Do You Need Network Ethernet Cables For Your Back To School Desk Setup?

WiFi is so easy and convenient that we often aren’t faced with the obvious benefits of network Ethernet cables. For a work desk at home, if you’re still connecting to WiFi, there are lots of advantages to opting in on Ethernet instead.

To explain a bit about how Ethernet cables work, Ethernet is wired Internet. That’s all it is. It’s an Internet connection delivered to you through a wire which is how every computer used to connect prior to wireless Internet.

Although WiFi is nice, here’s why Ethernet is the choice to go with when you’re working at home.


You can’t get a faster Internet speed than you do with Ethernet cables. There’s no signal interference or variance in the signal. You get maximum signal at all times.


WiFi can be spotty. Ethernet isn’t because it’s a direct line. An Ethernet connection is reliable, stable, and never fails. If you are working in a part of the house that’s spotty or has connection difficulties, Ethernet resolves that completely.

Dynamic Reliability

The dynamic reliability of Ethernet allows you to game without the Internet dragging in speed, download faster, chat through video with a more solid connection, and more. It’s far more advantageous than wireless.


There’s no password on Ethernet but there doesn’t need to be. The only way to hack the connection would be to somehow cut into the line and split it manually. This isn’t going to happen. If you’re worried at all about someone getting on your Internet signal, a high-quality Ethernet cable is a way to completely restrict it only to those that have a wire connection.

Types Of Ethernet

Speed via Ethernet cable is dictated by the category of cable. Here is a basic rundown.

  • Cat5e cables have a data transfer rate of 1 Gbps.
  • Cat6 cables have a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps.
  • Cat7 cables have a data transfer rate of 100 Gbps.

Any of these network Ethernet cables are optimum choices for home network. For a workspace, Ethernet on any of these cable lines will be more than enough to provide you the stable support you need to do your work.

Where To Buy Ethernet Cables

You can buy Ethernet cables through the on their Back To School sale for deep discounts. High quality cables at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. Ethernet offers a whole new way of doing things.

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See Top-Rated Monitor Stands And Monitor Arms On Back To School Sale At PrimeCables

A high-quality monitor stand is a fun accessory to add to your work desk. They’re a part of any ergonomic desk setup, if you’re using a computer and with one or more monitors.

A monitor, although necessary, is bulky. Even the lighter and flatter monitors still can’t help but take up valuable real estate on your computer desk. Monitor stands and monitor arms offers a diverse way to lift these screens and save on space. Instead of the monitors taking up space, they’re lifted up and you have the full extent of your desk back again.

If you’re working from home or are a student this fall, a monitor stand or arm will upgrade your computer desk. How you furnish your desk is ultimately up to you but you can save more than a few dimes buying ergonomic office accessories, monitor arms, and more at, capitalizing on the annual Back To School sale.

Why Buy Monitor Stands And Monitor Arms

  • Save space on your desk.
  • Mount multiple monitors, more than could normally be stationed on your office desk.
  • Adjust the height and positioning of your monitor stand or arm as needed, with the limits of functionality.
  • Set up an ergonomic office desk with a monitor stand that minimizes eye strain and neck strain.

Select a monitor stand or monitor arm appropriate for your desk setup. See products like a full motion dual monitor mount, a gas spring-assisted single monitor mount, and a heavy-duty monitor mount, each made for different weights and sizes of monitors and all available on sale via

What The Best Monitor Stands And Monitor Arms Are To Buy

When buying a monitor stand or monitor stand, be sure to select one that meets the size and weight of your existing monitor. A stand or arm that is not made for monitor type is a risk but fortunately easy to avoid. You have dozens of monitor stands and arms currently on Back To School sale, varying in design.

For some added certainty that what you’re buying is the best monitor stand for you, look at customer reviews. Check out what others are saying about what you want to buy. Nearly all monitor stands and arms at are highly rated but for some added certainty, browsing reviews and getting to know what’s involved with the installation and what to expect performance-wise can be valuable.

