the health benefits of standing desks: it doesn’t replace exercise. While standing burns more calories than sitting, it isn’t a weight loss plan by any means. It is no doubt a healthier choice though.

Your Long-Term Health Numbers Improve

If you look at long-term studies of sit stand desks, you will discover all sorts of benefits. Less risk of cardiovascular disease. Less risk of chronic conditions. Less risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions. These are real benefits that exist long-term for people who aren’t caught sitting all day.

There are real benefits to a standing desk and so long as you’re realistic about how you use a standing desk, they are good for your health. Get your ergonomic office desk today at and see the advantages of this useful, versatile office furniture.

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