Impact Driver Vs. Drill: Which One Is Better For Your Project?

Lots is said about a power drill, comparing a drill to an impact driver, and assuming a drill is the overall winner. While a drill is certainly an essential to any household, as you learn more about power tools, you’ll come to discover that for a lot of home improvement DIY projects, impact drivers are more beneficial.

Whether to drill or drive is ultimately dependent upon the project and what you need from your tool.

Why Cordless Drills Are Better

Why a lot of people argue cordless drills are preferable in the impact driver vs. drill debate is because of the advantages of a drill.

A drill has multiple bits that can be secured in place using a chuck. It’s a versatile tool, with adjustable speed to safely drive in fasteners such as screws.

For quick, easy projects, drills work fine. They’re mainly used to drill holes and drive in fasteners.

Another advantage that a drill has over an impact driver is that a drill can work a lot more precisely. An impact driver works more efficiently in its performance, however, when you have to be very precise with the size and placement of a hole, a drill may be the better option.

Why Impact Drivers Are Better

Now, take something like a 20V cordless hex impact driver. It is more compact than a drill and lighter in weight.

Why an impact driver is chosen over a cordless power drill is because impact drivers carry a lot more torque behind them.

Unlike a drill, an impact driver does not have a chuck. They do, however, have a clamp which holds different drill and driver bits. This slight modification in design is necessary due to the strong output of the driver.

A driver is the preferred tool when you have to direct force downward with more torque than a drill can produce or when you are working for a long period doing the same job of driving in fasteners repeatedly.

An Impact Driver For All Your Needs

A drill is a versatile and essential power tool. An impact driver is, too. You may not want to grab your impact driver for quick DIY fixes and repairs around the house. That said, when you know you’ll be driving in a large quantity of fasteners, lag bolts, or working with long screws, an impact driver works far better than a drill ever could. Work fast. Work efficiently. You’re far less likely to accidentally strip screws with an impact driver than a drill.

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