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How To Build A Standing Desk

Trendy and popular, standing desks are a perfect addition to your work-from-home setup. They’ll provide a whole new dynamic, allowing you to stand and work, staying fluid and focused simultaneously.

A standing desk can be so nice and convenient that you might not want to stop. You may want to work longer hours and enjoy the merits of working from home more often because it’s so comfortable, especially if you have a height adjustable desk.

It all starts with customizing your standing desk and figuring out how you want to design your workspace.

That starts with building it and how to build an ergonomic standing desk requires the right tools. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Need

There are lots of ways to build a standing desk. You can buy a desk riser and put a tabletop over it. You can buy a full-on height-adjustable desk riser and place that on top of a table, either electric or manual. There are a few different ways to do it and they’re all available online at

Some of the other items you might want are monitor mounts if you have a computer monitor, cable management ties or cable management channels, and similar work-from-home office accessories.

How Long It Takes

It should only take an hour or so, if even, to build a standing desk. After you have your ergonomic desk riser assembled and have confirmed it’s working, what’s next is to put on the tabletop. A tabletop can be made from almost anything, i.e. wood, glass, synthetic materials, etc. It is ultimately your choice what you hope to use.

Ensure that everything’s secure in terms of the tabletop to the riser. From there, be sure to stay within the weight limits and to not overload the riser. All in all, they are fairly easy to use. A sit-standing desk shouldn’t cause any trouble so long as it’s used correctly and the tabletop’s fully secured.

Where To Buy A Standing Desk

It’s Back To School sale at We love this time of year. Luckily, standing desks are included in the sale, and it’s a great time to buy the office essentials, office desks, and the accessories for your home work space.

If you aren’t already suited up with a standing desk, try it. It’s much better for your health than sitting constantly at your desk and working away, as the aches and pains gradually set in. A standing desk is worth the investment and is a major upgrade over the standard student computer desk.

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Upgrade Your Home Theater With A TV Wall Mount On Back To School Sale at PrimeCables

TV wall mounts and stands used correctly can vastly alter how you view media in your home theater room.

If you don’t already have a TV stand or TV wall mount, it could very well be the best choice you make. Switch to a different way of presenting your favorite TV, movies, sports, and more. A mounted flat-screen feels so much more immersive than having your TV on a table or packed in a cabinet.

Why A TV Wall Mount Makes Sense

To put it simply, a TV wall mount makes it so that you feel like you’re in a movie theatre when the lights go down. Your screen is affixed to the wall and, all in all, it creates a very theatrical presentation.

Why a mount or stand is so special though is how it saves on space. Your flat-screen takes up virtually no space when it’s positioned on a mount. If you live in a small apartment or condo, it’s strongly recommended to go with a TV wall mount over a stand.

What TV Wall Mount To Buy

TV wall mounts and stands come in all shapes and sizes.

There are full-motion TV wall mounts providing you the chance to adjust the angle and move the viewing experience to almost any area in the room. You also have more basic TV wall mounts with a slight tilt to combat glare. A basic TV wall mount is what a lot of people prefer.

You also have TV stands that can be great whenever you aren’t able to mount a TV for whatever reason.

Find Your TV Wall Mount On Back To School Sale

We recognize that every late summer, a lot of post-secondary students and families are moving into new places for the upcoming school year.

A Back To School sale shouldn’t singularly target office supplies and school supplies, for that reason.

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You don’t need to be struggling with limited floor space. Mounting your screen is easy, takes minutes to install, and is a perk you will love. Enjoy a clutter-free home theater area and somewhere you can go to enjoy your favorite TV, movies, sports, concerts, and anything else you like to watch.

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Do You Stand While Working At A Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

Your biggest question about a sit-stand height adjustable standing desk, if you’ve never used a standing desk before, will probably be something along the lines of how standing will impact working at your desk.

It can feel a bit strange standing and working at the same time. At work, we stand to move typically. To stay still and work while standing is a new experience. It’s one though that can be tremendously beneficial.

How Does A Sit-Stand Desk Work?

A sit-stand height adjustable all-in-one standing desk allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop. This is done through a manual crank or an electric motor. This means you can spend some time sitting and working, and then lift your desktop, holding it at an appropriate height for you to work standing up.

Is A Sit-Stand Desk Good For You?

Why height adjustable desks exist has to do with the health risks of prolonged sitting and the ergonomics trend.

Prolonged sitting isn’t quite a silent killer but it might as well be. People who sit for extended periods are known to have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and are more likely to deal with a variety of chronic health conditions.

If you work at an office or a desk, for a long time, there’s been no real alternative to sitting. An ergonomic sit-stand desk allows you to continue working comfortably while standing. As you stand, you increase circulation in the body, burn more calories by design, and warm up the muscles and limbs.

There is also the ergonomics trend in offices and work-from-home workstations to note. A sort of health trend, ergonomic offices are filled with furniture that makes it comfortable for workers to work at their desks and helps to support a strong, healthy posture. It removes the physical stress placed on the body when it’s in unnatural positions, i.e. leaning and straining to type or see a monitor.

A height adjustable standing desk is ergonomic office design as it allows you to conform the tabletop to your needs rather than you conforming to where the tabletop is. The table can safely adjust to where it’s most comfortable for your body’s posture and from both sitting and standing positions.

Prioritize good posture while working. Have a work desk that suits you. An ergonomic sit-stand desk will minimize stress on your neck, shoulders, and back, and can improve general well-being without you having to do much more than adjust the height. See sit-stand height adjustable all-in-one standing desks and more at today.

How Do I Position Myself At An Electric Sit-To-Stand Adjustable Game Desk Riser Frame?

When you buy a height adjustable game desk or electric sit-to-stand game desk riser frame, understanding where your most comfortable position is can take some experimenting. While the best position for an adjustable gaming desk may be a little different person-to-person, there are similarities and a rule to follow, at least as a starting point.

Follow The 90-90-90 Rule

The 90-90-90 rule for ergonomics is important. It is often applied to working at a desk but gaming’s no different.

The 90-90-90 rule is for sitting at a desk. It stipulates that your knees, pelvis and elbows should be equally at 90-degree angles. If you’re sitting right now, look at how you might be deviating. It’s common for issues to exist, such as the pelvis leaning forward to type or see the screen, knees being bent to accommodate a seat that is not at the right height, and the elbows positioned on the table to hold your leaning in the right position. This is putting stress on your upper back, shoulders, and neck. It’s really bad and, within hours, you’ll be itching to adjust positions, if not sooner.

When you are setting up your electric sit-to-stand game desk riser frame, follow the 90-90-90 rule. Start there. You may differentiate a little bit, when or if it’s comfortable, but ultimately try to stick with the rule. This could involve making adjustments to where your keyboard and monitor are, incorporating a monitor mount if that’s something you can use, and making other small setting adjustments.

Do What Feels Good

What’s important when using a game desk riser frame is to do what feels right for you. Some people, for example, will only be able to stand for 5-10 minutes. That’s alright. Stand and sit when it feels right to you.

In terms of your posture for gaming, you also want to do what gives you more focus, alertness, concentration, and wakefulness. When you are tired, your reaction time diminishes and your game performance grows inefficient. When it matters most, check your posture. This could potentially involve adjusting the height of your sit-to-stand game desk.

The 90-90-90 rule works. Use it. Keep in mind you can adjust the height of your gaming desk whenever you want to. The benefits of standing while gaming are well-established but sitting is equally valuable, too.

Set yourself up with an electric sit-to-stand adjustable game desk riser and other custom ergonomic gaming accessories at

Should Gamers Stand While Gaming With This Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Gaming Desk Frame?

Any gamer will find an advantage using a sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable gaming desk. How often to stand while gaming though. Whether gamers should stand any time they game. How long the body can tolerate a standing position. These are concerns that often go unaddressed when looking at sit-stand desks.

A sit-stand electric ergonomic gaming desk certainly has a role to play in gaming. It helps to grease the physical frame and has mental health benefits, as described in several studies. Understanding how to use a sit-stand gaming desk though is important. Here are the answers to the questions most gamers have about if gamers should stand while immerse in their chosen world.

How Often To Stand While Gaming

A gamer should stand whenever they have a task in-game that requires maximum focus and optimal reaction time.

A sit-stand dual-motor desk frame allows you to adjust the height to your desired ergonomic position. This allows you to sit comfortably but also stand and stay in the game you’re playing. Whenever you’re feeling stiff or are experiencing aches and pains sitting, that’s when to lift the tabletop up to a standing position and take pressure off your frame. Switch your posture and relieve the discomfort that it causes.

Should Gamers Stand The Whole Time?

Although a standing desk will give you more control over your gameplay, no one should remain standing every minute of your game.

We do not recommend, under any circumstances, a standing position for the entirety of your game. That would be the worst thing you could do. Prolonged standing is associated with back pain and high rates of cardiovascular disease, quite similar to prolonged sitting. It is all about switching things up with your sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame and being comfortable and alert during gameplay.

How Long The Body Tolerates Standing

Everyone is different as it relates to how much standing the body can tolerate before it needs respite.

For some people, they may only be able to stand 5-10 minutes before they start to feel uncomfortable and have to sit down. For others, they may be able to stand for 1-2 hours. It’s all about customizing the sit-stand experience to you. Do what feels right. Don’t push the body past what it will tolerate with standing. That will take away from your focus while gaming and is the opposite effect of what you want.

Try standing while gaming and see how it changes your in-game performance. Do it with a sit-stand dual-motor height adjustable ADR gaming desk frame from

What Cat6a Molded Network Ethernet Patch Cable To Buy For A Patch Panel?

A patch panel requires premium-grade Ethernet patch cables to get the best performance. Designing a patch panel with anything less will only be a compromise. What Ethernet cable is often chosen is something along the lines for this Cat6A SSTP 26 AWG 10GB molded network Ethernet patch cable.

What Is A Patch Panel?

A patch panel is used around a local area network (LAN). It is a mounted assembly with ports connecting and managing Internet connections and more. It is a way to keep cables organized and simple, often purposed in a data center or a closet designated for Internet connectivity. They’re also referred to as patch bays or patch fields by some.

How To Design A Patch Panel

If you don’t yet have a patch panel, here is a quick step-by-step guide into how to build one.

  • Select a location for your patch panel where there is unobstructed airflow and vents. It should be accessible and easy to maintain the equipment you put here.
  • Purchase your network Ethernet cables and other patch cords. For this, you will need to know their lengths.
  • Map out the ports, from the switch to the patch panel.
  • Mount the patch panel, ensuring the server rack is appropriate for the size of your components.
  • Connect patch panels to the switch, using the best Ethernet patch panel cables.
  • Install cable management, such as cable ties and vertical channels, to tidy up the appearance of your patch panel.
  • Label all patch cables. This may not seem important right now but if you need to troubleshoot, it will speed up the process.

What Ethernet Cable Works Best In A Patch Panel?

Patch panel ports are configured for twisted-pair copper cables. For any twisted-pair Ethernet connections, your patch panel will want to use RJ-45 interconnects. This will provides you with control over rearranging circuits and devices with ease, and the ability to manage Internet connections.

There are various types of twisted-pair copper Ethernet cables that will work in a patch panel, including Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7 cables.

Each of the aforementioned types of network Ethernet cables use a different gauge of copper wiring. Consider the specification of the patch panel to match the right cabling to it. There are, for example, specific types of patch panels designated for UTP, or unshielded twisted pair, and others meant for shielded twisted-pair cables. Most work environments and offices use UTP Ethernet cables, however, when there is electromagnetic interference, shielded cabling is unquestionably better.

You will be able to find Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat7 Ethernet cables at, the premium source for all work cables.

Where To Buy The Best Cat6a Ethernet Network Cable in Canada

Buying a high-quality Ethernet cable for your home or business is extremely important to ensuring you’re receiving the best speeds and stability. If you’re looking to buy Ethernet network cable online, you can find the best prices and without any compromise to the quality of the cable at

Why Choose Ethernet

WiFi works alright so why would I choose an Ethernet cable? There are quite a few reasons, in fact.

  • Ethernet is faster. It’s a direct connection to your modem and it’s not a shared WiFi connection.
  • Ethernet is more reliable. You aren’t struggling to get a signal by air. It’s through the wire.
  • Ethernet is more secure. It can’t be hacked, unless someone somehow cuts into the Ethernet cable which is an impossibility.
  • Ethernet more evenly distributes the Internet signal, helpful in large work settings where dozens of devices may be connected through the same set of modems.

Unlike WiFi, with Ethernet you always have a consistent speed, no signal interference, and an optimal Internet in every way.

It’s perfect for businesses and households alike. In homes with elevated Internet usage, such as if you’re streaming, gaming, and for other purposes, Ethernet is a must-have. Your WiFi is nowhere near as reliable, no matter how good of an Internet package you have or what quality the modem.

What The Wrong Cable Will Do

Not all Ethernet cables are equal, unfortunately. Some are slower than others. When you’re expecting a certain speed and performance, you want to ensure you’re receiving the cable you need.

What Is The Best Ethernet Cable?

A high quality Cat6 550MHz UTP RJ45 Ethernet network cable is fast and stable. For a home or business, you will have the speed and performance you need, and can customize your order to fully suit the sort of network you’re building.

Here are some important features that come with ordering through

  • Choose the cable length you need anywhere from 1 foot to 100 feet.
  • Choose the exact number of cables you need, from a 1/pack to 20/pack.
  • Compatible with 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks.
  • Achieve download speeds up to 10 Gb/s and with a 550MHz capability.
  • The Ethernet cables are built with durable gold-plated connectors and high-quality copper cable.

For those that are new to the PrimeCables brand, they are a Canadian-based company prioritizing in online distribution of cables, adapters, electronics, home theater accessories, and ergonomic office furniture and accessories. With offices and warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, they provide high-quality goods to people across the country.

Shop the best Cat6a Ethernet network cable and other Ethernet cables and accessories at

Who Can Benefit From An Electric Standing Desk Gaming Desk Frame?

Electric standing desks have revolutionized the worlds of work and gaming. As a gamer, the constant sitting hours after hours can reduce reaction time and cause inefficient in-game performance. A standing desk is your opportunity to switch things up and game at your best.

A standing gaming desk frame is beneficial for anyone. Lots of people can gain a gaming advantage from using a standing desk. Here’s why.

You Can Prioritize Health

Sitting is not healthy. Especially when you’re doing it hour after hour. When you stand, you’re improving circulation, burning more calories standing as opposed to sitting, and warming up your body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Improve Your Reaction Time

Lots of gamers find that their reaction times improve with an electric gaming desk frame. During gameplay where you know you’re going to need your best reaction time and the utmost concentration, you will likely find standing to be better than sitting.

They’re Everywhere

There are standing desk frames in some of the world’s most advanced tech offices, including Apple and Google, because we know from research and studies that they make workers more focused and efficient. You have this with an electric standing desk gaming desk frame from

They’re Flexible

A sit-stand desk outfitted to your gaming room gives you a comfortable, flexible setup that will satisfy your need to both sit and stand while gaming. When you want to get your whole body invested in the game, you can. You don’t need to stay seated every hour.

Find The Right Height

As human beings, we’re all built differently in size and height. Sitting at a desk or standing at an average standing desk may not be appropriate for your height. An electric standing desk can adjust for your height, optimized to where is best for you and not the other way around.

Standing Desks Aid Pain

If you find yourself struggling with neck pain or back pain while sitting down, these are often attached to posture problems. You can resolve the posture problems that come from sitting by standing up. You literally take pressure off the body, instantly reducing pain and discomfort.

Do It For Your Health

  • If you’re undergoing physical therapy to increase or improve movement, a standing desk helps.
  • Improve mental health and mental well-being by optimizing your posture for long-term gameplay.
  • Avoid a stiff neck and back, ease shoulder discomfort, and erase lower back discomfort.

Shop high-quality electric standing desk gaming desk frames and other ergonomic gaming accessories at today.